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It's Alive! Bring your Intranet to Life with PowerApps and Flow


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Presented at Office365 Connect Conference in Haarlem, NED 2018. How to use use Flow and PowerApps to control workflows and custom forms in SharePoint and Office365

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It's Alive! Bring your Intranet to Life with PowerApps and Flow

  1. 1. Bringing Your Intranet to Life with PowerApps & Flow Christina Wheeler & D’arce Hess It’s Alive!
  2. 2. AGENDA Introductions Symptoms Use Cases Take Aways
  3. 3. Christina Wheeler, MVP Solution Architect (Independent Consultant), Author, Developer and Technical Trainer @cwheeler76
  4. 4. D’arce Hess, MVP, PSM President | DH Consulting LLC @darcehess
  5. 5. SYMPTOMS
  6. 6. Are you using paper- printed forms?
  7. 7. Walking to a manager’s desk to get sign-off approvals?
  8. 8. Are you using InfoPath?
  9. 9. Are you using custom-coded solutions?
  10. 10. Help is on the way!
  11. 11. POWERAPPS
  12. 12. What is PowerApps? Service for building and using custom business apps that connect your data across web and mobile platforms • Connect to existing systems and data sources • Build apps, forms, and workflows without writing code • Publish apps instantly for web and mobile
  13. 13. Canvas Apps Canvas apps have been around since the beginning of PowerApps • Start with blank canvas or use a template • Provides flexibility to arrange user experience & interface the way you want • Can connect to a various data sources
  14. 14. Model-driven Apps Model-driven apps start with your data model • Build from the shape of your core business data & processes using the Common Data Service • UI is automatically generated
  15. 15. PowerApps & SharePoint Lists Generate canvas app for SharePoint List • Create directly from SharePoint list • Or create connection from PowerApp to SharePoint list Use PowerApps with On-prem SharePoint • Create PowerApp based for on-prem SharePoint list through data gateway
  17. 17. Microsoft Flow Create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services • Get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, approve documents, and more 152 connectors available (and growing)
  18. 18. Automate Business Processes Multistep flows • Turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows Approve requests • Create, use, and share automated approval workflows to quickly respond to and process requests Add conditions • Make decisions in your workflow by running an action only when certain conditions are met
  19. 19. Building Flows Use Microsoft Flow to create logic that performs one or more tasks when an event occurs in an app • For example, configure a button: • Creates an item in a SharePoint list • Sends an email • Meeting request is sent • A file is added to the cloud Configure any control in an app to start the flow • Continues to run even if you close PowerApps Create Flows from scratch or from a template
  20. 20. USE CASES
  21. 21. DEMO 1: Hardware Request Form
  22. 22. DEMO 2: Time Off Request
  23. 23. DEMO 3: Wouldn’t you like to know? [INSERT LOUD APPLAUSE FROM AUDIENCE] – YES, THAT MEANS YOU!
  24. 24. TAKE AWAYS
  25. 25. Take Aways Anyone can learn how to use PowerApps & Flow Keep your Intranet simple and clean. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should!
  26. 26. Resources PowerApps Team Blog Microsoft Flow Team Blog