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Powerpoint change

  2. 2. GENRES & STRUCTURE The genre of our music video will be within the Drum and Bass / Electronica range, to study these areas i have analysed 3 music videos within these genres: Skream ft example - shot yourself in the foot again, this features a narrative video. Chaseand status ft Tempa T - hypest hype a performance based video. Ed sheeran - A Team a narrative based video. i have chosen these songs as they fit into the structure categories i will be using, my music video for Chase & Status - Time will be anarrative based video using a story line to express the lyrics and feel of the music so viewers can empathise with the actors which will intern interest them into this song creating imagery to this lyrics increasing record sales.
  3. 3. MISE EN SCENEI have noticed from the three videos i have analysed that there is a particular dress style for the videos, the groups often interested in this music have a particular dress sense and style.People are often dressed in designer clothes with short cut hair styled in a particular way, there is often a few people in the video wearing flat caps and this gives a distinct urban look. For our video we will be filming within a group which dress in this sense day to day so we will not be needing to majorly change any of the dress styles in the video, we have done thisfor ease of filming and it keeps costs down for the music video.
  4. 4. CAMERA The usage of camera angles and techniques are particularlyunique within the genre of Drum and Bass / Electronica, there is often a wide range of angles used within the music videos to give the feeling that it is slightly out of control. The not so organised feel to the videos give it a seemingly home made appeal to the video, it gives the viewers a feel that they can relate to when in similar environments and creates imagery for aspirers of this lifestyle to “live up to”. The techniques used give the videos a unusual appeal to them, for example shots taken looking through a glass or using a fisheye lens on a camera, techniques are changed to stand out from other music videos.
  5. 5. EDITINGThe editing within the music videos i have analysed uses a rangeof techniques to keep the audience interested and to emphasisethe moods and feel to the music being played. The clips become shorter with more frequent cuts as the tempo of the music increases and often the video cuts to the beat of the music in the most intense parts of the songs, this also works the other way down the scale, as the music slows down the cuts become less frequent and in times of particular importance within thelyrics or part of the video slow motion is often used to express this and further emphasise this. The use of black and white is often used to portray moods within the videos and i will be looking to potentially use this within my own video to portray the girls mood and feelings.
  6. 6. RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN VISUALS AND LYRICS Within the music videos of drum and bass / electronica the videos that have a narrative structure both had a strong relationship between visuals and lyrics. The visuals often portray the lyrics within the music video by using actions or by acting out the point they are talking about, For example in the videoto “shot yourself in the foot again” the man is seen cheating on his girlfriend as the lyrics “shot yourself in the foot again” areheard this is showing the relationship between him cheating and how it will effect him later on, this is proven to be right as later in the video he is kicked out of his house by his girlfriend. Music videos in the structure of performance often don’t have as much visual to lyric relationships.
  7. 7. RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALS The relationship between music and visuals are very strong within the genres of music i am studying, it is often seen as the music intensity increases i.e the cuts become more frequent with the music, as the beat gets faster so do the cuts, this is atechnique used to make the video seem upbeat, wild and crazy in a particular way to appeal to aspirers and people who can relate to similar situations. The visuals feel can also change for example as cuts become less frequent and slow downsometimes slow motion is used and black and white in extremeexamples, we have been looking within our group to potentiallyuse this black and white idea as we will be trying to portray and upset girl in a dark down place and this will convey this image.
  8. 8. CONCLUSION throughout the three textual analysis essays i have done i have learnt a lot about mainly the editing and camera angles used, because i listen to the genre of music i already had an idea ofmise en scene, but this work has broadened my views on how i will proceed to edit my music video and the types of camera angles i may use.The genre will mean whilst showing a narrative story i must editit in a fast manor to keep the video upbeat and interesting so it matches the song keeping the viewers watching at all times.The mise en scene, costume, props and cast must look the part to make a successful video in this genre and this could be my biggest challenge making everything look legit.