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B2B Email Copy Best Practices


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Revisiting the best practices for business-to-business email copy in light of social media and mobile first movements.

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B2B Email Copy Best Practices

  1. 1. 2013 B2B Email Copy Best Practices
  2. 2. The State of B2B Email Marketing• Erroneous death reports• Social Media collaboration– Email drives more traffic still• Mobile first movement• Content Marketing bedrock• Relationships still matter
  3. 3. • Subject line• Body copy– Personalization– Company branding– Contextual message• Call to Action• Unsubscribe optionAnatomy of Effective Email Copy
  4. 4. • 4 U’s methodology• Personalized• Alignment with bodycopy & offer• Clarity 1st - Catchy 2nd• Length guidelines– 40 characters for mobileEmail Subject Line Best PracticesUsefulUltra SpecificUniqueUrgent#1#2#3#4
  5. 5. Email Body Copy Best Practices• Relevancy rules!• Voiced in 2nd Person• Remind of connection• Value Proposition– Tangible benefits• Brief, scannable– Not the whole story here!
  6. 6. • Easily identified• Clearly describes whatconversion ‘gets’ you• Reaffirm in anchor text• Must work without images(hint: use your alt text)Email Call to Action Best Practices
  7. 7. • Comes from & replies to actual sender(s)• List segmentation matters – use it for good!• Pair with landing pages for conversion optimization• Below 40 KB in size• Know your audience & mobile use• Act on analytics, go beyond the benchmarks2013 Email Mandates
  8. 8. 2013 Email BenchmarksMetric Mean MedianHard bounce 2.3 % 0.8 %Unsubscribe rates .25 % .18 %Open ratesUniqueGrossPer opener18.9 %35.7 %1.89 %16.5 %26.5 %1.61 %Click to open 17.5 % 13.1 %Click through rate 3.3 % 2.2 %Clicks per clicker 1.7 % 1.53 %2013 Email Marketing MetricsBenchmark StudySent Q1-Q4 2012US geographyNon-industry segmented
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