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Understanding Social Media's Relevance to your Business Objectives


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In Social Media we should be careful about what we say and when we say it. The idea is not to look like a fool.

SM is still so new in SA. How can we even be sure we are doing it right? Is your SM art? Can you plan? Can you strategize? Run campaigns and measure the outcome? Or, do you know how to integrate all your platforms and use them to maximize your opportunities whilst reaching your company goals? Now that is what we call social art!

The blogger outreach program; it is brilliant and it is a strong community, and they learn from each other.
But as soon as you approach someone who does social media for another company or even for a competitor and ask them about their tactics and methods, then it is a state secret. Why? Because we are know-it-all’s. We think we know more than every other guy doing social media, when in fact you don’t really know it all and you do pretty much the same thing everyone else does.

Are we using the correct tools/channels? Do we use all of them or do we embrace those that we are good at. Or, those that are “relevant” towards our product/brand/service.
It is of extreme importance to know why you have to take care of your brand and why you have to have brand sentiment. Are you proactively engaging in ORM (Online Reputation Management) or do you just respond as required?

What is your outlook on SM? The way you treat social media with your brand and how you embrace it, will eventually determine your brand sentiment. If you are not sentimental towards social media and if you actually “listen” to what your users are saying or do, you will end up just posting blindly.

For us to meet our business objectives, we need to understand the relevance and importance, of social media.

To realise the relevance/importance of social media you need to understand “brand sentiment” and in the end, how it will help you to meet your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

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Understanding Social Media's Relevance to your Business Objectives

  1. 1. Understanding Social Media’s Relevance to your Business Objectives @DapperTrapper
  2. 2. Careful about what we say @DapperTrapper
  3. 3. Stay clear of the three R’s Racism Rugby Religion @DapperTrapper
  4. 4. Is your social media art? • Plan? • Strategize? • Run campaigns and measure outcomes? • Do you repeat yourself @DapperTrapper
  5. 5. Or: • Integrate platforms? • Maximise opportunities? • Whilst reaching company goals? @DapperTrapper
  6. 6. Are you willing to learn? Blogger Outreach Program @DapperTrapper
  7. 7. @DapperTrapper
  8. 8. @DapperTrapper
  9. 9. Brand Sentiment and ORM @DapperTrapper
  10. 10. Why are you doing Social Media • Outlook? • Because your competitors are doing it? • Do you see the potential • Why? – Way you treat and embrace will determine your brand sentiment. – If you are not sentimental – Post blindly. @DapperTrapper
  11. 11. Meet objectives and Understand importance • Need to understand “Brand Sentiment” • How it will help to meet your KPI’s @DapperTrapper
  12. 12. How I see brand sentiment and why it is NB • It shows the “health” of your brand • Set goals that are realistic. • Increase brand awareness @DapperTrapper
  13. 13. Brand Health Growth/Decline = Indicator Sudden Growth – Positive / “Healthy” Sudden Decline – Need to be more aware @DapperTrapper
  14. 14. Realistic Goals Set Benchmarks Set and measure engagement goals Sentiment increasing or not? WoW / MoM / YoY @DapperTrapper
  15. 15. Increase Brand Awareness • Hand in hand ORM – What are other people saying about your brand – Proactive! • What do they see? • Problems/complaints? – If Positive? • Still respond! @DapperTrapper
  16. 16. After Realising? • Stick to what works (insights) • “Listen” for new opportunities • Try and fix what is broken @DapperTrapper
  17. 17. Relevance of Social Media towards your business objectives @DapperTrapper
  18. 18. What is this? @DapperTrapper
  19. 19. How is this relevant? • Standard incentive for online users – LIKE this page and win an iPad – SHARE this image and win! – Best caption walks away with this iPad! – Send your funniest photo and win! @DapperTrapper
  20. 20. #RCS • Real Company Sh!t – Wil Reynolds [] • #RCS is what real companies do. • Spending money that won’t get us conversions. • #RCS is about using “real” things. – Believe in – That your company do. @DapperTrapper
  21. 21. But what now?! • Understand and realise importance. • How do you implement this? @DapperTrapper
  22. 22. What separates the “#gurus” from the pretenders? 1. What is your college major / degree 2. “Unedited” writing samples. 3. Client service experience 4. Examples to show ideas in collaborative environments. 5. Experience in PR 6. Graphic design experience 7. Can you answer the following: a) CPM? b) CPC? c) Excess Inventory? d) How do you manage content? e) Examples of marketing calendar? f) Social Ecosystem? g) How many social networks are there? @DapperTrapper
  23. 23. References • 12-Questions-to-Separate-Social-Media-Experts- From-Pretenders • reynolds • improve-online-sentiment-for-your-business/ • 2013/06/volume-sentiment-social-media- mentions/