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Digital technology

  1. 1. Digital Video technology 1 Film trailers Film trailers have existed for over a century. The purpose of a film trailer is the give the audience a seek preview showing, clips of the best scenes of the film. However Film trailers also improve the promotion of the film and persuade more people to go and see the film. Film trailers play an important role in the marketing in the film industry. PLACE PHOTO HERE, OTHERWISE DELETE BOX This is an example of one of the early film trailers for the poromotion of the film “Casablanca.” The history of film trailers PLACE PHOTO HERE, OTHERWISE DELETE BOX The first ever film trailer was made by the Loews cinema company in 1913 for the Film the “Pleasure Seekers” which was shown before the film. Early film trailers were made of key scenes from the film cut and written text. In the early 1960s film director became more involved in making updated trailers by adding sound tracks and voiceovers and over the top special effects which made film trailers more up to date. This is example of the teaser trailer for one of the best selling Batman movies “The darker Knight” Teaser trailers and film trailers However some film trailers only show a few seconds of the movie to trick the audience and make them want to see how the movie ends. Film trailers used to be shown after the movie however this changed, when the film production company realized that nobody was taking any interest the film trailers. This was because the audience were busier focusing on leaving the cinema and getting home. They first movie trailers were filmed in black and white. They started filming in colour in the 1935. These short film trailers are known as teaser Daniel Woolley trailers. The difference between film trailer and teaser trailer are teaser don’t have a release date and don’t last as long as full length film trailers. [Type text] [Type text] [Type text]
  2. 2. The impact of Digital Technology 2 The purpose of film trailers The purpose behind a film trailer is to make you want to go and see the movie by drawing the target audiences attention to the movie making them want to see how the movie ends. They do this by adding the clip from the best scenes of the movie. Also the idea behind a film trailer in to give you the date of which the film will be release in the cinemas. Film trailers also help to promote a film. How user generators affect the promotion of film trailers The update in technology allows you to share film trailers on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter where your friends can comment on how good or bad the film looks and allows your friends to watch the trailer if they are interest in going to see the movie. You are able to advertise the film on video streaming sites such as youtube by streaming the trailer whilst the user is waiting for the video the play. . PLACE PHOTO HERE, OTHERWISE DELETE BOX This isan example of a computerized kiosk. .kiosks Due to the update in digital technology computerized Kiosks allow customers to purchase the tickets for a specific film of their choice in advance. A kiosk allows the customers to pay for their ticket in a quicker and more efficient way. It also saves the customers from queue up to purchase their ticket at an information kiosk. However it’s not just in cinemas these types of kiosks are found. These Electronic kiosks are found in shoppingCentre’s and trains stations help you find a specific shop or order a specific item of your choice. Information kiosks at trains allow the costumers to purpose their tickets quicker so they aren’t at risk of missing their trains by queuing. Daniel Woolley [Type text] [Type text] [Type text]
  3. 3. Applications and E- learning 3 Moblie Devices and Applications PLACE PHOTO HERE, OTHERWISE DELETE BOX On smart phones and Iphones, Ipads and android tablets there are apps that you can download which allow you to access and watch someone the newest film trailer 24/7. Howeveralot of people prefer to do this because its quicker and you can gain permanent access to the film trailer sites. Mobile devices also allowthe users to share images and produce videos which you are able to upload. Mobile devices also allow you to share and message photographs and videos to your friends. This is an example of a film trailer app you can download on smart phones and Iphones. E-learning This PLACE PHOTO HERE, is an example of OTHERWISE DELETE BOX E-learning site called Moodle E- learning is online learning software which can be used anywhere . Examples of Elearning sites are Moodle, online library’s and resources. However some E- learning can be copied on to a CD and played in a Cd ROM and in any devices such as a CD players, stereos and laptops. E-learning is a quicker way the find out about certain topics. Elearning allows user to interact with the topic they are learning about. E-learning can also be made it applications on Iphones and other mobile devices. Daniel Woolley [Type text] [Type text] [Type text]
  4. 4. The World Wide Web 4 The worldwide web allows the users to shop online and receive their desired items quicker if they aren’t in stock in their local shops or supermarkets. The online web has a huge influence on the promotions and products and movie trailers which allow more and more people to view these videos. Also the worldwide web is one of the biggest marketing methods and a lot of companies and manufactures use the internet as a way of promoting their latest brands and items. This also includes Linkedin which promotes businesses and is alsoa way that all the working class business people can communicate. The world wide web also a good way of promote videos and movie trailers using cross media production for example having links to social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter making sure all the data and information is within the space. The worldwide web also allows everybody to connect to the internet worldwide. This is the layout for the search engine within the world wide web. Daniel Woolley [Type text] [Type text] [Type text]