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Hub tel aviv pr vardi


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hub tel aviv innovation examples

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Hub tel aviv pr vardi

  1. 1. A Space forSocial Innovation
  2. 2. How to growInnovation?A 10 Steps Recipe
  3. 3. Take an Empty Spacein the busy Heart of a city
  4. 4. Design itAs an inspiring,innovative, colorful,warm and inviting space
  5. 5. Build It withfriends
  6. 6. Add some great urban view
  7. 7. Invite Entrepreneurs
  8. 8. Provide them with basic working conditions
  9. 9. Be a Great Host
  10. 10. Add Music And some free style dancing
  11. 11. Invite inspiring speakers
  12. 12. And you are on the way to have a cool and innovative space
  13. 13. Some Facts about Hub Tel Aviv• The Hub is operating in Tel Aviv since 2009• It is a home for more than 50 entrepreneurs• It is a meeting point for many innovative minds in Tel Aviv and the area• Here are some examples of the Innovations at the Hub:
  14. 14. Contapps – Transforming the Smartphone from anApplications Machine to a Relationships Builder
  15. 15. Magyx has created40weeks, a dynamicguide for the pregnantcouple that allowsthem to learn howtheir fetus is growingand developing withintheir womb throughstunning 3D animationproduced at a budgetof 2.5 million Euros
  16. 16. – Free classroom videos forchildren that missed school for any reason.
  17. 17. Kol Zchut (Every Right)– A free website thatallows every humanbeing in Israel to knowtheir rights they deservein all life areas. It is aninnovative approach tobring the knowledge thatusually is spread inmany sources into a onestop shop
  18. 18. Our Vision “Social Startup Nation” -Make Israel a world class leader of social innovation, in the same way that it is apower-house of technological innovation