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Overview of Brand Transparency - Why & How


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Overview of Brand Transparency - Why & How

  1. 1. Brands Like To Keep Image Production Backstage That Way They Control What The Audience Sees Inside info always leaks: • PR tool: TV/magazine interviews or social media • “X Factor”: Human interaction, pa parazzi, troubl ed stars People don’t always care, but some crises force a look backstage: • Cast or crew abuse • Low wages • Poor working conditions • Defective ingredients • Etc. Overview of Brand Transparency: Why & How Dannielle Blumenthal @thinkbrandfirst July 20, 2013 . All opinions my own. Frontstage photo by Alan Cleaver via Flickr. Backstage photo by Jorge Royan via Wikimedia Commons. Triggers • Legal • Accident • Leaker • Document, photo, etc. Problems Start • Interaction • Greed • Pressure • Mistakes Magnifiers • Media • Social • Opinion leaders • Celebrity Facilitators • Gossip industry • Social media technology Two Ways To Prepare: 1) Assess & Mitigate Known Risks 2) PR, Legal & Social Media Team