The Realities of B2B Social Media: Construction Case Study


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Social Media Case Study for Construction | Increasing Brand Awareness, Developing Thought Leadership and Lead Generation

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  • 1. What is Mission Critical Discuss the complexity of the sales process with the range of influencers: owner-finance, owner-technical, CM/owner’s rep, Engineer, Architect, Skilled Trades…etc. Limited commitment speaks to resources – you as a one man show who was expected to project and compete with big established companies and teams Helps look larger than you are
  • 1. Focused on ‘Top of Funnel’ and moving through consideration phase of buyers journey 2. Using existing brand voice and extending to Mission Critical market 3. Build/expand a distribution channel for self-created content
  • How can I reach customers and industry leaders in social media? Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups? Interact with thought leaders through social media Can’t take much time
  • Talk about number of posts, type of posts etc. Number and types of groups Vanity metrics: Don’t just focus on retweets. RT’s in UK do me no good Quality over quantity in Google + Proving value – discussed series of articles to DCK at first and now that proven value, will publish anytime you write relevant articles. Part of batting order
  • Discuss where you get the materials you post – curating content feeds Buffer Tool – one of many – for distribution (chosen because of cost, usability and integration with Twitter as a selected channel) Google authorship tag is to ensure you maximize the exposure and tie to your ‘home base’ (suggest to be Google+ for Search value in today’s market, but your own domain is ideal) Operationalize the process – i.e. reaching out to contact people within 24 hours of meeting at a conference, personalizing invitation on LinkedIn, upload to email tool to aid communication and automate CRM integration for HQ
  • Cite business examples: Microsoft email Invitations to speak in China, DC, Chicago, Bay Area events…even outside of data center events (i.e. Cloud Connect) with end-user attendees Meetings where introduced to thought leaders who responded “We’ve met” when you hadn’t Nebraska Economic Development ties that led to relationships such as Prairie Bunkers Recruitment as in transitioning from Mortenson to Gray
  • Tie to Al’s concepts as appropriate Embrace the geek here in ‘knowing’ the market and speaking the language Talk about not only posting your (or Gray’s) content, but discussing and redistributing others’ as reciprocal Talk about how as the channels have changed so too has your approach – numbers and times of posts, native vs. app posting, Google+ still maturing etc. PLUS conference social meeting tool example Set up a structure that works for you on a daily basis – must be efficient, scalable and consistent
  • The Realities of B2B Social Media: Construction Case Study

    1. 1. Ron Vokoun
    2. 2. • Mission Critical Environments• Establishing New LOB for existing companywith regional brandChallenges/Opportunities• No association to category of specialized expertise• High barrier to market entry/Complex sales structure• Limited brand awareness• Limited commitment to market• Social Media Strategic Value
    3. 3. • Brand Development– Associate JE Dunn with mission critical– Establish thought leadership & build credibility– Develop relationships with industry leaders• Brand Awareness– Develop and amplify JE Dunn message throughmission critical communications channels• Lead Generation
    4. 4. • Identify social preferences of target audience• Evaluate market and competitive socialchannels & approaches• Establish relationship with strategicinfluencers• Develop resource efficient tactical operationplan• Coordinate with Marketing for measurement
    5. 5. • LinkedIn– Groups & Profile• Twitter• Google+• Guest Authoring…and customize approachby channel
    6. 6. Business•RSS/News reader•Buffer– Scheduling– Analytics•Google authorship•Diligent and timelyconnection processMarketing•CRM integration•Website analytics•PR/MR monitoring
    7. 7. Marketing KPIs•Share of Voice– Brand lift measured bybranded search volumesof targeted traffic– Mentions•Reach Metrics– Impressions– Frequency•ROI vs. paid mediaBusiness Interactions•Speaking invitations•Publishing invitations•Perceived awareness– “I know you/them”– Accepted meetings•Invited to Deals•Recruitment
    8. 8. • Social Media must reflect offline businessnetworks and interactions• Know YOUR market– Speak their language & respond to all comments– Give to get• Test, tweak and evaluate – then repeat• Operationalize efficiency• Optimize for revenue as holy grail
    9. 9. Ron VokounMission Critical Market LeaderWestern Region480.707.2246!/RonVokoun
    10. 10. Ron VokounMission Critical Market LeaderWestern Region480.707.2246!/RonVokoun