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Diokos mobile advertising


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DIOKOS is a global mobile advertising company whose goal is to be the most trusted advisor for clients and partners who are trying to maximize their profit.

Our Philosophy
We strive to offer our clients the best mobile advertising service so that 'WE GROW TOGETHER'​.

Out Team
Our team is the greatest strength! We are client centric, professional, efficient, flexible, result oriented. We know how to save the money, effort and time of our clients and partners.

Our Technology
Our state of the art technology protects you from fraud while maximizing your ROI with AI, machine learning, smart targeting, etc.

Our Service & Product
- For agencies / networks / direct advertisers
- Banner/Interstitial/Video/Pop/Redirect
- Global market
- Game/Shopping/Utility/Dating/Booking


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Diokos mobile advertising

  1. 1. ESPAÑ A 2018 1/14
  2. 2. Who “Having worked with many global companies, I realized that the technology is not the key for success YET, but a default. Everyone is talking about AI, Big Data, Machine learning, Block chain as keys for the success. However, the people who you work with is the key for business success. If you want your business grow, you need to help your clients grow first.” DANNY HAN CEO & Founder of DIOKOS 2/14
  3. 3. “We are a global mobile advertising company whose goal is to be the most trusted advisor for clients and partners who are trying to maximize their profit” Company 3/14
  4. 4. Game, Shopping, Utility, Dating, Booking, etc User Acquisition CPI CPA CPE CPL CPS Business User Engagement Global market Mobile advertising 4/14
  5. 5. Product Banner Interstitial Native Video Pop up/down X Media Buying RTB Affiliate Direct CPM / CPC / CPI / CPA / CPE / CPL / CPS CPI / CPA / CPE / CPL / CPS 5/14
  6. 6. Service Gain premium traffic at a massive scale and take advantage of our extensive supply of multi-tier media coverage. Mainly approaching to top media and RTB by media buying, and available smart targeting option. Maximize your ROI with trusted advisor of our expert team achieving efficient budget planning. PERFORMANCE BASED MARKETING Sole channel for your whole service. Simple and efficient collaboration. Dedicated manager Ready to hear from you and give you our feedback to maximize your ROI. Client Centric Speed is what you really need in mobile advertising Speed Highly experienced manager with proven result serves you. Focusing on important things. Always ready to discuss. "WE GROW TOGETHER" We work to maximize your PROFIT. Professional Flexible Your profit matters 6/14
  7. 7. Technology In addition to our premium professional service, our technology is improving day by day to reach the perfection. AGAIN! Our goal is to help you maximize your profit. STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY Prevents and avoids bots, hijacking, malware, device farm. ​ Anti-fraud system GEO, OS, Version, Language, Category​ Smart targeting Our massive data allows us to deliver the highest possible performance.​ Big data Our system learns and improves the quality of traffic to save our clients time, money, and effort.​ AI allows us to deliver the newest technology to optimize campaigns while minimizing the risk.​ Our clients do not have to waste their time to give us feedback for the campaign. We will do it by ourselves.​ Machine learning Artificial Intelligence Event Postback 7/14
  8. 8. Success Case We just started our business. We will make success stories together and fill this page! WE WILL MAKE IT TOGETHER! 8/14
  9. 9. FAQ Why is DIOKOS located in Spain? We love Spain and we are enjoying Spanish lifestyle. Yes, very new company with highly experienced experts in mobile advertising. Your company is new? Our CEO & Founder has many experience in marketing, sales, and partnership in mobile, IT, finance industries. Who is Danny Han? None of the traffic in the market is 100% clean. We are not the exception, however we try all our best to make it clean with our professional team and technology. Communication with our clients is also very important to make it better. Is your traffic 100% clean? There are Facebook and Google for good traffic. But they are not enough to increase volume and quality. If it is not 100% clean, why do we need to work with DIOKOS? 9/14
  10. 10. DANNY HAN E-mail : Skype : hdanny83 Kakaotalk : hdanny Wechat : dannyhanmola LINE : hdanny83 Facebook : Linkedin : Official Web : Contact Team E-mail : Web : Linkedin : 10/14
  11. 11. We will be your bodyguard! 11
  12. 12. What are you waiting for?
  13. 13. Enjoy your life! We will do the rest.
  14. 14. ESPAÑ A 2018 14/14