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Lo3 essay

  1. 1. LO3 ESSAY In thisessayI will be discussinghowabigblockbusterfilmsuchas‘CaptainAmericaFirstAvenger’is financedandhowitis marketed.The marketingstrategiesof certaintypesof filmcanchange and alternate butwhenthere isa big blockbusterinvolved,the marketingistrulyextensive. The newhighlyanticipated action/adventure‘CaptainAmericaFirstAvenger’whichwasreleasedin cinemasnationwide inJulywhichreachedastaggering $65,058,524 on itsopeningweekend,justin America!Thisbigbudgetfilm’sworldwide grosswas$368,608,363...Worldwide;thisishowever expectedwhenafilmhasabudgetof $140,000,000! With a filmwithabudgetsuch as thisitis vital that theymake muchmore moneysothisiswhere the marketingof a filmcomesintoplay,they have to getthe filmadvertisedasmuchas possible. Whichtheydid. Thisis the firstposterwhichwasusedto advertise CaptainAmericaandas you can see thisposteris intenselygripping.We all knowCaptainAmericafrom our childhoodandwhenwordcame outthat it was goingto be made intoa HollywoodBlockbuster,they was greatanticipation,especiallysince itwasbeing directedbyJoe Johnston. On the posterwe can see that the backgroundis extremelydarkandominous whichaddsa much darkerfeel tothe childhoodclassicthusthe rating12 whichwe knowitis aimedat a much olderaudience than the cartoon.His clothesare fairlydarkand we can’t reallysee muchof hisface but whatdoesstand out the mostis the shieldwhichwe all know andlove.The coloursof the shieldare sovibrantwhich reallyget’sourheartspumping,the textisbigandboldand to the point.Thisposteralreadyhasus grippedandintenselywaitingthe release of the filmandit’s onlythe firstone. The firstofficial trailerforCaptainAmericaairedduringthe superbowl inthe USA whichinstantlygrippedfansand before we knew itthe trailerwasnationwidehittingoutTV setsand all overthe web. We thengot floodedonline by viral ad’s and bannerseverywhere fromFacebookto YouTube,the Facebookpage insetshowshow thousandsof fanswere keepinguptodate on the release of the film online onthe social networkingsite Facebook.The page showedthe latestinofficial trailersandposters. Byhavinga Facebookpage andonline viral adsitshowsthat the producerand marketingcompanyhave thoughtcarefully aboutthe relationsbetweentheirtargetaudience andthe waytheyhave marketedthisfilm.Itshowsthatthe filmis aimedmainlyatteenagerssobyhavingviral advertsonsocial networkingsitesisappealingtotheir
  2. 2. target audience. Notonlywere theyacrossthe internetbutadvertisementswereacrossall billboardsandanyavailable advertisementspace. I personallythinkthatthe waythatthe filmhas beenmarketedisabigcontributingfactoras to why the filmhasdone so well atthe box office because we saw the advertswhichaddedtothe anticipationof the filmwhichsentpeople nationwidetothe cinematowatch it. The producerhas appealedtothe female audience byincludingthe heartthrobwhichisChrisEvans, thisappealstothe female audience because theyare muchmore likelytowatcha filmif there isan attractive character especiallyinanactionfilm. Thistheorymainlyappealstoteenage girlsandthey are the femaleswhichare mainlyinterestedinthe big handsome charactersbecause notonlydotheyget the chance to go to the cinematolookinawe at thembutthey alsoget to getaway withitif theyare withtheirboyfriend. Thisis alsohow bigfamousmovie starsbuildupsuch a large fan base byusingsex appeal asa strategyto get audiencesintocinemasandtobuythe films.Sobyhaving an attractive leadmale inCaptainAmericathiswill bringin a large range of demographicsbecause itappealstomales (especiallycomicbooklovers) withthe violence andthe incrediblestoryline whichhasbuiltupthe majorityof the anticipationandalsoitappealstofemalesbecause of the attractive leadmale role whichwill have themonthe edge of theirseatsastheywatch himbeingheroicandmanly.
  3. 3. Alsoaroundthe same time of this release there were alsotwootherreleases,‘The Thing’and’50- 50’. Althoughtheywere bothreleasedatthe same time one didmilesbetterthanthe other,‘The Thing’whichisa prequel tothe classichorror filmwhich was releasedin1982 directedbyJohnCarpentercame back withpoorreviewsandthisshowedinthe box office views.There couldbe manyreasonstowhythisfilmdid so badlybutin my opinionIthinkthatthisisbecause of the wayin whichthe filmwasmarketed.Althoughwe saw billboardsandvariousviral advertisementsIdon’tthinkwe saw enoughtelevisedadvertisementswhichisawell knownwayto advertise upcomingfilmswhicheveryone knowsisa strong wayto marketa film.Anotherbigreason to thisisthe actors inwhichtheyused,notfor theiracting abilitybutsimplybecause the actorsusedaren’tknownfor the horror genre and alsotheyaren’treallybigstarsand witha filmof such magnitude youexpectthe bignames stars. Forexample one of the maincharacters‘Joel Edgerton’ has appearedinfilmslike‘KingArthur’ and‘The Warrior’ whichare actionfilmssoby puttinghimina horror filmalot of uncertaintyisaround.The actress ‘Mary ElizabethWinstead’isknownforfilms like ‘ScottPilgrimVSthe World’and‘Die Hard 4.0’ both aren’thorrorfilmsandare infact action filmswhichaddstothe pessimisticviewsonthe film.Sowe begintoquestionwhetherornotthis filmisa horror filmorwhetheritisan action filmjusttryingtobe a horror,thisis a big essential pointwhichaddsa lot of negativityaroundthe film. Where ‘The Thing’failed,’50-50’prevailedwithmarketing aswe saw thisfilmeverywhere!On television,billboards,posters,phone boxes,busesandevenhearditonthe radio.In my opinionthis iswhy the viewsfromthe box office came backso goodbecause everyone wasconstantlyhearingaboutthisfilm.Thisbacksupmy theorythat the wayin whicha filmis marketedincreasesthe amountof viewsitgetsinthe cinemabecause thisfilmdidmiles betterat box office thanthe thing.Alsothe reasonasthe why thisfilmdidsowell isbecause of the starsin whichare used,they usedactors whichfitperfectlywiththe rolesinwhichtheyplay and theyare keptwiththe roleswe know themso well as.One of the maincharacters inthis filmis‘JosephGordon-levitt’,astar whichisthe main charactersof filmssuchas ‘500 Days of Summer’andthe series‘3rd Rock fromthe Sun’,whichwe both knowso well forthe comedyspinoff butwiththe love side toit. He fitsthisrole sowell asin the filmhe isa 27 year oldman who has beendiagnosedwithcancerandthe chances are slimso we witnesshimtryingtodeal withthe factthe endcouldbe nearbut he managesto keep comedyaboutit.The reasonto whichthisis alsoan extremelyfunnyfilmisbecause hisco-star‘SethRogen’whowe all love andknow sowell for
  4. 4. beingthe stonermate whose oftenanunkemptman/childwholovestosmoke weedinevery situation. He hashad mainrolesinfilmssuchas ‘Pineapple Express’,‘Knockedup’and‘The Green Hornet’all are ridiculouslyfunnyfilmssowe were all anticipatingthe levelof humourthathe would bringto thisfilm. In conclusionIthinkthatthe way inwhichyoumarket a filmandthe stars whichare usedcan completelydependonhowwell the filmdoesinbox office asif yourfilmismarketedpoorlyandthe actors useddon’tfitinwell withthe genre of the filmthenyourfilmwill notdoaswell asfilms whichmanage to do thiswell. Ialsothinkthatto marketa filmwell youmustcoverall areasof advertisingfromonline viral videostothe side of buses.Inthe modernday,advertisement isabig keyfactor to sellinganythingwhichisessentiallywhatdirectorsandproducersare tryingtodo so theyneedtoget theiradvertisementtothe tee.