A Guide to FCN Activities


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This is a guide to Federal Communicators Network activities. Its purpose is to guide the 2013 Board through the transition. Perhaps other online educational volunteer groups might find it useful.

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A Guide to FCN Activities

  1. 1.   A Guide to FCN Activities For Incoming FCN Board 2013 - by Dannielle BlumenthalCategory Activities ToolsSocial Media • Networking • LinkedIn (Federal employees and contractors) • Twitter • Blog • GovLoop • Dlvr.it (sends blog to Twitter)Collaboration Among Board • Email updates • Gmail • Google Docs • Google Docs • Internal Blog • Blogger (internal blog) • • Google group for archiving emailsEvent Planning • Recruiting a speaker • Telephone calls • Preparing speaker • EventBrite • Posting event online • See social media tools for • Promoting via social media promoting event • Distributing PowerPoint in • Email to distribute PowerPoint advance • Slideshare for posting FCN • Moderating event documents and presentations • Posting presentation afterward to SlideshareNewsletter • Researching • Review Udemy, MIT Open • Writing the intro Courseware, Public Relations • Distributing via Society of America, Capitol MailChimp Communicators, etc. for free/low- cost training • Write introduction • Format and distribute through MailChimp (free up to a certain number of emails)Governance • Board meetings – • Most meetings held by phone call telephone • Occasional gatherings at coffee • Board meetings – live shop (e.g. Starbucks) • Charter updates • Usually 1-2 Board members • Strategy collaborate on Charter updates • Election • Decisions made by voting via email • Election via Obsurvey.com (free) • Google group archives messages
  2. 2. A Guide to Strategy Formulation for FCN Ellen Crown, FCN Board Member 2012 1. The new Chair, co-Chair, and Board should review and revise this plan to adapt is based on their Mission and Vision of FCN. 2. Do they agree with the Mission statement? If not, what is a better statement that frames their purpose? 3. Do they agree with the Vision? If not, what is their Vision? 4. Next, review the Goal/Objective. NOTE, this must be measurable. 5. Tactics (communication vehicles) should be selected based on the Goal/Objective; what will help them achieve these outcomes? 6. Actions describe what work will be done for each tactic. 7. Measures describe how you will quantify success. 8. Goal alignment explains how everything rolls back up to the original Goal/Objective (which part). 9. This should be a living, breathing document. 10. The plan is only about 10% of the work. Don’t forget to measure outcomes!      
  3. 3.         Strategic Plan 2012-2013 By Ellen CrownGOAL/OBJECTIVE: Increase FCN membership, so that we can better connect with our communication colleagues, understandtheir needs, and strengthen our collective intelligence.VISION: To provide a unique service via a safe environment that allows for open communication.MISSION: To facilitate free training, networking, and the sharing of lessons learned and best practices among Federalcommunicators.Tactic 1: Tactic 2: Tactic 3: Tactic 4: Tactic 5:Free bi-monthly events FCN LinkedIn blog Newsletter (quarterly) Blog Slideshare(either live, teleconference Purpose: Engage FCN Purpose: Provide focus on Purpose: Present latest Purpose: Shareor web-based) members in professional training activities, information on training presentations and trainingPurpose: Professional discussion. Also used for repurposed materials from activities, blogs, materials among peers.development – the core of membership outside sources, perhaps newsletter, etc. –FCN’s existence. management member spotlights. repurposed from and coordinated across all other tactics.Action: Plan, promote and Action: Post a minimum Action: Plan, craft, and Action: Spruce up Action: Ensure all eventhost 6 in-person, telephonic of 24 blogs over the next publish 4 newsletters per existing FCN site, which slide sets are archivedor online events over the year (2 per month), year, with articles able to will be used as a hub fornext year. Topics TBD. contributed by various be repurposed on various our other tools members of the FCN platforms such asMeasure: Audience board on a range of LinkedIn blog and Measure: Measure: N/Aattendance communication topics GovLoop N/AGoal alignment: Increase Measure: LinkedIn Measure: number ofmembership / understand membership, individual subscribers / qualitativeneeds / communication blog views, and feedback on articles comments Goal alignment: Goal alignment: N/ANOTE: Will circulate Goal alignment: connect N/Aquestionnaires at events Goal alignment: with our communicationasking attendees if they Increase membership / colleagueswould prefer to connect communication/with us social media understand needs/platforms, such as Twitter, collective intelligenceFacebook, etc. This will (conversations oninform future tactics. LinkedIn topics)