Texas Book List of Water Smart Landscaping and Drought Tolerant Plants


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Texas Book List of Water Smart Landscaping and Drought Tolerant Plants

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Texas Book List of Water Smart Landscaping and Drought Tolerant Plants

  1. 1. AWBD Water Smart Steering Committee The following is a list of books that feature native and drought tolerant plants and Water Smart landscaping. Antique Roses for the South How to Grow Native Plants of Texas and By William C. Welch; the Southwest: Revised and Updated List Price: $29.95 Edition by Jill Nokes, Kathryn Miller Attracting Birds to Southern Gardens Brown(Illustrator) (May 2001) By Pope, Odenwald, & Fryling; List Price: $29.95 List Price: $24.95 Landscaping Revolution: Garden With Front Yard Gardens, Mother Nature, Not Against Her (The Growing More than Grass Contemporary Gardener) Liz Primeau, Andrew Leyerle, by Andy Wasowski(Photographer), Sally photographer; Firefly Press; Wasowski; Amazon.com: $22.36 List Price: $24.95 Landscaping With Native Plants of Texas Front Yard Idea Book and the Southwest Jeni Webber, Lee Anne White by George O. Miller, David Northington, photographer; Taunton Press; (March 1991); List Price: $19.95 List Price: $19.95 Native Plants for Southwestern Landscapes Gardening for the Future of the Earth by Judy Mielke (Paperback – Nov. 1993) by Howard-Yana, Ph.D. Shapiro, John List Price: $24.95 Harrisson Native Texas Gardens Gardening With Native Plants of the South by Sally Wasowski, Andy Wasowski by Sally Wasowski, Andy Wasowski March 1994); List Price: $29.95 Native Texas Plants by Sally Wasowski, Andy Wasowski Grow Wild! : New soft cover available, Low-Maintenance, Sure-Success, Distinctive Gardening With Native Plants Natural Gardening; A Nature Company by Lorraine Johnson, Andrew Guide Leyerle (Photographer) by Jim Knope, Sally Wasowski, List Price: $32.95 John Boring, Glen Keator, Jane Scott, Erica Glasener; Time Life Books Habitat Gardening for Houston and Southeast Texas Naturalistic Gardening: Reflecting the by Mark Bowen with Mary Bowen Planting Patterns of Nature River Bend Publishing Company by Ann Lovejoy, Allan Mandell (Photographer); Sept. 1998; Amazon How to Get Your Lawn & Garden Off Drugs: $17.56 A Basic Guide to Pesticide-Free Gardening in North America Natural Landscaping: Gardening With by Carole Rubin; Harbour Publishing Nature to Create a Backyard Paradise List Price: $9.95 (Rodale Garden Book) by Sally Roth (February 1997); Amazon.com: $23.96Compiled by Diane K Flynn dflynn@houston.rr.com AWBD-Merry Leonard mleonard@awbd-tx.orgRevised 5/28/04
  2. 2. The Natural Lawn & Alternatives (Plants & Redesigning the American Lawn,Gardens) A Search for Environmental Harmony by Janet Marinelli (Editor), Margaret By F. Herbert Bormann, Diana Balmori, Roach(Editor) (November 1993) Gordon T. Gelballe Amazon.com: $7.15 Yale University PressNoahs Garden: Restoring the Ecology of The Right Plants for Dry PlacesOur Own Back Yards by Suncoast Native Plant Society by Sara Stein (Paperback - April ‘95) Special Order - Amazon.com: $12.95 Amazon.com: $10.40 Southern Herb Growing by Madalene Hill and Gwen BarclaysPlants for Dry Climates; How to Select,Grow & Enjoy Southwestern Landscaping With Native By Mary Rose Duffield and Plants Warren Jones by Judith Phillips (December 1987) List Price: $19.95 List Price: $24.95Plants for Natural Gardens: Southwestern Texas Wildscapes, Gardening for WildlifeNative & Adaptive Trees, Shrubs, by Noreen Damude and Kelly ConradWildflowers and Grasses Bender by Judith Phillips (April 1995) Texas Parks & Wildlife Press List Price: $27.50 Texas Wildflowers, A field guide by Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller University of Texas Press Year Round Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers for Metro Houston, A natural Organic approach Using Ecology by Bob Randall, Ph.D., Executive Director Urban Harvest AWBD Water Smart Steering Committee 400 Randal Way Suite 107, Spring, TX 77388 281.350.7090