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Danny Bradley LO2

  1. 1. Danny Bradley LO2For the assignment brief I have been asked to write an essay as to why production companiesproduce remakes and all the important factors involved in producing a remake. A main example of aproduction remake is the Hollywood remake of the Spanish film ‘Rec’ which is called ‘Quarantine. Iwill discuss why the production companies have made a contemporary remake from the originalversion of the film.The film ‘Rec’ is filmed by using a handheld camera andthroughout the whole film there are no non-diegetic soundsonly dialogue and diegetic sounds. The use of this style offilming is extremely effective because it puts the audienceinto the film whereas other filming techniques which areused in horror films make the audience simply justspectators; on the other hand the first person style puts theaudience into the film. Also this style keeps the realism ofthe film which adds more fear into the viewers, instead ofsecluding them from the intensity of the film. One of themain factors as to why there was a remake of ‘Rec’ was thelanguage barrier because whilst watching a film (unless youspeak fluent Spanish) you don’t really want to try and focuson the film as well as trying to read subtitles because youcan tend to miss bits of the film which can ruin the entirefilm for you. So this influenced a major part of the remakeanother reason as to the why there is a remake is that thefilm is shot in a first person mode because of the popularityin video games in this generation especially in first person shooters like ‘Call of duty’ and ‘Left ForDead’ both of which use this style and both are extremely popular, selling out on the first day of release. This style is very popular for our generation because of the technology which is used and the game play because a game or film these days isn’t good enough just by viewed, the audience want it as realistic as possible to get themselves into the game and to look around on the game as if they were looking around themselves in real life. So this is a major key factor into why the film was shot in this unique style. Jaume Balagoro isn’t the only auteur who has used this style of horror film, the films ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘Diary of the dead’ both used the same style of filming. I believe that this is both a coincidence and for the audience’s pleasure, I think this because they must too have noticed the rise in popularity in first person shooters so I think that they also chose to make the film in this way. I also think they filmed it because of the horror films our generation grew up on; ‘the ring’ (which is also a remake from a foreign language into English as the original was Japanese) ‘The Descent’ and ‘the omen’ it’s hard to find something original which is actually scary other than literally making it seem as if the audience is in the film. So Ithink that this style will become very popular because the audience are more involved in the filminstead of just viewing it.The reason to why the film was remade for an American or English audience is because whilstwatching a film with subtitles it’s hard to read them and watch the film at the same time, also by
  2. 2. Danny Bradleyremaking the film in English it appeals to the English speaking which is an estimated 1800 millionpeople whereas there are only 500 million that speak Spanish. Rec had a much smaller financecompared to quarantine however the overall box office there was only £8,000,000 differencebetween them both but the budget on the other hand was a big difference of £11,000,000 so weexpect a high class production from Quarantines budget.The film Quarantine was directed by John Eric Dowdle and was produced by Roy Lee, Doug Davisonand Sergio Aguero. Quarantine is virtually a shot for shot remake of Rec and was made in 2008, ayear after the original was made so by the film being made in such a short space of time there mustbe a reason and in my opinion the reason is because of the language barrier and the stars. Also theproduction company Screen Gems which actually distributed Quarantine wanted to get the filmreleased so quick because it is a vertically integrated company. By being a part of the Sony Groupthere was synergy between the two production companies which meant that partnership cameeasily and by being able to work together gave an overall success.The similarities between the two films are obvious when watching both films, the way that it isfilmed for example; both films are filmed with the first person camera view from a reportingscenario which keeps the intensity of the original as we are deep into the film as an audience.Another similarity is the storyline as there is a strong coalition between them, virtually scene forscene. There are differences however; there are different actors in different locations which give thesense that it is a different film and another difference is that the ending to the film changes and thevirus itself is different. For Rec it is a religious demon possessing people and controlling themwhereas in Quarantine it is a virus which has got out of military testing and has turned people intoflesh eating zombies.I am now going to compare two more films, the original Karate Kid and the contemporary remake.The Karate Kid released in 1984 was directed byJohn G. Avildsen and was distributed by ColumbiaPictures. The budget for this film was $8,000,000and managed to rake in an astonishing$90,815,558 at the box office. The plot to thekarate kid is about a young lad called Daniel movesto Los Angles from their house in New Jersey; hethen starts to get bullied from some local boys andends up in a number of fights. Mr Miyagi theirapartment’s handy man turns out to be more thanjust an old man but he is actually had life longexperience in karate and is extremely well trainedin the martial art. The boys in which are bullyingDaniel are also trained in martial arts but a muchdifferent style of karate, a much more violent andunethical version of the self-defence martial art.Mr Miyagi agrees to teach Daniel the art of karate but by first teaching him that it’s not about justthe hands but it’s about the heart and soul. The bullies agree to leave him alone if he fights at the
  3. 3. Danny Bradleycompetition against the main bully. Daniel then fights him at the end but gets injured but continuesto fight and beats him, showing that heart and soul conquer straight up violence.The contemporary remake of The Karate Kid is directed by Harald Zwart and was released in 2010, 26 years after the original was released which is a much longer gap than the year Screen Gem waited to release Quarantine. This time the difference is that the stars which are used are Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, Jaden is the son of Will Smith so is an already acknowledged star and is an up and coming actor and Jackie Chan is famous worldwide for his martial arts and also for his acting, so to the build up of the release to this remake there was a lot of hype for the stars. This is star theory so by using actors such as these it draws a lot of attention both in the media and for the audience, it makes people want to go and pay to watch the film to see our stars. The remake was also distributed by Columbia Pictures, so like Screen Gem they were clever and managed to make money from an original concept by remaking it but distributing itusing the same company so the maximum money was made. The budget for the remake was $40million which is a massive difference from the $8,000,000 from the original so by it being a highbudget film our expectations are incredibly high, and the film made $359,125,613 at the box office.In my opinion by using these stars it helped them massively in the box office and made peopleinterested in the film.Another example of a remake is War of the Worlds and this was also remade many years later, it wasactually remade 52 years after the original! The originalwas released in 1953 and the new remake was thenmade in 2005, the original was directed by BryonHaskin and was distributed by Paramount Pictures andthe estimated budget is $2,000,000. The remake wasmade in 2005 and was also distributed by ParamountPictures but was directed by Steven Spielberg,although we have a strong collation with distributioncompanies releasing remakes on their company butmoney wasn’t the reasoning behind this remake. Theactual reason for the remake was because of globalissues and a specific incident which we all know, 9/11.Spielberg has said that if this event hadn’t hadhappened then he is unsure whether the remakewould have taken place but this gave him inspiration tocreate the remake. The remake had a budget of$132,000,000 and made a total of $591,745,550 at box
  4. 4. Danny Bradleyoffice, so this remake is massive compared to the original. They also used stars such as Tom Cruise,Dakota Fanning and Justin Chatwin which also relates to star theory.