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Personality Extremes At Work: Helpful & Not


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Personality Extremes At Work: Helpful & Not

  1. 1. Characteristic Definition Helpful Manifestation Unhelpful Manifestation Paranoid Think everyone’s out to get them See risk before others do Perceive bad intentions where none exist, potentially eliminating talented staff and missing out on opportunities for collaboration Psychopathic No feeling for other people Business acumen and know how to work people and the system to get what you want Prey on people to get what they want, especially subordinates, fracturing and demoralizing the team Narcissistic Think they’re superior, that the whole world revolves around them, almost as if nobody else exists Vision and confidence inspire the team Tend to surround themselves with “yes- people” who they perceive as inferior, stifling healthy disagreement and competition Greedy Never satisfied with what they have Acquisitive energy gives them ambition and motivation to do more and more Don’t know when enough is enough; potential to overextend the team and create burnout Obsessive Can’t stop thinking about the same thing Intense focus on perfection can yield great products and services Can alienate members of the team by insisting that their way is the only way Insecure Tendency to feel ashamed of oneself Strong work ethic (as a way of proving that one is indeed “good enough”) Inability to balance work with other aspects of life; workaholism Personality Extremes at Work: Helpful & Not By Dannielle Blumenthal 2014 – public domain.