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Dan bradley lo2__rec-2

  1. 1. Danny Bradley LO2For the assignment brief I have been asked to write an essay as to why production companiesproduce remakes and all the important factors involved in producing a remake. A main example of aproduction remake is the Hollywood remake of the Spanish film ‘Rec’ which is called ‘Quarantine. Iwill discuss why the production companies have made a contemporary remake from the originalversion of the film.The film ‘Rec’ is filmed by using a handheld camera and throughout the whole film there are no non-diegetic sounds only dialogue and diegetic sounds. The use of this style of filming is extremelyeffective because it puts the audience into the film whereas other filming techniques which are usedin horror films make the audience simply just spectators; on theother hand the first person style puts the audience into the film.Also this style keeps the realism of the film which adds more fearinto the viewers, instead of secluding them from the intensity ofthe film. One of the main factors as to why there was a remakeof ‘Rec’ was the language barrier because whilst watching a film(unless you speak fluent Spanish) you don’t really want to try andfocus on the film as well as trying to read subtitles because youcan tend to miss bits of the film which can ruin the entire film foryou. So this influenced a major part of the remake anotherreason as to the why there is a remake is that the film is shot in afirst person mode because of the popularity in video games inthis generation especially in first person shooters like ‘Call ofduty’ and ‘Left For Dead’ both of which use this style and bothare extremely popular, selling out on the first day of release. Thisstyle is very popular for our generation because of thetechnology which is used and the game play because a game or film these days isn’t good enoughjust by viewed, the audience want it as realistic as possible to get themselves into the game and tolook around on the game as if they were looking around themselves in real life. So this is a major keyfactor into why the film was shot in this unique style. Jaume Balagoro isn’t the only auteur who hasused this style of horror film, the films ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘Diary of the dead’, I believe that this is botha coincidence and for the audiences pleasure. I think this because they must too have noticed therise in popularity in first person shooters so I think that they also chose to make the film in this way. Ialso think they filmed it because of the horror films our generation grew up on (‘the ring’, ‘descent’and ‘the omen’) it’s hard to find something original which is actually scary other than literally makingit seem as if the audience is in the film. So I think that this style will become very popular becausethe audience are more involved in the film instead of just viewing it.The reason to why the film was remade for an American or English audience is because whilstwatching a film with subtitles it’s hard to read them and watch the film at the same time, also themajority of people will probably not speak fluent enough Spanish to enjoy the film without theEnglish subtitles. Rec had a much smaller finance compared to quarantine however the overall boxoffice there was only £8,000,000 difference between the both but the budget on the other hand wasa big difference of £11,000,000 so we expect a high class production from this budget.