How to Succeed in Business using Personal Branding


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Learn how to succeed in your career and land the job of your dreams using personal branding.

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How to Succeed in Business using Personal Branding

  1. 1. How to Succeed in Business: Personal Branding Dara Goldberg Connect with me on twitter @Dara_Laine
  2. 2. Outline for the Session Personal Mission Statements Personal Brand  Online  Offline Action Plan Reflection Questions & Answers
  3. 3. Personal Mission Statement Identify Core Values  Achievement, Fame, Love, Advancement, Leadership, M oney, Power, Family, Community, Religion  Hardworking, Industrious, Family- Oriented, Friendly, Outgoing, Contemplative, Analytical, Honest Identify Your Goals  Career Aspirations, Volunteer Interests, Ways to make a Social Impact Action Words  Appreciate, Construct, Enliven, Perform, Renew, Urge, W ork Write your Mission Statement
  4. 4. Personal Mission Statement Examples I am an executive with special skills in strategic planning, team leadership, creative problem solving and analysis. I had twenty years of management experience in the for profit world before changing careers, coming into the nonprofit world and focusing on organizational development and community social service. I value creativity, relationships and celebrating the successes of others. My mission is to give, for giving is what I do best and I can learn to do better. My mission in life is to serve, support, and love my family, friends, and community in a way that is inclusive, compassionate, and filled with integrity.
  5. 5. Use the same strategies ascelebrities, corporations, and businesses
  6. 6. The 3 C’s of Personal Branding Clarity  Be clear about who you are, who you are not, who your target audience is, who your competitors are, what differentiates you Consistency  Express the same brand across all communications channel both online and offline or your audience will be confused Constancy  Strong brands are always visible to their target audience By using the 3 Cs you will keep yourself engaged and stand out among the competition in a tough job
  7. 7. Personal Brand Examples I help individuals and companies make the most of talent. I work as a part of the team. I am a straight shooter who isn’t afraid to have the tough conversations. I also believe that people are more capable and valuable than they often give/get credit for. My method marries the sublime with the systematic — allowing for creativity and change with a strong focus on foundation and implementation. – Kristi Daeda I energize, focus and align manufacturing organizations, resulting in sustainable acceleration of processes, reduction in waste, and growth of profits. – Kent Blumberg Passionate and compassionate to inspire learning individuals to unlock their potential and dedicated to energize innovative organizations within the service and manufacturing industry. Using my holistic insight and innovative Total Performance Scorecard principles, I promise to help my customers to realize their financial dreams. – Hubert Rampersad Inspirational CEO/CFO turned positive-psychologist resiliently transforming businesses & financial performance. – Graham Keen
  8. 8. Tools for your Personal Brand Think Local  You won’t be famous  Find your niche  Career  Community Email Address  Your full, real name  Twitter LinkedIn Business Cards Events
  9. 9. Twitter Real Name Great Photo Tweet Often  3-5 times per day Be Specific  Remember your niche Engage in Conversation Follow Thought Leaders Participate in Twitter Chats
  10. 10. LinkedIn Join today Real, Full Name Great Photo Fill out completely Write and ask for recommendations Join & Participate in groups Connect with colleagues Awesome headline
  11. 11. Business Cards Your Name Your title, tagline or motto Blog Address Email Address Phone Number Social Networks
  12. 12. Offline Personal Brand Activities  Attend a Conference  Speak at an Event  Volunteer  Alumni Network
  13. 13. Questions & Answers
  14. 14. Thank-You! Contact me on twitter: @Dara_Laine