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The Ward Matriarchy - Chapter 5


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The Ward Matriarchy - Chapter 5

  1. 1. Welcome back to my legacy!Last chapter, Francis and Diana started university. While he met and fell in lovewith Miss Kari Gregory, Diana met two men she really liked, Nathaniel Eastsiderand Professor Damion Fuchs. Francis and Miss Gregory got engaged and the Wardsmoved into a house on campus, allowing Diana to practice magic without anyonenoticing. When Abiona visited her daughter, she could feel she was going towards adangerous path…
  2. 2. Francis had been thinking quite a bit about whatDamion had told him. He was starting to believe hisfriend had real, strong feelings for Diana. But he wasnot sure they were reciprocated. After all, Diana hadbeen spending time with Mr. Eastsider, too.As he always did when he was troubled by something,Francis decided to talk about it with Kari. 
  3. 3. “I just don’t know what to tell either of them.”“Well, Francis, do you really have to get in the middleof this?”“I don’t want to, but I don’t think I have a choice. Idon’t like how things are going at all.” 
  4. 4. “What bothers you so much? Isn’t it nice that yoursister is considered such a nice young lady that twomen are trying to win her over?”“That’s one way to look at it,” Francis sighed. “ButProfessor Fuchs is my teacher!”“I know he is somewhat older than us, but just by afew years, really. And he really seems fond of Diana.” 
  5. 5. “He does, doesn’t he?”Kari nodded. “He’s constantly calling on her, talking toher, making her laugh.”“I just don’t like my sister having two suitors at once.It’s not proper,” Francis said as he shook his head.“She can’t keep seeing both Mr. Eastsider and theprofessor. What will people say?” 
  6. 6. Kari could understand Francis’ point of view. To him,appearances were important. It had always been thatway. And although she was happy for Diana, she toothought that her soon-to-be sister-in-law shoulddecide which man she felt more for.“Well, why don’t you talk to her about it?”“I don’t think she’ll listen to me.”“Try, at least. But Francis, be gentle.” 
  7. 7. A few days later, Francis asked Diana to join him for agame of chess. When she agreed, he knew this was theperfect opportunity to mention how he felt about herlove life.“So, Professor Fuchs visited again this afternoon?” 
  8. 8. “Yes, he did.”“He comes by very often, doesn’t he?”“Almost every day, yes,” Diana smiled.“How nice of him,” Francis replied. “I think he reallyfancies you, you know.” 
  9. 9. Diana blushed as she said, “Well, I don’t know…”“No, Diana,” Francis interrupted her, “he does. It’sperfectly clear.”Diana didn’t know how to react. She had been hopingthat the professor’s attention meant he liked herbecause she really liked him. Not only was he alwaysstopping by to keep her company, he was alwayscomplimenting her and he made her laugh. 
  10. 10. “How do you fell about him?” Francis asked.“I… I think I’m becoming quite fond of him, Francis,”Diana answered, looking down.“Oh. And how about Mr. Eastsider? Are you still seeinghim?”“You know I am.” 
  11. 11. “And what are your feelings towards him?” Franciswondered a bit sharply.“Oh, he is so nice to me and so handsome, too. I doenjoy his company.”“Well, that’s just great,” Francis sneered, forgetting hispromise to be gentle in the heat of the moment.“Wonderful.” 
  12. 12. “What is the matter?” Diana asked, looking at herbrother, confused.“Don’t pretend you don’t understand.”“I’m not pretending, Francis! I don’t really know wherethis conversation is going.” 
  13. 13. “Well, for one thing, have you stopped to think aboutwhat people will say about you?” he said, raising hisvoice slightly.Diana was speechless for a moment. Then, sheretorted, “Will say about what, exactly?”“You are parading around the campus with two men!That is not proper, Diana, and you know it! You areruining your reputation.” 
  14. 14. “What are you insinuating? Both Mr. Eastsider andProfessor Fuchs have been very respectful of me. Andyou and Miss Gregory often chaperone us!” “That’s not the problem! You cannot see two men atonce! It’s distasteful. And it’s cruel to them, youleading them on like that!”“Well, it’s really none of your business, Francis,” shereplied as she started to get up, furious. 
  15. 15. During the next week, Diana could not stop thinkingabout what her brother had said.She knew that Francis was right in some ways, even ifhe could have told her what was on his minddifferently. But she understood that he was mostlyworried about her. It all came from a good place, whenyou thought about it. 
  16. 16. Personally she was not worried about her reputation,but she did realized that she needed to make a choicebetween Damion and Nathaniel. It was not fair to anyof them to keep them in the dark.She sighed, thinking to herself how hard that choicewould be to make. 
  17. 17. Tired of trying to figure things out on her own andwanting some advice, she asked Miss Gregory to joinher on campus.Kari could see that her friend was troubled.“So, Diana, I’m guessing you wanted to talk to meabout your brother?” 
  18. 18. “Yes… No… Well, yes and no.”“Francis told me about your conversation. I think hewas ashamed, actually. And I have to apologizebecause he came to me with his concerns and I’m theone who told him to talk to you. I really thought hewould be nicer about it.” 
  19. 19. “Don’t worry about it. I know how to deal with mybrother’s temper by now. I know he didn’t mean it thatway.”“He’s concerned.”“Yes, I see that. But I do think he’s exaggerating. I’mhardly the town’s trollop,” Diana rolled her eyes. 
  20. 20. “I know, I know. But you’re familiar with his need tokeep up good appearances.”“Yes, well, you’re the one who will have to live withhim, right?”“I’ll reform him, you’ll see,” Kari winked. 
  21. 21. “I can’t wait to see that. But really, I wanted to see youbecause I need help, I truly do. I harldy care aboutwhat people think but I do care about the professorand Mr. Eastsider. I know I should break up with oneof them.”“Well, it would be nicer to them. At least, the one youdismiss would have the chance to find another youngwoman to court.” 
  22. 22. “You’re right, absolutely. But the problem is I don’tknow which one to choose.”“I can’t tell you what to do, Diana…”“I understand that, but could you give me someadvice?” 
  23. 23. “This is difficult because it was so obvious that Franciswas the one for me, but I can try. Let me think,” Karibegan. “You need to think about how you feel whenyou are with them. Which one makes you feel better?”“They are both such gentlemen to me, it’s hard.”“What are their qualities?” 
  24. 24. “Mr. Eastsider is so good looking,” Diana giggled.“He is!” Kari laughed. “But do you have a lot to talkabout?”“We mostly talk about our classes. He’s extremelypolite and charming. He’s much calmer than me, too.He comes from a wealthy family, but he’s open-minded.” 
  25. 25. “And how about Professor Fuchs?” Miss Gregoryasked.“Oh, he is so much fun to be around! He’s always upfor a game of chess and he makes the funniest jokes. Ifeel like I can talk to him about anything and he’s sosmart. And I know that Francis likes him…” 
  26. 26. “But he is older,” Kari addedDiana sighed. “Yes, he is. But not that much. Ofcourse, Mr. Eastsider is my age. But, I have to admit itto you, please don’t repeat it… He bores mesometimes. He’s so appropriate, all the time.” 
  27. 27. “I see,” Kari smiled. “But that is not necessarily a badthing. Professor Fuchs might be more fun and playful,but is he the kind of person you’d want to spend therest of your life with?” 
  28. 28. “I don’t know,” Diana replied, shaking her head. “Iguess I can’t reach a decision.”“You can think about it some more, I’m sure they willunderstand.”“I hope so. The last thing I want is for anyone to startresenting me.” 
  29. 29. As soon as the spring weather permitted it, Dianadecided to go visit her mother. She knew that althoughthey were disagreeing about magic, Abiona would stillbe the best person to guide her concerning her suitors.She explained the situation briefly, repeated whatFrancis and Miss Gregory had said and told hermother how confused she felt by it all. 
  30. 30. “Sweetheart, it’s perfectly normal to hesitate.”“You think so?”“Of course. Those are two interesting gentlemen whothink highly of you and who you seem to get alongwell.” 
  31. 31. “That’s exactly it, Mama. And that’s the problem. I likethem both.”“Yes, but what is your heart telling you?”“Mama…” 
  32. 32. “Diana,” Abiona interrupted, “you need to think aboutyourself, not about Francis or his fiancée or anyoneelse. When I met your father, I felt my life would beincomplete without him. He made me feel stronger.Who makes you feel like a better you?”Diana was silent. She was taking in all in. 
  33. 33. “Deep down, sweetheart, I’m sure you know who youlove and who loves you like you want to be loved. And Iam sure that who ever you choose will be the rightone. I trust you.”The young girl looked up and smiled. She knew hermother would find the right words. 
  34. 34. “Thank you, Mama. It means so much to hear thatfrom you. You’re always so helpful.”“I want you to be happy, Diana.”“I know. And I’m sorry about our argument. I recognizeyou’re not happy with some of the things I’m learningabout magic, but I want to reassure you. I know whatI’m doing and I hope you can trust me with this, too.” 
  35. 35. Abby sighed. She was not sure her daughter reallyrealized what she was getting herself into. But it wastrue that she trusted her about everything else, so shewould have to do so about witchcraft as well.“Just be vigilant, my dear. I don’t want anythinghappening to you that you will regret.”“I’ll be careful, Mama, I promise.” 
  36. 36. While Diana was in Shelterwoods, Damion was stilltrying to convince Francis that his intentions towardshis sister were honest.“Okay, okay, Damion, I get it!”“Do you? You still seem to see me as a flirt. I just wantto point out that since I met your sister at thebeginning of last semester, I have not looked atanother woman.” 
  37. 37. “Really?” Francis asked.“Yes! I love her and I’m ready to do whatever it takes towin her heart.”“Well, she’s still hesitant. And frankly, I’m not sureyou’re the best match for her.”“Why not? Because I’m older?” 
  38. 38. “That and also because you were my teacher. It’s kindof inappropriate.”“Oh, Francis, when will you stop worrying about whateveryone else thinks? You know I could make Dianahappy.”“Would you? She’s very independent, you know.” 
  39. 39. “I do know that, and I admire her for it. I want my wifeto be smart and to challenge me. That Eastsider wouldnot understand her like I do.”“All right, all right,” Francis laughed. “I’m not the oneyou have to convince, Damion,” he said, raising hiseyebrows. 
  40. 40. The professor nodded. “When is your sister comingback?”“She only went home for a few days. She’ll be heresoon, don’t worry.” 
  41. 41. And so, on one of those warmer spring days, Damionasked Diana to accompany him for a walk. Having notseen him in a while, she gladly accepted.“How was your trip home?”“It was lovely, thank you.” 
  42. 42. “I’m pleased that you are back. I’ve missed you,” theprofessor said quietly.“You have?”“Miss Ward, I think that you know how I feel aboutyou by now.”Diana felt her heart racing. “I think I do, professor.” 
  43. 43. “Would it be presumptuous to ask if my feelings arereciprocated?”Diana blushed. “Professor Fuchs, I enjoy spendingtime with you…”“But you prefer Mr. Eastsider,” he finished for in awhisper.“What? Why would you…” she started, her handsshaking. 
  44. 44. “I understand, Miss Ward. He’s younger and richer...But I really do believe that I could make you thehappiest woman on Earth. I will take care of you, I willcherish you and I will always be there when you needto confide in me. I think I’ve gained your trust and Iswear that I will never do anything to lose it,” Damionsaid passionately.“But…” the young woman tried to reply. 
  45. 45. “No, Miss Ward, please let me finish. I love you. I havebeen in love with you for some time now. You are notonly beautiful, but smart and driven and nothingwould make me prouder than to be with you,” heconcluded with a breath, feeling helpless now that sheknew exactly how strong his feelings were. 
  46. 46. “Professor, what I wanted to say is that I’m extremelyhappy you feel this strongly about me, because I feelthe same way,” she smiled brightly as they both stoodup.“You do?” Damion exclaimed.“Yes. I’ve had a lot of time to think over the last fewmonths and I’ve realized than nobody makes me feelbetter than you. I’m always looking forward to our nextmeeting and I cannot imagine not having you in mylife,” she explained somewhat shyly.
  47. 47. “What about Mr. Eastsider?”“He’s definitely a nice young man, but I don’t think weare made for each other like you and I are,” she added,her face reddening. “I will let him know that I’vechosen you as soon as I can.” 
  48. 48. “Oh, Miss Ward! You are making me the mostdelighted man! I cannot believe this!”“Then, maybe you can believe this,” she said, closingin and putting her lips on his.They both had butterflies in their stomachs as theyshared that first kiss. 
  49. 49. The very next day, after class, Diana managed to findNathaniel Eastsider at the campus café.She was nervous about the conversation they wereabout to have, but she knew she was making the rightdecision. Her feelings for Damion were much strongerthan those she could have had for Nathaniel. 
  50. 50. “Miss Ward, what a pleasure to see you!”“The pleasure is mine, Mr. Eastsider.”“Can I offer you a cup of coffee?”“No, thank you. Could I talk to you, for a minute?” sheasked, a bit anxiously. 
  51. 51. “Of course. What about?”“Mr. Eastsider, you are a perfect gentleman and I takepleasure in you company. But as you may know,Professor Fuchs has also been courting me and, well,there is no easy way to say it, but my feelings for himhave evolved into love. Therefore, I don’t think it wouldbe appropriate for us to see each other,” she let out inone breath. 
  52. 52. “I see.”“’I’m really sorry about everything, the last thing Iwanted was to hurt you.”“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, MissWard. I really thought our relationship was developingnicely.” 
  53. 53. “It was, Mr. Eastsider…”“But you fell in love with someone else. I understand,”he nodded. “I guess there is nothing else for me to say,is there?”“I’m sure you will meet another young lady who willsuit you more than I ever could,” Diana added. 
  54. 54. “Well, I wish you the best of luck, Miss Ward. I hopeProfessor Fuchs takes good care of you, you deserveit.”“Good luck to you, Mr. Eastsider,” she said as theyhugged. “And thank you for being so understanding.” 
  55. 55. The rest of the year flew by really fast. Both couplesspent as much time together as they could and Francisand Diana kept studying hard. 
  56. 56. As Francis was approaching his last year at theAcademy, Kari and him talked a lot about theirupcoming wedding.“Darling,” she asked him, “would you want to hold theceremony at your parents’ house?” 
  57. 57. “Um, I don’t know…” he hesitated. He really wanted toplease his fiancée, since her parents were no longeralive and he knew she longed for a real family life. Yet,he was not comfortable using the Ward house for theirwedding, as they would not be living there.“Would you ask your parents about it, please?” 
  58. 58. “Well, actually, Kari, I was thinking about somethingelse. Maybe we could have the ceremony at ourhouse?”“But we don’t have a house, Francis.” 
  59. 59. “Not yet, but we could start looking for one and marrythere. If would make lovely memories to tell ourchildren about.”“That’s true,” Kari said pensively. “Yes, I like youridea.”“Excellent!” 
  60. 60. “But Francis, I still want your whole family to bepresent. It’s important to me.” She was starting toworry he would never make amends with his parents.“I know, sweetheart,” Francis nodded, knowing that hewould have to reconcile with Jake and Abiona soon ifhe didn’t want to disappoint her. 
  61. 61. Miss Gregory took the first chance she got to discussthe situation with her future sister-in-law.“He still does not seem ready to put everything behindhim. It really worries me, Diana.”“Oh, I don’t think you should be worried. He will comearound.” 
  62. 62. “But it has been three years! I’m afraid he will neverget past his pride.”“I thought you were going to change him?” Dianawinked.“His resentment runs deeper than I thought, I have toadmit it. I don’t even know if your parents will be atour wedding.” 
  63. 63. “That is still a year away, Francis has time.”“I fear that if we don’t push him a little, he will notbudge,” Miss Gregory sighed. 
  64. 64. “All right, I will try to help you and talk to him. I willask Damion to do the same. Maybe if we all say thesame thing, Francis will start listening.”“Oh, that would be so helpful. I hope it works.” 
  65. 65. Diana told the professor about their plan and he madesure to talk to Francis about the importance of familywhenever they got together.“But don’t you want your parents to witness yourhappiness?” 
  66. 66. “I suppose, so,” the young man answered.“They could see how successful you’ve become, howhappy you are,” Damion added, trying to play onFrancis’ pride. 
  67. 67. Francis layed on his bed, later on, thinking about whateverybody around him had been saying to him, lately.“It’s as if they all teamed up,” he tought. “I guess theydo have good points, though.” 
  68. 68. Francis knew it was time to let his parents back intohis life. If it had only been him, he would not havedone it, but he truly loved Kari and he knew it wasimportant to her. She wanted their future children toknow their grand-parents.“Lets do this,” Francis sighed. 
  69. 69. A few days later, as he was painting and Diana wasreading the Old Shelterton Herald, he took a deepbreath before announcing to his sister that he wishedto invite their mother over. After all, he was now in hisfinal year at the Academy, he was truly becoming aman.“Really? Oh, Francis, that’s wonderful! I’m so glad youare finally ready!” 
  70. 70. “Yes, well, I’m not ready to see Papa, yet.”“Sure, I understand. I will write to Mama thisafternoon and I’m certain she will be extremely pleasedto come over,” Diana smiled from behind the paper. 
  71. 71. As Diana had thought, Abiona was more than happyto finally see her son again. She made the trip to theAcademy before winter came.While they women waited for Francis to come backfrom his class, Abiona admitted to Diana how the lastfew years had affected her.“Well, at least, it’s going to be over soon,” Diana said. 
  72. 72. “Yes, you’re right. Your father cannot wait to seeFrancis again, too.”“I’m pretty sure once the ice is broken, Francis will behappy to see Papa again. I think it’s because Papa wasthe one to tell him he wouldn’t be heir that he was notready to see him.” 
  73. 73. As soon as Francis came back, the three of them satdown to eat. Francis was a bit nervous but he was veryglad to see his mother. He hadn’t realized how muchhe had missed her until now. 
  74. 74. Both he and Abiona were silent, not knowing what tosay. Diana was trying to makes jokes in order to liftthe atmosphere, but she was not really succeeding.Her mother decided she would plunge.“Francis, I just want you to know that I’ve missed youso, so much these past years.” 
  75. 75. It seemed that it was all it took.“Oh, Mama! I missed you, too!” he exclaimed. “Thetruth is, I’ve been a brat and I should’ve gotten passedthis issue a long time ago! I’m a proud fool, that’s whatI am,” he added, shaking his head. 
  76. 76. “Oh, sweetheart, don’t be too hard on yourself. It was abig shock to you.”“But still, I acted like a spoiled idiot.”“The important thing is that we are together, now. Wehave so much to look forward to.” 
  77. 77. “You’re right, Mama. I cannot wait for you to meet MissGregory. You’ll see, she’s the nicest girl in the world”“Nicer than me?” Diana asked, with a coy smile. 
  78. 78. Abiona looked happily at her children as they startedto banter. It brought back so many memories fromtheir childhood. She couldn’t believe they were sogrown up now, that Francis was graduating in a fewmonths and that he was getting married right after. 
  79. 79. Miss Gregory was relieved that Francis had finallymade peace with his mother and she told him so.“I am looking forward to meeting her, you know. Fromwhat Diana told me, she seems to be a nice woman.” 
  80. 80. “She is,” Francis nodded. “She started with literallynothing. She’s strong.”“Just like you,” Kari added, smiling.“I just hope Diana will take her position as heirseriously.”“Oh, I’m sure she will, darling. And she will haveDamion by her side to help her.” 
  81. 81. “Yes. They do seem happy together, don’t they. Whowould have thought? I was really expecting her tochoose Mr. Eastsider.”“The heart as reasons that reason does notunderstand.”“Well, they can never be as happy as us,” Franciswinked, looking at his fiancée who laughed inagreement. 
  82. 82. Kari and Francis were right about Diana and Damion’shappiness. The two of them always had fun when theywere together, but they could also have meaningfulconversations.Diana was more in love than ever and near the end ofthe spring semester, she asked the professor to joinher in the courtyard where he had first showed her histrue feelings.“Hello, beautiful,” he greeted her. 
  83. 83. Diana smiled and asked him if he remembered whenthey first were here.“Of course, how could I forget? It was the first time Igot close to you.”“Yes, you can say you caught me by surprise with yourdance!” she giggled. 
  84. 84. “It caught your attention, didn’t it?”“It did. I’m glad you helped me realize how perfect youare for me. And I want you to know that I love you.”“I love you, too, Diana. I have since the first time I sawyou.” 
  85. 85. “Damion, would you spend your life with me?” sheasked, as she took a ring out.“Oh, Diana! I should be asking you! I have no greaterwish in the world than for us to get married!” 
  86. 86. They jumped into each other arms, their hearts filledwith joy and excitement.“I’m going to make you the happiest woman in theworld, I promise you that.”“You will always love me?”“Always.” 
  87. 87. At last, it was time for Francis to graduate. He hadcompleted his last semester with excellent grades andreceived a Suma Cum Laude mention on his diploma.Miss Gregory was also graduating and was eager tostart her new life with Francis. 
  88. 88. “This is it, Kari,” Francis said. “In a few weeks, you willbe Mrs. Ward!”“I know and I cannot wait. Francis, I’m so glad we gotthrough those years together.”“Me, too. And we will have the rest of our livestogether, too,” he added as they hugged. 
  89. 89. Many of Francis’ friend came over to take part in thecelebration, as well as his parents. It would be the firsttime he saw his father since he had left home, fouryears ago.As soon as she set foot in the house, Abionacongratulated her son.“Sweetheart, I am so proud of you!” she beamed. 
  90. 90. “Thank you, Mama. I worked hard and it paid off.”“You were always a hard worker and I’m sure you willwork just as hard in the career you chose.”“I will try, Mama.” 
  91. 91. Francis could see Jake had entered, but he didn’tknow what to do. Abiona could see that her son washesitant.“Go ahead, talk to him! He’s been missing you evenmore than I have!” 
  92. 92. Francis took a deep breath and went to greet hisfather.“Hello, Papa. I’m glad you came.”“I’m the one who is glad to be invited, son.” 
  93. 93. They looked at each other and suddenly, Jake pulledFrancis into a big hug.“You’re a man, now, son. And a mighty fine one atthat.”“Papa…” 
  94. 94. “No, no. Let’s not talk about the past. I just want youto know that I love you and that I’m proud of you.”“I love you, too, Papa.” 
  95. 95. Francis and Jake spent a long time catching up. Asthe young man was introducing his fiancée to hisfather, Diana was telling her mother about herengagement.“Sweetheart, that is excellent news!”“Yes, I think so, too. We will be very happy together.” 
  96. 96. “He doesn’t mind taking the Ward name and livingwith us?”“Not in the least. In fact, I want you to meet ProfessorFuchs. I’m sure you will like him.” 
  97. 97. Damion was pleased to finally get to know his futurein-laws.“Mrs. Ward, I’ve heard so many great things aboutyou,” he smiled. 
  98. 98. “And I about you,” Abiona answered. She could seethat he was truly in love with her daughter. “I’mlooking forward to have you in our family.”“That is so nice. I have to say I’m counting the days!”“Just one more year,” Diana sighed. 
  99. 99. The party was a success and Francis appreciated everyminute of it. But soon, it was time for him to leave andDiana was finally all alone in the house.As she settled on her bed, she thought about the yearto come. 
  100. 100. Damion and her would have to start planning theirwedding and she would have to study hard, but shewanted to spend more time practicing magic.“Now that I have the house to myself, I don’t have toworry about getting caught,” she thought. “I reallyneed to work harder.” 
  101. 101. She kept to her word, read her grimoire thoroughlyand learned to make more reagents. She was startingto feel more and more powerful. She even managed tocreate fire out of nothing.Diana always had in mind what she could possibly beable to do with her powers. 
  102. 102. Meanwhile, back in Shelterwoods, Francis had finallymoved into the perfect house. It had taken some timefor him and Kari to find it, but they were both excitedand eager to start their life together. 
  103. 103. They celebrated their wedding in their new garden, assoon as they could.Miss Gregory looked gorgeous in her gown and as theyexchanged their vows in front of their guests, Francisfelt as if he was going to explode with joy. 
  104. 104. “Kari, I promise to love you and cherish you all thedays of our lives.”The bride smiled as she repeated the same words. 
  105. 105. As the newlyweds kissed, the crowd clapped. Jake,looking at his son, was beaming with pride. 
  106. 106. The toasts were numerous and everyone thoughtFrancis and Kari were glowing as they cut their cake. 
  107. 107. As they laid on their bed, after all the guests had gonehome, Francis sighed with contentment.“So, how was your day, Mrs. Ward?”“It was perfect, Mr. Ward!” 
  108. 108. “I think I know how to make it even more perfect…”“Oh, really?” Kari asked as Francis pulled her in tokiss her. 
  109. 109. Kari and Francis fell into married life quite easily. Theytruly enjoyed their new found intimacy.“Darling, I’ve heard Doctor Curtis, in Woodvale, islooking for an assistant. I was thinking I could gointroduce myself, tomorrow," Francis said as he wasfinishing his breakfast. 
  110. 110. “That is a good idea,” Kari nodded, coming back to sitwith him.“I would be a really good opportunity for me,” Franciscontinued.“Do you know a lot about him?” 
  111. 111. “Not really, but from what I’ve gathered, he’s one of thebest doctors in the county. I’m sure I could learn a lotwith him. And then, in a few years, I could maybe havemy own practice.”“That would be wonderful, Francis.” 
  112. 112. “If I can convince Doctor Curtis to hire me, maybe wecould start a family of our own.”Kari smiled. “Now, you really have to charm him.” Shewas eager to have children. 
  113. 113. “We will be the perfect family,” Francis added. He wasglad that they would be giving a more traditional imagethan his parents had. He really thought that it was theman’s job to work and bring in money. 
  114. 114. Kari knew how her husband saw things. She trulywanted a family, but she also wished to be able towork, later on, once the children would be grown.She would have to talk to Francis about it, at somepoint. But since it would not be for many years, shepreferred to keep quiet, for the time being.“There’s no need to fight right now,” she thought, stillsmiling at her husband. 
  115. 115. The next day, Francis went to meet Dr. Curtis and hadno problem persuading him that he would be theperfect assistant.Soon, Kari had great news to tell her husband. Shewas expecting their first child.Francis was delighted. 
  116. 116. “You have to take good care of yourself, now,” he saidas he rubbed his wife’s belly. “I wouldn’t wantanything happening to my son.”Kari laughed. “What if it’s a girl?”“I’m sure it’s a boy, but I still think you need to rest asmuch as you can.”“Don’t worry about me,” she smiled. 
  117. 117. Back at Shelter Academy, Diana was staying true toher word.She was keeping her grades up by studying hard andshe was spending as much time as possible learningnew spells all the while enjoying Professor Fuchs’scompany very often. 
  118. 118. But her exploration of the dark arts was notunnoticed. Linda Wilson could feel Diana’s powerschanging and with what Abiona had told her, she felt itwas her duty to go warn the young lady.Mrs. Wilson sought Diana out and managed to find herin Woodvale, one day that she was there to see herbrother. 
  119. 119. “Hello, Miss Ward,” Linda said as she joined her on thebench.“Oh, hello… Mrs. Wilson, is it?”“That’s right. It’s nice to see you again, I’m glad youremember me.” 
  120. 120. Diana did not tell her what she really thought; as sheremembered perfectly well how the woman had refusedto answer her questions, years earlier.“Yes, it’s nice to see you, too.”“I hear you are in your last year at Shelter Academy.”“I am.” 
  121. 121. “Wonderful,” Linda nodded. “And I also hear thatyou’ve continued your research about those spells youwere wondering about.”“How…” Diana started to ask, startled. 
  122. 122. “Miss Ward, I’m the most powerful witch in the county.I can sense every variation in the magic flow thatsurrounds us. And I can feel what you are doing,” sheinterrupted her, her voice becoming colder.“What I do does not concern anyone but me!” 
  123. 123. “You’re wrong! It affects all of us!” Linda exclaimed, asshe got up, imitating Diana. “I told you to stay awayfrom that path and I believe that your mother askedyou the same thing. Why are you ignoring ourwarnings?”“I want to know more! Why can’t you understand that?My mother, as much as I love her, is not a great witch.I will be!” 
  124. 124. “You are travelling towards a dangerous road, MissWard.”“Why? What is so wrong about stronger spells? We arewitches,” she hissed, trying to lower her tone, in caseanyone was listening. “I want to make the most of it.”“Miss Ward…” 
  125. 125. “No! I’ve had enough. I don’t need your input on mylife and on my practice!” Diana said as she started towalk away.“You’ll regret what you’re doing, one day!” LindaWilson shouted, as she watched the young womanleave. 
  126. 126. “That’s what you think,” Diana said under her breath.She was furious! “How dare she? That old woman!”She could not believe what had just happened. “This isnone of her business. I’ll do what I want with mypowers.” 
  127. 127. That is it for now, folks!Will Francis and Kari have a son, as Francis wishes?Will Diana finally listen to Mrs. Wilsons warnings?How will her last semester at Shelter Academy go?Thanks a million for reading and please dont hesitateto comment on boolprop! 
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