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The evaluation question 4


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The evaluation question 4

  1. 1. THE EVALUATION..4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages Danny Laws A2 Media Studies
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION During the course of this project, we’ve had some enjoyable and some really stressful moments when using different technologies to make our music video, some technologies software we have come across before and used so that’s wasn’t so bad but still stressful as maybe we havent used it in a while etc. However there were some software’s that we never experience before which made life during this project very stressful but in a whole it was a good experience.
  3. 3. Programs During the course of this project, We have used many different programs, however the two main and most important programs we used was Photoshop and Final Cut Pro x without these two softwares we wouldn’t of been able to do this project at all. Photoshop: Photoshop was key and really important to our coursework as it helped us make our magazine advert and our digipak, even we didn’t use Photoshop our magazine and digipak wouldn’t be a nearly as good. Using Photoshop wasn’t as hard because we have experience using this software before. Final Cut Pro x: This is the most important software we used because this is where we put all our footage together to make our music video, this helped us to put the footage and the music together, cut and edit the clips that we took. This was a very stressful software to use as we never used this before the start of the project so this was completely new to use which made things harder.
  4. 4. Hardware Used Cannon Powershot SX40 HS- This camera at first was hard to use, as it didn’t first record properly however we got used to it and it become vital to our work, I believe this camera helped us to gain great shots for our music video. Tripod- This helped us to keep the camera completely still so we could get perfected shots and angels. Apple Mac- This hardware was very new to me because before I never experience using the apples mac, everything about it was different to a normal computer so before we could even use the programs on the mac, we had to get used to the mac itself.
  5. 5. Websites Used For Feedback The websites that we used to gain feedback was Facebook and YouTube as these two are leading social network sites that we could gain a lot of feedback from as there are many friends as well random people on these sites, they were easy to upload footage and images on as well used this before. Also we used these programs as part of our research and planning, as well had to see people opinion on genres and types of music videos so we carried out a questionnaire so the best way to do this we felt was to put it on Facebook.
  6. 6. How did this all help us? All of the media technologies that I have mentioned has really played a vital role in helping me and the group to constructed our research and planning as well as different stages as without them in my opinion this project wouldn’t be successful at all, the reason for this being that the software and the hardware are all high quality in their own way so by using high quality technologies as well as personal skills this would contribute to a high quality music video, digipak and magazine advert. I also felt this has made our personal skills better and made our ideas and better as we had more options to pick from and better effects for our video for an example, so by having more options and more ideas to choose from we had a much better video than we maybe would have had in ‘AS Media’ as we had better media technologies.