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The What, Why and When for Responsive Email Design


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What is Responsive Email Design (and what it is not), When to use Responsive Email (hint: when your prospect and conversion are mobile) and Why it is a tool in your B2B Marketing digital toolbox and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

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The What, Why and When for Responsive Email Design

  1. 1. What, When & Why of Responsive Email
  2. 2. The State of Mobile Email• Significant– Mobile Opens– Commercial Opens– Marketing Message Opens• Accelerating• Critical
  3. 3. • Device Hardware• Operating System• Email Client SoftwareEmail Channel ComplexityApple39%Samsung22%HTC9%Motorola8%LG7%Other15%Google52%Apple39%BB5%Microsoft3%Symbian1%Other0%Apple iPhone23%Outlook18%AppleiPad11%AppleMail9%GoogleAndroid8%Yahoo Mail6%Outlook.com6%Gmail4%Windows LiveMail3%Windows Mail1%Other11%+ +
  4. 4. • Know Your Audience– Where and when they view email mail• Understand the Business Objective• Focus on a Single Activity• No OSFAMobile Email Best Practice
  5. 5. What is (and is not) Responsive Design?
  6. 6. • Audience and Conversion are Mobile– Don’t overwork e-mail– Transactional Messages• Tradeoffs– Speed– Volume of info• ExamplesWhen Do I Use Responsive Email Design?
  7. 7. Requirements of Responsive Email Design• Functional• Design• Content/Copy
  8. 8. Final Thoughts“Responsive design wont solvebad email program design,but it [can] bring awell designedprogram to life...”~ Alex Williams• No Singular Answer• Guide Clients• Define, Test, Refine• Own the email ZMOT….move on to deliverability and CRO
  9. 9. Confidential © 2012 Canyon Communications, Inc. All Rights ReservedQuestions?