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Feeds Cheat Sheet - Dannielle Blumenthal (Customize This)


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How to use feeds for quick viewing of information as well as social media outreach

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Feeds Cheat Sheet - Dannielle Blumenthal (Customize This)

  1. 1. 1 Feeds for Social Media Outreach – Sample Approach (Customize This) Dannielle Blumenthal 5/21/15 I. The Problem  Similar functional content spread across different websites in the same Department, agency, office, etc. and you need to find related content quickly, easily, on an ongoing basis  You need to share content and/or you need to help others do so easily (for example, you want to encourage employees to share your agency’s successes on their personal time, e.g. by reposting to Facebook) II. A Solution  At NIST, there are different offices that work in the area of manufacturing, but no matter who posts content to the Internet, it’s tagged “Manufacturing.” Therefore, anyone who subscribes to the Manufacturing feed at NIST can see this content all in one place.  Note: This example presumes use of GovDelivery. III. How To Step 1. Find Your Feeds From, click the orange icon on the lower left. Step 2. Choose from the list Step 3. Leave window open
  2. 2. 2 Step 4. Go to feed reader Use or another feed reader of choice. Log in – Feedly lets you use Google. Step 5. Copy feed URL Go back to your selected feed page (Step 3 above), select the URL, and click “Ctrl + C” to copy it. Step 6. Paste feed URL into feed reader environment In your feed reader, paste URL into the search box (upper right for Feedly). Hit “Enter” and click the green “plus” sign. Step 7. Name your feed “collection”  Type “NIST Feeds” (or another name) in the empty box under “Collection.”  Click “Add” (you’ll find it roughly on the lower left of your screen).  Click “Enter.” Step 8. Check to see that you’ve got the feed in your collection now
  3. 3. 3 Step 9. Check that your feed view is displaying properly (center pane) Step 10. If desired, from the menu, choose “edit subscription” to make feed name shorter – type new name in box Step 11. Check out sharing features of story summaries Click on one of the stories in the main window. It brings up a summary, like the below, from which you can share to your social media outlet of choice, or to email. Step 12. Add more feeds, if you wish Step 13. Download app for smartphone, if you wish