Marketing battleship


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Marketing battleship

  1. 1. Marketing Battleship
  2. 2. What are film TrailersFilm trailers are important marketing tools tocommunicate the genre of a film to potentialaudiences. Trailers advertise an up and coming film totry and entice an audience. Trailers show clips of thefilm which tend to be quite interesting so the audiencewould want to watch it. Trailers are used to informpotential audiences about a film with the purpose ofencouraging people to see the film at the cinema.Trailers and film posters are designed to complementeach other, and they should be used all other to gain awider audience.
  3. 3. Why are they made?• There are several elements to a marketing campaign for a film, from the trailer itself to posters in the street or on public transport, to online and viral marketing. The marketing campaign is designed to raise audience awareness and interest in a film in advance of, and during, its cinema release. First of all you’ll hear about the title which can help to show the genre. Film trailers are a form of advertising that is structured to encourage as many people as possible to see the film at the cinema
  4. 4. Who are they for?• Trailers are generally aimed at the same audience as the films they publicise. Different types of people like different sorts of films and whilst everyone is an individual, there are certain features that will have a wide appeal to specific groups of people. Different target groups include:• Teenage Boys & Girls• Families• 16-25 years skewed to boys• 16-25 years skewed to girls• 25-35 skewed to men & women• 35 and above
  5. 5. How do they work?• As well as using genre to gain our interest, marketing campaigns must also show us how a new film is different to others in the same genre: this is known as the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the film.• The USP is what separates one film title from another released at a similar time or within the same genre. The USP could be many things, for example:• The innovative use of special effects• An unusual mix of genres• A popular star
  6. 6. Where do we see them?• Trailers are shown at the cinema, on TV and online and are usually accompanied by poster campaigns and radio campaigns to give wide coverage for new film releases. Dedicated trailer sites and official film websites often carry trailers that have been cut for a general audience and are suitable for viewers of any age, whereas trailers shown in the cinema usually correspond to the classification of the film being screened.
  7. 7. When are they released?• Most trailers are produced at the same time as the film is being edited. The timing of a trailer campaign is important: it must be shown far enough in advance to generate excitement about the film’s release, but not so early that people forget about the film before it even comes out.
  8. 8. How the Marketing Package shows the genre of the film and how it shows what the film is about?• Film trailers are important marketing tools to communicate the genre of a film to potential audiences. The marketing package shows the genre of the film because they use a poster and video. First of all genre can be represented through the name of the film for example Battleship and Toy Story are clearly different films to suit different audiences. They also use certain colours and images to show different styles of film for example dark colours would represent an action film where as light colours show more of a childrens film. A soundtrack can also be used a more dramatic one with louder quicker tones would suggest an action film where as a happy upbeat tune would show a family or childrens film. Also if there is a major male character you would usually expect this to be an action film.