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Open inno

  1. 1. Webchat: Open Innovation February, 2012Dan Sutch @nominettrust
  2. 2. Our mission To seek out, galvanise and support new, effective andwidely adopted solutions thattransform how we address big social challenges through the use of digital technology.• Social investments and grants of c£5m per year• Aim to demonstrate how digital technology can be used to redesign the way we addresspersistent social challenges•Aim to support (in addition to funding) to scale the social and economic impact•Foundation charity of Nominet – the .UK domain registry (10m+ .uk websites)•Direct relationship with Nominet’s public purpose & strength of their membership
  3. 3. Research and Insight
  4. 4. Redesigning how we address persistent social challengesOPEN INNOVATION
  5. 5. Many examples of significant tech-driven/tech-enabledchanges – where for social-tech?
  6. 6. It’s not just a lack of space suits... The use of digital technology provides remarkable opportunities to redesign how we address persistent social challenges This requires: • Creativity and imagination for how else we might address these issues • Risk taking and testing of these new approaches • Entrepreneurship and willingness • Aspiration, persistence and tenacity • (openness, collaboration...)
  7. 7. That’s the need Open Innovation is looking to address Put simply, this funding programme has been developed to help demonstrate the potential of a new approach that uses digital technology toaddress a persistent social challenge. The fund aims to help develop and test these early-stage ideas
  8. 8. Social Innovation The successful application of new ideas generated at the intersection of insight and invention, which leads to the creation of social or economic value Insight understanding the context, histories and work of others Invention finding and developing the best ideas Application putting ideas into practice Value capturing outcomes, impact and learning
  9. 9. What you need • Tested team with an idea, or an idea that has already (in some way) been tested • Previous seed funding; tested prototype • An aspiration to address a social challenge through the use of digital technology beyond this funding • Commitment to testing and developing your approach • An understanding of how this approach is different from existing ways of addressing the social challenge • A way of developing the product/activity within a year
  10. 10. What we’re offering • Up to £50k investment – budget based on need • Support to develop, test and demonstrate your work • Personal/professional development links through our Funder+ activities • Links to our network of social-tech innovators • Potential further support and development if the approach tests well (further investment, links etc) • An opportunity to build experience and a case for your idea that can be presented for further development
  11. 11. Useful linksMore descriptions of our Open Innovation programme, links to ‘how to apply’ and some further background info. Open Innovation description innovation How to apply innovation Application deadlines FAQs
  12. 12. Dan Sutch @nominettrust