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Lo3 essay

  1. 1. LO3 ESSAYIn this essay I will be discussing how a big blockbuster film such as ‘Captain America First Avenger’ isfinanced and how it is marketed. The marketing strategies of certain types of film can change andalternate but when there is a big blockbuster involved, the marketing is truly extensive.The new highly anticipated action/adventure ‘Captain America First Avenger’ which was released incinemas nationwide in July which reached a staggering $65,058,524 on its opening weekend, just inAmerica! This big budget film’s worldwide gross was $368,608,363...Worldwide; this is howeverexpected when a film has a budget of $140,000,000! With a film with a budget such as this it is vitalthat they make much more money so this is where the marketing of a film comes into play, theyhave to get the film advertised as much as possible.Which they did.This is the first poster which was used to advertiseCaptain America and as you can see this poster isintensely gripping. We all know Captain America fromour childhood and when word came out that it wasgoing to be made into a Hollywood Blockbuster, theywas great anticipation, especially since it was beingdirected by Joe Johnston.On the poster we can see that the background isextremely dark and ominous which adds a muchdarker feel to the childhood classic thus the rating 12which we know it is aimed at a much older audiencethan the cartoon. His clothes are fairly dark and wecan’t really see much of his face but what does standout the most is the shield which we all know and love. The colours of the shield are so vibrant whichreally get’s our hearts pumping, the text is big and bold and to the point. This poster already has us gripped and intensely waiting the release of the film and it’s only the first one. The first official trailer for Captain America aired during the super bowl in the USA which instantly gripped fans and before we knew it the trailer was nationwide hitting out TV sets and all over the web. We then got flooded online by viral ad’s and banners everywhere from Facebook to YouTube, the Facebook page inset shows how thousands of fans were keeping up to date on the release of the film online on the social networking site Facebook. The page showed the latest in official trailers and posters. By having a Facebook page and online viral ads it shows that the producer and marketing company have thought carefully about the relations between their target audience and the way they have marketed this film. It shows that the film isaimed mainly at teenagers so by having viral adverts on social networking sites is appealing to their
  2. 2. target audience. Not only were they across the internet but advertisements were across allbillboards and any available advertisement space.I personally think that the way that the film has been marketed is a big contributing factor as to whythe film has done so well at the box office because we saw the adverts which added to theanticipation of the film which sent people nationwide to the cinema to watch it.The producer has appealed to the female audience by including the heartthrob which is Chris Evans,this appeals to the female audience because they are much more likely to watch a film if there is anattractive character especially in an action film. This theory mainly appeals to teenage girls and they are the females which are mainly interested in the big handsome characters because not only do they get the chance to go to the cinema to look in awe at them but they also get to get away with it if they are with their boyfriend. This is also how big famous movie stars build up such a large fan base by using sex appeal as a strategy to get audiences into cinemas and to buy the films. So by having an attractive lead male in Captain America this will bring in a large range of demographics because it appeals to males (especially comic book lovers) with the violence and the incredible storyline which has built up the majority of the anticipation and also it appeals to females because of the attractive lead male role which will have them on the edge of their seats as they watch him being heroic and manly.