Marketing In The New Frontier


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Marketing In The New Frontier

  1. 1. The making of the West is happening again. Where once the railroad tracks were laid across America, now the broadband connections have been laid. Were Western Frontiers existed new routes were laid open for marketeers, salesmen, traders such opportunities are open now. There are no rules. Just like back then any man or women could make their mark on America, the communication channels and distribution channels freed everyone up. The frontier is a decent online identity, a blog or a website. The possibilities are endless. You might think Amazon made all the money but we are at the beginning of a revolution not the end!! Just like the old days freedom is again order of the day. Bandits in tea and coffee shops with Wi-Fi
  2. 2. replace cowboys and prospectors. Freedom is back!! It is not about the boys either. The annual GDP of Women businesses in the U.S are greater than that of Germany. Mom bloggers are a powerful force, creating freedom in work patterns that you had to go back 200 years to find. The frontier is all around us and not so far in some distant land or Goldmine. In the recent financial disaster Silicon Valley actually continued much of its growth. Apple, Facebook, Twitter to name a few continued rampant growth. So too did early adopters of Social Media.
  3. 3. Like the railroads and telegraph wires broadband and postal routes allow business to flourish. This is the second industrial revolution. That is how big the chances are!! Social Media is like a carriage, but its just one carriage and its not the steam engine. Managing your identity and creating brand identities is the way forward, also making websites that do not require people to squint when they visit your website is the ticket to ride to the frontier. Outposts matter but ranches rule!! It has to be done well and it has to be done like this is not the end of the world. The first number of websites were just thrown up. The General Store clients a.k.a Society demand quality. It did not work in 1880 and it will not work in 2010!! You need make your self- talkable through quality. You also need get quick and nimble and ready to move ready to redesign, re- package and re-purpose! Wordpress can help! Quality is easier than it used to be. If your missing Guy Kawasaki speak on rails, ruby, Wordpress and blogs Your Missing The Train. One can be up and running for a few hundred. Check out Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan and others they will show you how to do it. Information is at your fingertips and business gold is in YouTube video. You need to start listening to bandits!! Talkable brands rely on quality, tools and being Wanted Dead OR Alive. You have to be going for banks a.k.a link to bigger blogs, getting some great guests. Standing out! You might start by blogging. You are either wanted or you are not! Outlays have codes and creeds transparency seems to be one you should adopt and keep the secrecy in your
  4. 4. strategy, plans and goals unless that is how you like your transparency. If you are totally new reading Cluetrain Manifesto will get you ready to ride the railtracks, understand the country and ready for the Wild Web. Trust and Transparency will matter in a world where everyone is talking, you want to use the tools only to steer some it, engage with it and join it. The Saloon ways. Without the Saloon “joining the conversation” your adventure will be dry, will be one-way and you will be forcing yourself on your target audience. Create interesting articles, writing great copy be and do what business people did in 1890 to attract people be focused on the people and stories. Advertising is sales in print; you need to persuade not shove links down people’s mouths. People buy quality in packaging, in sales patter and pitches, not links. The store now has some of the saloon and some of aspect of the outlaws to it. I realise one is a person and one is a place. People count too. Hire for strengths, hire for humaneness and hire the best. If you want the reward you need the best. You need the best cowgalls,
  5. 5. gunslingers and marksmen around. This is more important than the tools!! Hire Human! Care more about copy and design than you do right now. This really goes for the early adopters and those that got in early. Jack Trout thinks most read like the phonebook, they do. Strip it all back!! Get some design manuals and get developers that love design. That is how the West Was Won. Thanks for reading