The Many Benefits of Water Wise Gardening in the Dry Okanagan, Canada


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The Many Benefits of Water Wise Gardening in the Dry Okanagan, Canada

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The Many Benefits of Water Wise Gardening in the Dry Okanagan, Canada

  1. 1. Capital News Friday, May 20, 2011 A19 NEWS▼ XERISCAPINGThe many benefits of water wisegardening in the dry OkanaganW ith the warm- scape Assessment Tool to er weath- determine water use on er, many of your lawn and ideas to re-us are already working duce it, a database of 400in our yards, visiting gar- water-wise plants for theden centers, planning our Okanagan, and a listing ofgardens, and getting our nurseries specializing inlawnmower out. native or xeriscape plants. How we plant and During watering re- your family’s health, the For more on Oka-what we plant can have strictions, xeriscape gar- environment and keeps nagan WaterWise, visita tremendous impact on dens thrive compared to toxic chemicals out of our much water we use. conventional landscapes. drinking water. Okanagan Water- Did you know that And, over a 20-year For existing land- Wise is an initiative of theabout 24 per cent of the period, a well-designed scapes, start small. Im- Okanagan Basin WaterOkanagan’s water is used and maintained xeriscape mediate water savings can Board. Gwen Steele is theon residential lawns and can cost as little as 30 per be achieved by covering executive director of thegardens? cent of what it would cost bare soil with a five cen- Okanagan Xeriscape As- AUDREY WAGNER/CONTRIBUTOR In fact, on average, to maintain a convention- timetre layer of organic sociation and a Capital AUDREY WAGNER’S two-year-old garden in Kelowna’s South Slopes area,Okanagan residents use al lawn-based landscape. mulch. News columnist. reclaimed from a patch of lawn.more than two times more Avoid rock mulch as it ‘‘water than the average intensifies heat and is hardCanadian. to weed. O Yet we have less avail- Check irrigation sys-able per person than al- tems for leaks, and adjust ver 130 new and used RV’s available and with the strength ofmost anywhere in Can- WHILE WE for weather and season.ada. OFTEN HEAR Water less often and the Canadian $ we are able to offer value like never before! While we often hear ABOUT GLOBAL observe how this affects We are committed to providing our clients with the Absolutelyabout global warming, it WARMING, IT your plants. Avoid water-may be more appropriate ing during the day to re- Highest Quality RV at the Absolutely Lowest Possible Price!to call it global wierding. MAY BE MORE duce evaporation and Studies indicate that APPROPRIATE TO avoid runoff.more rain and less snow, CALL IT GLOBAL Visit local xeriscapebut at the wrong time WEIRDING. gardens for ideas:for our growing season, • In the North Oka-and long hot summer nagan: Allan Brooks Na-droughts are going to be- Also, plants in a xeri- ture Centre, Bishop Wildcome more common in scape are planted in their Bird Sanctuary, Xerindip-the Okanagan. ideal conditions so they ity Garden; Of course, withdrought comes more wa- thrive and are much less vulnerable to pests and • In the Central Oka- nagan: Okanagan Xeri- 2010 TENT TRAILERS 2010 TRUCK CAMPERS $ 7 995 $ 10 995tering restrictions. It diseases. scape Association’s un-makes sense then to move The need for pesti- H2O Garden in Kelowna;to a less thirsty alternativeto landscaping. cides can be eliminat- ed. The need for chemi- • In the South Oka- nagan: Summerland Re- FROM , FROM , Xeriscaping is the per- cal fertilizers can also be search Station’s Xeri-fect solution. eliminated with the use scape Garden, Penticton’s When done proper- of organic-type mulch- Marina Way Park on Oka-ly, one can reduce outside es (e.g. compost, manure) nagan Lake, and Okana-water use by 30 to 100 which fertilize at a slow gan College campus’ Na-per cent, depending on even rate throughout the tive Plant Garden.the landscape design and growing season and help Check www.oka-plants used. create healthier soil. for Contrary to common Plus, eliminating more on the Seven Princi-perceptions of xeriscapeas rocks with a few cactus chemicals also protects ples of Xeriscape, a Land- 2012 TRAVEL TRAILERS 2011 TOY HAULERS $ 13 995 $ 19 995or struggling plants, a xe- WIN!riscape can be created inalmost any style of land-scaping, including a lush Enter for your chance to your perfect FROM , FROM ,English country garden. getaway to… Xeriscape involves Watermarkgardening with the natural Beach Resort CONSIGNMENTSenvironment you live in in create a landscape thatneeds little or no supple- & TRADESmental water. The Seven Principles WANTED!of Xeriscape include ap- FINANCINGpropriate planning and 2011 5TH WHEELSdesign, proper soil, ensur- 6.49 % $ 29 995 Froming lawn is only placed inpractical areas, efficientand appropriate irriga-tion, correct plant selec- Discover all the region has to offer, from world-class wineries to breath-taking championship FROM , OACtion, mulching, and time- golf courses. Watermark Beach Resort defines luxury in the Southly maintenance. Okanagan, featuring extraordinary suites, swimming pool, hot tubs, In addition to sav- waterslide, on-site spa and yoga/ Pilates studio, kids club and more!ing water, there are many All nestled against the shores of Canada’s warmest lake, Lake Osoyoos. Escape the tedium of everyday life and plunge into Summer at Watermarkbenefits to xeriscape. For example, a well- Beach Resort, from $129/ night. Enter online at… OPEN 33designed xeriscape can View packages and promotions SUNDAYS Yearsenhance the value of your at 1978-2011 or call 1.888.755.3480 DL#5453home.