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British film presentation

  1. 1. This Is EnglandShane Meadows2006A story of a young boy growing up in 1983,he comes across a group of skinheads on hisWay home after a fight at school. They take himunder their wings and act as a family to him.
  2. 2. Dead Man’s ShoesShane Meadows2004A malcontent soldier returns to hishome village to avenge the death of hismentally ill brother from a gang ofgangsters.
  3. 3. TrainspottingDanny Boyle1996A film about the drug scene inEdinburgh andthe harsh realities of drugaddiction.
  4. 4. ControlAnton Corbijn2007A film about the life of Ian Curtis thelead singer of Manchester bandJoy Division, the film shows theproblemsin which he faced which lead to hissuicide.
  5. 5. Why do I like British Film – Social Drama genre?I like this genre because it appeals to me because I am not only a member ofthe audience when I watch these films but I am an active spectator and Ican relate to the characters and scenarios in the majority of them to a certainextent. I also enjoy these films because I can see strong intertextualitythroughout the films and when I notice these it makes me proud to be British.The main reason as to why I like the genre is that the films (whether they areold or new) at times show the environment that I live in or the society in whichmy elders lived in so I can gain an idea as to how they lived and the problemsthat they may have occurred. There is also a selective comedy which runsthrough this genre and I think that the majority of Brits find them funny as I doand that other people from around the world can see how strong the BritishFilm industry is. The stars which are used attracts me to this genre because theymay not be world know stars but they are stars in Britain and come from similarbackgrounds as the viewers.
  6. 6. How do I find out about these films?I find out about these films by many different methods; the majority of times Ifind films by word of mouth and people suggesting films. Word of mouth is aparticularly excellent way to find out about films because they are normallyrecommendations from peers.I also find them by going on social networking sites such as Facebookbecause it is filled with fan pages, viral adverts and trailers so you constantlyfind out about new films without having to go through any effort. I find themout from my friends pages as well as they often post trailers up and they in away become the distributer.Print based media is a prime example of how I can find out about films asthere are advertisements everywhere from the cinema, newspapers andmagazines which are released weekly. Films are marketed all over the placefor instance the side of buses, posters on phone boxes or billboards.I also try and watch ones that are made from independent companiesbecause that is what I feel can make the more gritty style British film.