The Ward Matriarchy - Chapter 4


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The Ward Matriarchy - Chapter 4

  1. 1. Welcome back!In the last chapter, Francis learned he wasn’t the heir and hada hard time accepting it. He left for college still angry at hisparents. As for Diana, she finally learned that she’s a witchand got interested in dark magic…
  2. 2. Francis liked his life at Shelter Academy. He hadsettled in rather quickly and easily into university life.He was working hard, as he always had, and hisgrades were excellent. He found pleasure indiscovering new authors and learning about suchdiverse subjects.Soon, he decided to focus on biology, as this wouldhelp him the most in his future career as a doctor. 
  3. 3. Francis was not always working, though. For the firsttime in his life, he didnt find it difficult to makefriends. There was always someone ready to chat or toplay in his dormitory building and they all shared hislove of knowledge. 
  4. 4. But, there were still some people who didnt seem tounderstand what the word respect meant.One night, he walked into his room and found his bedwas occupied by a stranger. 
  5. 5. “What in the name of...” he muttered with disdain,looking at the weird hair of the lad.Raising his voice, Francis spoke.“Hey, you! Get out of my bed, now!”The boy woke up and sat, surprised. 
  6. 6. “What do you think you are doing in my bed,” Francisyelled.“Um... I... I dont...”“This is absolutely unacceptable!” 
  7. 7. “I didn’t know, I’m so-”“Yeah, yeah, dont bother. Just get out! And dontcome back!” 
  8. 8. Someone else had caught Francis attention early on,but he was too shy to approach her. Living so close tounknown women was something he was still gettingaccustomed to, to be honest. He was not sure if heapproved of the situation, but he admitted thatwithout that, he would never have met that girl.He thought about her all the time. 
  9. 9. Francis had found out her name was Kari Gregory andhe thought she was the most exquisite woman he hadever seen, although her clothes were rather revealing.One day, at the end of his first semester, he finallygathered the courage to go and introduce himself. 
  10. 10. “Um, hi, Miss Gregory, Im Francis Ward.”“Yes, I know who you are, Mr. Ward,” she answeredwith a smile.“You do?” Francis asked. He never thought she wouldhave noticed him. 
  11. 11. “Of course I do. I thought you would never come andtalk to me.”“Oh! Well, better late than never,” he chuckled, gainingconfidence with each passing second.“Definitely,” Kari grinned. 
  12. 12. And so, the ice was broken. Over the next few weeks,Francis took every opportunity to talk to Miss Gregory.They were getting to know each other more and moreand they realized they got along extremely well. 
  13. 13. He had met other girls on campus, but he neverseemed to get along with them as well as he did withMiss Gregory. It was always simple with her. 
  14. 14. Kari couldnt tell Francis yet, but she too had beendreaming about him every since she came to theAcademy. He was exactly the type of man she would like to marry. Although she didnt know him thatmuch, she could already tell he had great values andwas a hard worker.” 
  15. 15. Francis and Miss Gregory were spending almost everywaking minute together. One day, she asked himabout his family, since he almost never spoke about it.“Id rather not talk about it, if you dont mind, MissGregory.” 
  16. 16. “I can see that you are upset. Why dont you tell mewhats hurting you,” she asked softly.“Im too scared you will think less of me,” he pouted.But Francis could see in her eyes that she was worriedabout him.“I promise I wont, Mr. Ward.” 
  17. 17. He sighed. “My family is not exactly like the others,you see.”“What do you mean?”“Well, for example, my father took my mothers nameand not the contrary,” he admitted. “And my youngersister Diana is going to inherit of the family house, notme.” 
  18. 18. “Oh, I see,” Kari said. “And how does it make you feel?”“Inadequate, mostly,” he shrugged. “I wouldve liked topursue the Ward traditions.” 
  19. 19. “Who says you cant?” Kari could see that Francis wasnot following, so she explained. “Youre a Ward, youcan start your own traditions and be the patriarch of agreat family.”“Thats what my sister told me, too,” he said, raisingan eyebrow. 
  20. 20. “Then your sister is a very smart girl.”“She is, even if she can be a brat,” he laughed. “Youwill probably meet her, when she joins the Academynext year.”“I am looking forward to that.” 
  21. 21. Later that night, Francis was trying to study with hisfriend George, but his thoughts always drifted back toMiss Gregory. She was funny and knew how to makehim feel better.“… what Professor Lee explained?” George said.“I’m sorry, what?” 
  22. 22. “Where are you, Francis? We’re supposed to go overour notes for the exam, tomorrow.”“I know, I’m sorry. I just have, um, something else onmy mind,” he answered defensively, blushing.“It’s Miss Gregory, isn’t it?” 
  23. 23. Francis had to admit. “Yes. I can’t stop thinking abouther. Whenever I’m with her, time flies by and when I’mnot, it seems to linger on. I’d like to be with her rightnow, actually. Its never happened to me before! Itsunnerving! I cant get any rest!”“Well, sorry I’m not as pretty as her,” George laughed. 
  24. 24. Francis, still in his train of thoughts, was realizingKari was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of hislife with. She would be his rock and he would be hers,if she needed. They could make a solid couple, just likehis parents.“I think I’m in love with her,” Francis continued. 
  25. 25. “Wow, that’s great! You should tell her!”“I guess so,” he whispered, feeling his usual shynesscoming back. “I sure hope she feels the same way…”Francis was quite surprised this was happening tohim. Hed always seen himself as a practical man. Andhere he was now, completely and utterly in love! 
  26. 26. A few weeks later, he finally gathered the courage toask Miss Gregory out for dinner. They had never had aproper date and he was nervous. But, he really hadnothing to worry about. Kari said yes immediately andthey shared a wonderful meal in a romantic setting. 
  27. 27. “Miss Gregory, I wanted to thank you for being sopatient with me.”“Oh, Mr. Ward,” she started.“No, no, I mean it. Ive been resenting my familysdecision ever since my parents told me about it andyou really have been there to listen to me.” 
  28. 28. “Thats nothing, really. I dont like to see you upset. Imhappy to help when I can.”“I have never had anyone like you in my life , MissGregory.”“Mr. Ward, you can call me Kari, you know.” 
  29. 29. “Only if you call me Francis,” he grinned.They chatted all through the meal. It seemed toFrancis that everything tasted better than usual. 
  30. 30. Alas, all good things come to an end and it was time togo back to the Academy.“Did you enjoy your evening, Kari?”“Very much, so, Francis.” 
  31. 31. “I’m glad,” he replied and with butterflies in hisstomach, he leaned in and kissed Kari for the very firsttime.The young woman was pleasantly surprised andkissed him back.“I – I’m…” Francis started, feeling quite flustered. 
  32. 32. “Yes, me too,” Kari giggled. “Will you walk me home?”“Of course!”He took her hand into his and they went back to theirdormitory, a bounce in their step. 
  33. 33. Some weeks later, back at the Ward home, Jake,Abiona and Diana were having lunch. Diana had justreceived a letter from Francis.“I think he’s feeling better and getting over the factthat hes not inheriting,” she said to her parents. 
  34. 34. Abiona sighed. “All I hope is that he’s not working toohard. We all know how ambitious Francis is.”“Oh, don’t worry, Mama. Actually, he says he’s makingfriends. He even mentioned a girl!”“He did? Oh, that’s wonderful!” Abby wished her sonwould write to her as well, but she was willing to givehim some more time to calm down. 
  35. 35. “And did you receive any news about yourscholarships?” Jake asked.“Not yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long.” Diana waseager to leave for college, where she would be able topractice the kind of magic she couldn’t do in front ofher mother. 
  36. 36. “I’m in no hurry to see you leave, sweetheart,” Jakeadded.“But it will happen, Papa, and soon.” 
  37. 37. “We’ll just miss you so much,” Abiona said.Jake shook his head. “Our baby, already so grown up!”“I’ll miss you, too, but we will visit each other. And Iwill write,” Diana promised. She was truly going tomiss her parents, although she was looking forward tothe freedom university would give her. 
  38. 38. At the start of the next fall semester, it was time forDiana to arrive at Shelter Academy. She was ready tomake the most of her years here, knowing she wouldsoon be back home.She had just gotten off the carriage when Francis cameback from class. He knew his sister was arriving todayand he did not want to miss her. 
  39. 39. “Diana!” he shouted.She turned towards him, smiling.“Hello, dearest brother! Did you miss me?” she winked. 
  40. 40. “I can’t believe I’m saying that, but yes, I did!” helaughed as he hugged her. “Have you been waiting forlong?”“Oh, I’ve been here for hours…” Diana started, only toburst out laughing, seeing Francis’ face. “I’m kiddingyou, I’ve only been here five minutes.” 
  41. 41. “Well, it’s good to see you. You’ll like it here.”“Yes, I think so, too.”“Do you know which subject you want to focus on?”“Francis, let me settle in first, alright?” she chuckled. 
  42. 42. “Um, yes, okay. But you shouldn’t wait too long…”“I won’t. Now, can you help me with my trunks?”“Sure! Let’s go in! Oh, and Diana,” he added, “there issomeone I would like you to meet.” 
  43. 43. “The mysterious Miss Gregory you wrote about?”Francis nodded as they entered the building. Dianawas pleased to see that her brother had met that girl,even if she didn’t know her yet. She could already seethat Francis had changed, for the better. It must bebecause of her. 
  44. 44. Diana soon found her room and it took her no time atall to empty her trunks. After the trip she had hadfrom Shelterwoods, she was starving. Se sat down withFrancis to catch up over breakfast.“So, tell me more about Miss Gregory. You seem to likeher a lot.” 
  45. 45. “Diana, I more than like her, I love her. She’s awonderful woman.”Diana was speechless. She had never seen her brotherlike that.“She’s funny and kind, and smart, too. And she’s sobeautiful,” Francis said with a dreamy look in his eyes. 
  46. 46. “How did you meet her?”“Well, she lives in this building. At first, I was too shyto approach her. But as soon as I did, I realized Ishould have done it much sooner.” 
  47. 47. “I’m so happy for you, Francis. You seem so muchbetter than when you left home.”“I am, Diana and it’s in great part because of Kari, er,Miss Gregory. I’ve talked to her about what happenedand how I reacted and you know what?”Diana shook her head. 
  48. 48. “She said the same things you did!” Francis grinned.“She’s really helped me understand that everything isfor the best. She makes me see the positive in things.She’s so patient with me!”“So, you don’t mind my being the heir, anymore?” 
  49. 49. “No. Miss Gregory made me realize that I’m notsomeone who likes to follow rules. I would not havebeen happy living with Mama and Papa, as much as Ilove them. I want to do my own thing, have my ownhouse. Hopefully, with her.” 
  50. 50. “Now I’m the one who wished I wasn’t inheriting thehouse!” Diana chuckled, although she was truly happyabout her heiress status and what it meant.“You know, you should really write to Mama and Papa.They miss you so much and it would mean the worldto them if you did,” she added. 
  51. 51. Francis chewed thoughtfully. He knew his sister wasright but he still didn’t feel like talking to his parents.“I don’t know. I don’t think I’m ready yet.”“Well, don’t wait too long. Don’t let your pride blindyou. You know they are not getting any younger.” 
  52. 52. Diana also fell easily into university life. She soonchose to study physics, a subject she fell in love with.She was not making as many friends as her brother,though, because she spent most of her free timereading her spell book. 
  53. 53. She had found a small corner where no one ever wentand where she could study magic without worrying.She kept her cauldron hidden, however, as that wassure to draw attention.As Diana read more about magic, she realized she stillhad to learn a lot. But she was determined. 
  54. 54. “I’m not going to do like Mama. I’m never going to putmagic aside,” she thought.She knew she had the potential to be a great, powerfulwitch. And although the darker spells seemedcomplicated, she really wanted to try them, once shehad the reagents.“Now, I just need to find a way to use my cauldronwithout anyone noticing,” she told herself. 
  55. 55. Francis wasted no time in introducing his sister toMiss Gregory.“Kari, would you come with me?”“What is it, Francis?” 
  56. 56. “I’ve told you about my younger sister, Diana.”Kari nodded.“Well, she’s arrived a few days ago and I would like youto meet her.”“That would be my pleasure. Where is she?” MissGregory answered, following him. 
  57. 57. “So, you are the infamous Miss Gregory!” Dianaexclaimed.Kari laughed. “Yes, I guess I am. It’s such a joy to meetyou, Miss Ward.”“I’m glad to meet you, too. The way my brother talks,you are a real angel.” 
  58. 58. “Oh, he’s exaggerating,” Kari smiled.“No, no. I can see he’s become calmer, serene even. Hischaracter seems to be improving. I think I have you tothank for that. I hope we will become good friends.” 
  59. 59. “Nothing would make me happier, Miss Ward. So, howdo you like the Academy, so far?”The two girls kept chatting and found they had manythings in common. Diana was pleased. If Francis gotmarried to Miss Gregory, she would have a wonderfulsister-in-law. 
  60. 60. Diana was also making new acquaintances. Onewinter day, as she was walking back from class, shewas approached by a good looking young man.“Excuse me, I’m sorry, Miss Ward?”“Yes?” she said, wondering who he was. 
  61. 61. “I’m sorry to bother you. Im Nathaniel Eastsider.Professor Davis told me you would maybe be able tohelp me by tutoring me,” he said as he extended ahand to Diana.“Oh! Um, yes, I suppose I could.” 
  62. 62. “That would be wonderful! Professor Davis’ class iskilling me!” he laughed.“It’s not that difficult, really…”“I hope you’ll manage to make me see things the wayyou see them.” 
  63. 63. Diana thought he was charming. Not only did he havebeautiful eyes, he was also clearly kind and had agreat sense of humour.“I hope so, too. When would you like to begin?”“Would you be free tomorrow afternoon? I could comeover to your building?” 
  64. 64. “Yes, that sounds good. So, I will see you tomorrow,Mister Eastsider.”“You will, Miss Ward. Thank you,” he smiled as he left.He never had expected to find such a delightful tutor!He was no longer dreading the extra work ProfessorDavis’ class would need, now that he knew he wouldbe doing it with Diana. 
  65. 65. Over the next few weeks, Diana met Nathaniel manytimes to help him with his class. They worked hard,but they had fun, too.At some point, Nathaniel started visiting Diana evenwhen they had no tutoring session planned. She wasalways happy to see him. 
  66. 66. “Good afternoon, Miss Ward.”“Oh, hello, Mister Eastsider. To what do I owe thepleasure?” 
  67. 67. “I was wondering if you would like to take a turn in thecampus park with me,” he asked, nervously. Althoughthey had spent a lot of time together lately, he still didnot know if Diana liked him as more than a friend.“What a great idea! The weather is so nice today, too,”Diana replied, excited that Nathaniel was finally askingher out. 
  68. 68. And so, they found themselves walking on the snowcovered paths, but Nataniel did not act like himself.“Is something wrong, Mister Eastsider?”“Miss Ward, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Ithink you are an enchanting woman…” 
  69. 69. He was not able to finish his sentence. Dianaunderstood that he was finally saying what she hadbeen hoping for. She grabbed his arm and planted akiss directly on his lips. 
  70. 70. “Miss Ward!” Nathaniel exclaimed with joy when theyparted. “I think you are enchanting, too, Mister Eastsider,”she giggled. 
  71. 71. “Well, that’s a relief,” he laughed as he embraced her.“I have been waiting a long time to let you know how Ifeel.”“Please don’t think I kiss every boy I know,” she joked.“I just needed to let you out of your misery. I hope itwasn’t too bold on my part.” 
  72. 72. “You are a bold woman and it is one of the manyreasons I like you,” Nathaniel said as he leaned in tokiss her once again. 
  73. 73. Meanwhile, Francis and Kari were getting more andmore comfortable with each other. Their love wasevident for everyone who could see them. 
  74. 74. That’s why nobody but Miss Gregory was surprisedwhen the young man put a small box on the table, asthey were out one afternoon.“Kari, you already know how I feel about you. I loveyou with all my heart. You are the person whounderstands me the most in this world.”“I love you, too, Francis,” she said, in shock. 
  75. 75. “Please, open it.”As she did, Francis pursued. “Kari, nothing would memake me happier than to spend the rest of my life withyou. Would you do me the honor of becoming mywife?”“Francis, this ring is so beautiful.” 
  76. 76. Francis chuckled. “Im glad you like it but, um, is thata yes?”“Of course I will be your wife! You knew that!” Kariexclaimed as she slipped the engagement ring on herfinger, still admiring it.“Yes, well, a man can never be a hundred percentsure.” 
  77. 77. “Nonsense. I’m certain our life together will be perfect,”she replied.Francis was feeling a mixture of things he had neverfelt before. His nervousness was gone and excitementand contentment had taken its place. He was trulyhappy that Kari Gregory was soon going to becomeKari Ward 
  78. 78. Francis was eager to tell his sister the good news. Assoon as he did, Diana ran to Kari to congratulate her.“Miss Gregory! My brother just told me you acceptedhis proposal!” she exclaimed.“I did,” Kari smiled. 
  79. 79. “Oh, I’m so happy! You complement each other sowell!”“You really think so?”“I do, I really do. And it’s so nice to know we’re going tobe related.” 
  80. 80. “You’re right, it is.”“I wouldn’t have wanted anybody else for a sister,”Diana added.“Neither would I,” Kari said, eyes filled with happiness. 
  81. 81. The rest of the semester went by uneventful.Diana, Francis and Kari spent a lot of time together.They would discuss their classes while sharing a mealor help one another with their assignments. 
  82. 82. The girls could often be found chatting about whattype of gown Kari wanted to wear for her weddingwhile studying.The actual ceremony would only take place in a coupleof years, when Francis and Kari graduated, but Dianaand her soon-to-be sister-in-law had fun imagining it. 
  83. 83. Francis, on the other hand, was thinking aboutsomething else. He was getting tired of living with somany people.“With my and Diana’s grants, we should be able toafford a more private kind of lodging,” he thought.He had been contemplating this idea for some timenow and he was ready to share it with his sister. 
  84. 84. So, a few days later, Francis joined Diana as she wasreading in the common room.“Diana, may I speak with you?”“Sure,” she said as she put her book away. “What’s onyour mind?” She could see her brother was botheredby something. 
  85. 85. “Well, I’ve been thinking and I don’t know how you feelabout it, but I would appreciate to have more privacy.”“Oh, you should have told me earlier! I promise I willlet you and Miss Gregory have more time alone!”“No, no, that’s not what I’m talking about.” 
  86. 86. “What is it, then?”“I thought we could maybe rent a house on campus, tolive in.”“You mean, instead of here?”“Yes. I’ve had enough of the shared bathrooms. Andwhen our children come to the Academy, they wouldhave somewhere nice to live, too.” 
  87. 87. “It sure would be nice to have more space toourselves,” Diana said. “But can we afford it?”“I think so, yes. Your first year is almost over andyou’re still getting good grades, right?”“You know I am, Francis,” she replied a bit insulted. 
  88. 88. “All right, then it should not be a problem. I’m fairlycertain I will get a grant and you should, too.”Diana nodded. “It could work. There’s just one thing.”“What?”“Do you really think we’ll be able to live together, justthe two of us, without killing each other?” she joked. 
  89. 89. Francis laughed. “We’ve been doing much better thanat home, haven’t we?”“That wasn’t hard to do,” Diana chuckled. “But,Francis,” she added becoming serious again, “youreally have to arrange things with Mama and Papa.” 
  90. 90. Francis sighed. “Can we talk about that another time?”“No. Stop being so stubborn! Mama always asks howyou’re doing in the letters she sends me. And now, youhave great news to tell her. I don’t want to be the onetelling our parents you are getting married,” Dianasaid firmly.“But…” 
  91. 91. “No buts. I agree to use my scholarship money to renta house with you only if you promise to walk over yourpride and write to Papa and Mama.”“I’ll think about it,” Francis replied, not happy aboutthis condition.“Let me know when you’ve reached a decision,” Dianatold him as she got up to leave. 
  92. 92. Francis thought about what his sister had said for along time. Of course, he knew deep down that she wasright. It was about time he contacted his parents. Afterall, he was perfectly fine with not inheriting the house,now. And he did have wonderful things to tell them.“I will have to introduce Kari to them, at some point,too,” he told himself. 
  93. 93. Still, he was still reluctant about putting the feudbeing him.“I am a proud fool, Diana is right. I bet Kari thinks so,too.”With a sigh, he decided to tell his sister that heaccepted her terms, but that he would choose the timeto get back in touch with their parents. He did notwant to feel rushed. 
  94. 94. Diana understood perfectly well why Francis wishedfor that and so, at the end of her first year at theAcademy, Francis and her moved in a modest house.It was not luxurious, but it was big enough for the twoof them. 
  95. 95. Most of all, Diana now had the space and privacy sheneeded to pursue her studies of magic. She was finallyable to set up her cauldron and her spell book properlyand no one could enter her room to surprise her whileshe was busy reading or making some reagents. 
  96. 96. Diana wasted no time and made sure to spend manyhours every week preparing the ingredients she neededto eventually do more complicated spells. She had notforgotten about what the green witch had told her andshe was more determined than ever to experience asmuch as she could. 
  97. 97. At night, she would sneak out to try some of the thingsshe was reading about.When she managed to create fire out of thin air, she letout a joyful cheer, still careful not to make noise as notto draw any attention to her.“Yes, I did it!”She was proud of herself, but she knew she still had alot to learn. 
  98. 98. As for Francis, he was developing a good relationshipwith one of his professor and he invited him over fordinner, one night.Professor Damion Fuchs was not a lot older thanFrancis and Diana and the three of them had similarinterests. The conversation flowed easily. 
  99. 99. “Have you heard about that new way of curing patientsusing water mist, professor?” Francis asked.“I have. But, honestly, I don’t really know if it’s asmiraculous as everyone is saying. Tests are underway,I believe.”“We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.” 
  100. 100. “Yes, we will. And what about you, Miss Ward? What isyour field of study?”“I like science, too, just as my brother. But I chose tofocus on physics.” 
  101. 101. “Very interesting,” the professor nodded. He found theyoung lady absolutely ravishing. He rarely had metsuch a smart and intelligent woman.“Yes, I would like to invent games. I really think thateverything I’m learning here will help me create betterones.” 
  102. 102. Diana could also feel a connexion to Professor Fuchs.He was not like the other teachers on campus. Notonly was he much younger, but he was good looking,too. Obviously, he was also very smart and he seemedto take into account hers and Francis’ opinions.“And how is university life treating you so far? Do youmiss home? I know your brother doesn’t,” Damionchuckled. 
  103. 103. “Oh, well, I miss my parents, of course. But it’s verynice to be on our own, too.”“Yes, well, enjoy that freedom while you can,” Francistold his sister before turning towards his guest. “Mysister will inherit the family home. She will live withour parents.” 
  104. 104. “I really don’t mind it, though.”“And you should not,” Professor Fuchs added. “As anadult, your wants will most certainly be accepted byyour parents,” he smiled and Diana smiled back.She was really glad Francis had invited Damion over.His positive attitude was like a breath of fresh air. 
  105. 105. “I really don’t mind it, though.”“And you should not,” Professor Fuchs added. “As anadult, your wants will most certainly be accepted byyour parents,” he smiled and Diana smiled back.She was really glad Francis had invited Damion over.His positive attitude was like a breath of fresh air. 
  106. 106. It was true, however, that Diana was missing herparents and so she was pleasantly surprised whenAbiona came to visit her.They took advantage of the nice autumn weather andsat outside to chat.“I really like the house you are renting,” Abby told herdaughter. 
  107. 107. “Yes, I’m happy about it, too. Francis had a really goodidea.”“Well, your brother is a resourceful young man. He hasalways been so bright,” Abiona sighed wishing shecould see him soon.“Miss Gregory and I are still working on him, Mama.He will come around, you know.”“I hope so.” 
  108. 108. “He’s fine with everything, now. I think he’s evenrelieved about it. His pride is the only thing standingbetween you, really.”“Ah, well, I can understand that. As they say, theapple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Abiona smiled.“And how have you been, sweetheart? Are you stillhappy about your classes?” 
  109. 109. “I am, Mama. But I’m also spending more timestudying magic.”“Oh, that’s wonderful, Diana! I wish I could have hadthe time to do the same.”“Yes, I’m really happy about it. I’m learning so much. Ican do simple spells, now, and I’m getting really goodat making reagents.” 
  110. 110. Abiona could see the passion in her daughter’s eyes.“Did you ever find out about those spells that intriguedyou?”“Hum, yes.” Diana did not know if she should betelling her mother about her study of the dark arts.“It’s quite… interesting.”“It’s nothing dangerous, thought, is it?” 
  111. 111. “Well, dangerous is a strong word. But the things Icould do, Mama! There are way more than simplecleaning spells…”“Diana,” Abby interrupted her, “I want you to becareful…”“But, Mama, you don’t understand! There are ways toactually control people!” Diana exclaimed, forgetting, inher enthusiasm, that her mother was different fromher. 
  112. 112. Abiona did not like what she was hearing. She knewher daughter wanted to become a powerful witch, butshe never thought it would lead her to such extremeways.“Diana, are you listening to yourself? Controllingpeople? This is not what magic is for, you know that.” 
  113. 113. The young woman could see her mother was notagreeing with her about what their powers meant andwhat they could be used for. But still, she wanted tomake her realize that her wants were perfectlylegitimate.“Mama, I just want to learn as much as I can.”“Well, please be vigilant of what you use your powersfor,” Abiona said before leaving. She really hopedDiana would come to her senses. If not, she would askfor help.
  114. 114. Meanwhile, Professor Fuchs had been coming over asmuch as he could. Not only was he building a strongfriendship with Francis, but he was also definitelysmitten with Diana.He had heard she was seeing another student, but hehad to give it a try. She was the perfect woman forhim. That’s why, when he saw her on campus one day,he couldn’t resist the urge to join her, even if sheseemed lost in her thoughts. 
  115. 115. “Good afternoon, Miss Ward.”Diana was startled. She turned around and a smile litup her face when she saw the professor.“Professor Fuchs! How nice to see you!” Nathaniel wasstill courting her and she enjoyed his company, butshe had to admit that she was also attracted toDamion 
  116. 116. “Am I disturbing you? You seemed thoughtful.”“Oh, no. Well,” she added, feeling the urge to confide insomeone, “my mother and I are having adisagreement.”“I hope it’s nothing serious and you will be able to findcommon ground.” 
  117. 117. “I don’t know if that’s possible, unfortunately,” Dianasighed.“Is there anything I can do to help?”“Not really. I just wished my mother could see mypoint of view.” 
  118. 118. “Maybe I can change your mind. Dance with me?”“Here?” Diana laughed.“Yes, why not?” Damion smiled as he put his armaround her waist. 
  119. 119. Diana could feel all her worries going away. She hadnot expected this, but she had to acknowledge that itwas really nice.“So, better?”“Hum, yes, actually,” she blushed. 
  120. 120. Damion couldn’t believe his luck. Up until now, he hadonly dreamed of being so close to Diana. He definitelyfelt encouraged.“Miss Ward, I have to tell you that I think you are amost exquisite woman.”“Thank you, professor.” 
  121. 121. “I know that Mr. Eastsider and you are close, butwould you allow me to come and visit you?”Diana only hesitated for a second before answering.“Yes, of course, it would be my pleasure.”“Then, expect to see me quite a bit,” he concluded asthe girl felt blood rushing to her cheeks, once again. 
  122. 122. Over the next few weeks, as promised, the professorbecame a regular fixture at the WardsHe was always hoping to see more of Diana and to talkto her as much as he could. 
  123. 123. Francis was not blind and he could see that hisacquaintance and his sister were becoming quite closeAlthough Professor Fuchs and him were now very goodfriends, Francis was a big brother and he did not wantDiana to get hurt. 
  124. 124. The opportunity to speak with Damion came up as theboys were throwing a football. Francis was thinkingabout what he had been seeing the past weeks andthrew the ball much harder than the professorexpected.“Francis! What is the matter with you?” he exclaimed,not very happy. 
  125. 125. “I’m sorry,” he said, although he really wasn’t. Hewanted his friend to know that he was strong.When it happened again, Damion got angry.“Would you stop throwing it that hard? What hasgotten into you?” he shouted.“Maybe I’ll stop when you stop leading my sister on!” 
  126. 126. “What? What do you mean?”“Don’t act so surprised. I see how you look at her, howyou’re seducing her. I won’t let you take advantage ofDiana.”“But I don’t want to take advantage of her! I love her,Francis!” 
  127. 127. “You do?” Francis replied. He had not been expectingthat. He had heard that Professor Fuchs had atendency to break hearts around the campus.“I do. And actually, I would like to marry her.”“Oh. Well, she’s seeing Nathaniel Eastsider.” 
  128. 128. “I know, but I thought maybe you could help me.”“I’ll think about it.” Francis was still not convinced.Although he thought highly of Damion as a friend andas a scholar, he was not sure he would make her sisterhappy. 
  129. 129. But Damion insisted. He followed his friend inside totry and convince him that his intentions were pure.“Francis, you have to believe me. I love your sister.”“You already said that.” 
  130. 130. “I’m serious. I want her to be my wife. I’ve never feltlike this about anyone else. Please, talk to her.”Francis could see the professor was being honest. Hesighed while replying. “Let me see what I can do.” 
  131. 131. So, that’s it for this long over-due 4th chapter!Will Francis help Damion win Diana’s heart? Will itwork or will she prefer Nathaniel Eastsider? WillFrancis get back in touch with his parents soon? You’llfind out in the next chapter!Once again, thanks for reading! All comments aremore than welcome on boolprop. :) 
  132. 132. Credits Jake Ward: Jake Gyllenhal by UfontKnow on modthesims Nathaniel Eastsider: Nate Archibald from the Gossip Girl cast by enriquemt0 on modthesims As always, I thank the wonderful CC creators on allaboutstyle and modthesims!