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Job Of The Future: Human Glue by Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D.


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Published in: Education, Business
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Job Of The Future: Human Glue by Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D.

  1. 1. JOB OF THE FUTURE“Human Glue”By DannielleBlumenthal, Ph.D. All Opinions My Own;No Endorsement Expressed Or Implied April 29, 2012 Cartoon source: Game Usagi, “WR: Spiderman: Web of Shadows”; photo by Meet the Media Guru via Flickrby Meet
  2. 2. “Me? Who?” Time Primary Valuable Work/Life Period Social Unit Work Boundary „Till Late • Family •Manual Individual Labor • Strong 1960s • Contract- •Interchangeable • Privacy is sacred Based(Marriage) • Ideal = Car Assembler • Fixed, Lifelong 1970s-90s • Family • Knowledge-Based • Permeable Individual Labor • Choice-Based • Rise of “Tribes” THE BIG SHIFT (Live Together) •Expertise, Technical •Peers Become • Serial Skill, IQ Combo = Rare Friends & Vice Versa Personal & Work • Ideal = Microsoft (“Friends,” “Office Space”)Identity Have Merged 1990s- • Individual • Group-Based Insight • Little to None– and Success Means Present • Transitional Labor •Facebook Has (“No Commitments”) • Computers Crunch Obliterated “Marrying” The • Transactional Data, Synergistic Culture Distinction Organization (“We Use Each Other”) Produces Innovation • Family, Friends, • Ideal = Google Colleagues = Part of Same “Network” NOW Independent Yet Confronted By Has Strong Incentive To Alienated Collaboration-Based Immerse - Everywhere = Workforce... Workplace... Workspace.
  3. 3. Collaboration (“Upload”) Facilitators Knowledge Social Networking Remote Access Management • Communicate instantly • Mobile • Preservation • Cross stovepipes • Travel • Navigation • Find experts • Home • Search • Make friends • Airport • Eliminate bureaucracy • Coffee ShopALL TOGETHER NOW Perfecting theOrganizational Brain Photo by Sarah G. via Flickr
  4. 4. Controls Formal & Informal Processes, Procedures, Tracking, Metrics & Reporting Mechanisms INSTANT-ER PRODUCTIVITY OrganizationalFeedback Loop, Accelerated By Culture CommunicationEnterprise Social Shared Values, Norms, Information, Conversation, Symbols, Language, Collaboration Discussion, Instruction, Rituals, Traditions, & Training & Feedback Celebrations
  5. 5. Collaborative Culturally Socially Savvy Connected Committed Self-Directed FUTURE “TOP DOGS”Team Players Who Add Adaptable Tech-Savvy Exponentially More Value Than They Cost Photo of children by SwedishCarina via Flickr; photo of dog in tiara by SameShihTzuDifferentDay
  6. 6. JOB OF THE FUTUREAre You Prepared? Photo: Kindercapes: