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The generations of console & arcade


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The generations of console & arcade

  1. 1. The Generations of Consoles & Arcade Level 2 Games Design Dan Smith
  2. 2. Arcade In the golden age of games in 1971 the new arcade games were released. One of the first arcade consoles to come out was the ‘Galaxy Game’ it was the first coin operated arcade device back then. One of the first games to be brought to the arcade was Spacewar! Spacewar! Was one of the first games to be released on consoles like this it’s capabilities were high back In them days but now it’s really low. The Galaxy Game had two joysticks one for moving and the other for looking around / other mechanisms.
  3. 3. Earliest Gaming Device The first ever gaming device to come out was the ‘Cathode ray tube amusement device’. This was made in 1947 and it only had a few games some of them were; target shooting and tic-tactoe.
  4. 4. First Generation The first ever big console to hit the market was the ‘Magnavox Odyssey’. It’s nickname was the ‘Brown Box’ and it was made in the US in 1966. After the prototype they released the full console shortly after the release of the arcade games in 1972. The amount of games on it was 27 and it was distributed into 12 cartridges. There was not much storage on this device so it was hard to get all the games.
  5. 5. Second Generation Second generation console was the ‘Atari 2600’ which was named the golden age of video arcade games in 1978. It was in the golden zone because of the game Space Invaders it was a massive hit. However, there was another console made which reached to the top; it’s name was ‘ColecoVision’ and one of it’s famous games was Donkey Kong ColecoVision Atari 2600
  6. 6. Third Generation After the 1983 video game crash the third gen of consoles the ‘NES’ or ‘Nintendo Entertainment System’ was the big seller. This is when games like Mario and Mario Bros were brought out.
  7. 7. Fifth Generation Not much happened in the fourth generation except from the release of the ‘Megadrive’ and ‘SNES’. In the fifth generation the biggest and most tech changing console was released; the ‘Sony PlayStation’. Many, many games were released onto this platform and the graphics were phenomenal.
  8. 8. Handheld Devices In the latest generation, many changes have happened, within these changes the new smartphones/handheld devices have powerful technology that can run short and huge games. The first ever mobile game was Tetris which was released on 1994. Over the years graphics and other visuals have been improved drastically; from Tetris to gta! Phones can have powerful connectivity, but then again they can sometimes lack it. It can normally depend on the network provider e.g: O2, EE.. The higher the better! Handheld devices can also contain some gigabytes of data which can be easily taken up from big games.