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Open Charities


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Published in: Technology, Travel
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Open Charities

  1. 1. Open CharitiesDan Sutch @nominettrust
  2. 2. Two lines of conversation Ongoing ambition to be better at addressing social challenges Data as one way of doing this: To describe aims, outcomes and value Data as stories, numbers, locations, costs etc Development of networked technologies, tools & services Greater computational power New tools and resources
  3. 3. Effective use of data Ongoing challenge to be better at addressing social challenges Data as one way of doing this: To articulate the challenge we’re addressing To describe aims & outcomes To evidence effective practice To create arguments for effective ways of working
  4. 4. The network effect and the World Wide Web Flickr: infilmity [network effect and standards] Flickr: nealdstewart [abundance of services, mash ups & content] Flickr: bionicteaching Web 1.0 as ‘publishing and accessing documents online’ ‘user as consumer’ Web 2.0 emergence of services/resources that support creation & user generated content ‘user as co-creator’ Web of data ‘user as researcher, lobbyist, fundraiser, analyst, actor ... How do we create the ‘network effect’ around open charities? Demand and supply of good data, tools, services and support.
  5. 5. Journey to today State of the Art Review: Open Data and Charities Web Science Trust Prof Nigel Shadbolt, Prof Dame Wendy Hall & Dr Thanassis Tiropanis - Mapping trends, policy and tech landscape - Identifying tech needs and roadmap 10 ‘data days’ – intrepid explorers! - What does it mean to start (or develop) use of (open) data - Pairing charity expert with tech/data expert - New ‘value relationships’ Event today - To share the case studies and lessons so far - To find shared challenges & opportunities - To shape the roadmap and way forward
  6. 6. Developing open charities: improving how weaddress social challenges #opencharities