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Set ii - 8 henry iii Activities


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Activities for Henry III, by Verónica Mamani

Published in: Education
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Set ii - 8 henry iii Activities

  1. 1. THE REIGN OF HENRY III 1) Choose the correct option. Becoming king as a minor upon the death of his father King John, who acted as Regent for the first four years of Henry III's reign? Stephen Langton Edward of Woodstock William the Marshal Richard of Cornwall Who was Henry's mother? Isabella of Angouleme Berengaria of Navarre Isabella of Gloucester Constance of Britanny Henry had the best claim to the throne at the time of John's death. True False
  2. 2. Henry was crowned twice. The first coronation was a makeshift affair as the regalia had been lost by King John in the Wash. Where did this coronation take place? Windsor Castle Worcester Cathedral Gloucester Abbey Winchester Cathedral In 1234 Henry assumed direct control of the government, partially as a result of a delegation of barons whose aim was to expel the Poitevins. Shortly thereafter he married. Who was his bride? Blanche of Artois Marie of France Eleanor of Provence Margaret of Provence How many children did Henry have? 7 8 9 3
  3. 3. Winchester Canterbury Worcester London Simon de Montfort had a familial relationship with Henry III. What was it? nephew son-in-law cousin brother-in-law 19. While the financial situation was one cause of baronial resentment, another significant cause was the favoritism Henry showed to his family. True False 20. As a result of the financial crisis, the barons forced Henry to agree to a series of changes to governmental administration. What was this agreement was called? Henry was born in the old capital of England and the city which continued to hold the treasury. Which was it?
  4. 4. Provisions of Westminster Provisions of Cambridge Provisions of Clarendon Provisions of Oxford