Spartan Route - Capital Controls - Greece


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This slide show gives an overview of the financial crisis in Greece, the problems of capital controls, and how to overcome these problems through Bitcoin & Spartan Route.

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Spartan Route - Capital Controls - Greece

  1. 1. @Spartanroute
  2. 2. The Problem Import difficulties Restrictions of the Banking System 1 Disruption of Business Activities
  3. 3. The Solution Transcend Banking Restrictions Use Bitcoin to pay for your imports Protect your Business
  4. 4. Import/Export Landscape Greek Product Exports and Import Product Import (60 Billion) Product Export (33 Billion)  Total Import/Export (€93Billion)  Total Imports (€60 Billion)  Total Exports (€33 Billion)
  5. 5. Bitcoin for Imports • Through Spartan Route services Greek Business can pay for their imports with Bitcoin. • Presently, acquiring Bitcoin in Greece can be difficult, as there is low Bitcoin liquidity in the country. 4 options to acquire Bitcoin: Bitcoin Exchange BTM (A Bitcoin ATM) Give Spartan Route cash (we will then acquire Bitcoin) Exports Goods & Services for Bitcoin
  6. 6. Bitcoin Exchange CONS: - Very limited deposit amount available - You will pay above market price due to limited availibility PRO: Two Bitcoin Exchanges in Greece that enable customer to purchase Bitcoin through a Bank transfer within Greece.
  7. 7. B.T.M PRO: Effectively enable you to convert your fiat currency into Bitcoin. CON: Unable to process large transactions volumes
  8. 8. Export your goods for Bitcoin Best Solution to bring Bitcoin Liquidity into the Greek Market How? - Greek Business transfer value out of the country via goods & services - Instead or receiving illiquid assets (Euro) for exports, receive a liquid asset, Bitcoin ! - In turn, through Spartan Routes services, this Bitcoin can then be used to pay for Imports.
  9. 9. What if I don’t Export? Importers who do not Export – Can sell their goods for Bitcoin online – “EBay/Amazon” style. How? Through a Bitcoin Market-Place, Greek Business can sell their products internationally and get paid with Bitcoin. Spartan Route will help you find an international market for your goods through our “Spartan Route Bitcoin Store ”
  10. 10. What are my Risks? Volatility of Bitcoin Price We recommend 3rd party wallets which provide insurance through derivatives to eliminate exposure to volatility risk. Credit Risk Under the right circumstances we are happy to make payment to your supplier in advance of receiving payment from Greek company.
  11. 11. Exporter Greek company supplies Goods/Services to foreign customer Customer Export Process Foreign CompanyGreek Business
  12. 12. Import Process Importer Exporter Foreign company supplies Goods/Services to Greek Business Foreign CompanyGreek Business
  13. 13. Export Process (Invoice Flow) Exporter Greek Exporter Invoices Spartan Route Spartan Route Invoices End Customer Importer
  14. 14. Import Process (Invoice Flow) Importer Foreign Supplier Invoices Spartan Route Spartan Route Invoices the Greek Importer Exporter
  15. 15. Our Pricing Imports Minimum Fee on all transactions is 10€ European Payments You pay us with Bitcoin: We charge 1.5% You pay us with Cash: We charge 2.5% The United States You pay us with Bitcoin: We charge 2.5% You pay us with Cash: We charge 3.5% All other transactions Price on Application Exports Minimum Fee on all transactions is 10€ All transactions are charged at 1.5% Please note that any transaction (or accumulative transactions) above 1000e will be subject to KYC & AML and will require the provision of formal individual/company documentation.
  16. 16. Team Peter Nagle CEO James Nagle CFO Danny O’Donovan COO Mike Whaton Legal Δημοσθένης Χατζηνικολάου Customer Relations
  17. 17. THANK YOU Your BusinessOperations protected