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Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. THE VERVE PIPE - FRESHMEN EVALUATION QUESTIONS Danielle McGlynn Candidate Number: 4607 Centre Number: 33435
  3. 3. The song I chose to create a music video for fits into the genre of soft rock.After researching, I discovered that the majority of videos in this genrefeature a boy and girl and the video tells the audience a story of theirrelationship.For my music video I decided to stick to this classic convention but put myown stamp on it, instead of having a boy and girl meeting, or building arelationship as most music videos show, I chose to have a ghost of an oldman singing and reminiscing on the memories he had with a girlfriend.I wanted to create a music video which matched well with the song, ratherthan have an unsuitable video with no relevance to the lyrics of the song.I spent a lot of time researching music videos in my chosen genre toinfluence my final music video, I was particularly interested in the musicvideo for Someday by Nickelback as it was similar to some ideas I hadalready drafted. I have used many different conventions in my music videosuch as Camera shots and movements, editing, lighting and props
  4. 4. A screen shot from the video „what hurts A screen shot from the video „someday‟ bythe most‟ by Rascal flatts Nickelback The use of extreme close ups and long shots are often very popular in the rock/soft rock genre so I was sure to include many in my music video A screen shot from my music video
  5. 5. Using someday by Nickelback as my influence, I tried to incorporate many shots which had been included in that video, into mine, such as ECU, EST shot, LS, MS (video of each in background) I also took some influence from Rascal flatts - what hurts the most, for example the mise en scene, as I planned to involve the organic/natural feel in my video.Screen shot from „what hurts the most‟ by Screen shot from my music video, takingrascal Flatts influence from the rascal flatts.
  6. 6. I have used fourth wall to help engage the audience, so it will look as though he is singing to them. Both videos I took influence from used this technique.A screen shot from my music videoA screen shot from the video „someday‟ by A screen shot from the video „what hurtsNickelback the most‟ by Rascal flatts
  7. 7. TYPICAL CONVENTIONS OF A CD COVER Album/ Single title – in a simple font so not to distract from the image or band name Band Name/ Logo My CD Front Cover Minimalistic image – to not lookPlain to over crowded and messybackground.
  8. 8. TYPICAL CONVENTIONS OF A CD BACK COVER Song titles usually centralised My CD Backcover The verve pipe – The Freshmen Band name for side of case Copyright infringement Bar code
  9. 9. TYPICAL CONVENTIONS OF A MAGAZINE ADVERT My Magazine Advertisement Band name Album nameWhen it‟sout/ available ratings Record label
  10. 10. Both videos I took influence from involved a lot of editing such asjump cuts, which allow a quick change in scene, similarly, bothvideos also use transitions such as dissolve and fade, which arevery common to create a cleaner more tidy cut. I used both ofthese conventions in my music video in appropriate places togive a more traditional feel.The song I had original intended to use was hell yeah byzebrahead, I liked how upbeat and catchy it was, I also had quitea lot of ideas for a music video to that song, but after longconsideration I chose to use Freshmen, as I didnt think I wouldbe able to get permissions to film where and what I wanted forthe zebrahead song.The main way that my music video doesnt meet typicalconventions for this genre is that the band arent shown playingat all, I just have the main character from the video singing.
  12. 12. DIGIPAKDoes it fulfill its purpose?The digipak i created include the conventions of a typical digipak,meaning its included artists name, song/album name, images. mydigipak is suitable for my production and fulfils its purpose as it is topromote my music video, and to advertise the CD.Is it suitable for your target audience?Our target audience was young people aged 17 - 21, who enjoy the softrock genre. It is appropriate as it is easy to relate to and people likebeing able to put themselves into the situation of the actors. Also forfeedback my audience gave positive feedback on the digipak as theythought it tied it very well with the music video.
  13. 13. As I had included a large amount of candles in my music video, I wanted to link this theme between both my main product and my ancillary products. I thought it would be important to do this as then the audience will then be able to establish and recognise the theme, and other products relating will be familiar. I did a lot of research on album covers and found that the most conventional image is of a person, after long consideration I decided not to use a person on my album cover as I didn‟t think it would look as effective.Shots of candles from my music video, which linkto the front cover of my album.
  14. 14. First front cover design ALBUM COVERAt first for my album cover I decided to use asimple picture of a lit Zippo lighter, as theaudience would recognise the candles in thevideo being lit. I used Photoshop to edit theimage of the lighter to give it a more rougheffect, as I thought it was too tidy and didn‟tsuit my video just as it was. After looking overall my ancillary, i didnt think that it fitted inwell, so i changed the whole front cover. Ithen looked back through all the images itook, and thought that the best way to link allthe products would be to use a similar imageas the magazine advert on my CD cover. Final front cover design
  15. 15. CENTRAL PAGESfor the inside of my CD case I used a picture of thecandles I used in my music video, I thought itworked quite nicely as the audience would go fromlooking at the album cover or a lighter to the insidepages of lit candles, It created a nice link back tothe music video as well. Original image Final inside design.
  16. 16. BACK COVER For the back cover I researched the album that the song freshmen was from and added the rest of the songs from the album. For the image on the back, I used one of the distorted pictures I took from werneth low which I was going to discard, and found that it gave a nice effect to the album, I then went out and took a picture of the main character in my music video from behind and used Photoshop to distort and blur it, overall I Original image think it worked well and again it all links back to the other ancillary products and the music videoThe verve pipe – The Freshmen First back cover design Final back cover design
  17. 17. MAGAZINE ADVERTDoes it fulfil its purpose?The main purpose of a magazine advert it to advertise the band and thenew single/album. My magazine advert does exactly this, it tells theaudience who the band are, what the album is called, when it is on saleand what big companies think about it.What would you change?There isnt anything major I would change about the ancillary, as thefeedback I have received it very positive, I would just spend more timeperfecting what I already had and possibly experiment with differentcolour schemes.
  18. 18. For my magazine advertisement, I didn‟t want anover powering image, I wanted it to be subtle, yeteffective. When I went out filming on the first day Itook some stills of the view from werneth low, itturns out that this made an excellent backgroundimage for my magazine advert as the colours of thelights resemble flame, which links to both thealbum cover and the actual music video.Like my album cover I wanted to create a simplemagazine advert which looks nice and does its job.I decided to have the picture I took at werneth lowto take up the whole of the page and put my textover the top. I used the band‟s name and the albumname at the top of the page in big bold lettering tomake it feel like a heading, and included a releasedate underneath the main focus point of the image;I also included a review from a music magazine toattract buyers. I then centre aligned all the text tokeep it neat and formal
  19. 19. COLOURS AND FONTS For my ancillary products i decided to use a warm colour scheme (reds, yellow, orange), i thought this linked well with my music video as i used a lot of candles in it. For the titles, i experimented with a range of different styles of font, and came to the conclusion that a simple font looks more effective. By using the same colour scheme and fonts throughout my ancillary products Ive given my products a brand identity.COLOURS AND FONTS
  20. 20. QUESTION 3What have you have learned fromAUDIENCE FEEDBACK?
  21. 21. To find my audience I carried out a lot of research, I looked at differentage groups, stereotypes and genders. Using the two videos that I tookinfluence from in creating my music video, I found that the main peoplewho listened to them were teenagers in which fit into the „indie‟ stereotypeFrom the member of my target audience that I questioned, the majorityof the really liked the song I was going to use, therefore I didn‟t have toreconsider.
  24. 24. ORIGIN OF THE INDIE STEREOTYPEIndie music is a where the artists/band is not signed to any bigshared record label. Usually an independent label on their own, sothey produce/master their own music, therefore meaning that it isn‟tmainstream.In recent years the indie stereotype has evolved to fit people as wellas music, now when someone says „indie‟ people think of vintageclothing, unique style and taste in indie music.
  25. 25. I made a questionnaire and asked 25 randomly picked people to fillit out, This enables me to establish my target audience, as all thepeople who enjoyed the song I was intending to use, wereteenagers and also enjoyed the videos/songs that I am takinginfluence from.
  27. 27. From the audience feedback I found that my final product successfully fitted tomy target audience.100% of the people I asked said that they fully understood the narrative in thevideo, and that it fitted in with the lyrics and mood of the song.75% of the people I asked said they would definitely watch the video again asthey thought it was „very imaginative‟. The other 25% who were not membersof my target audience said that they wouldn‟t watch it again as it wasnt theirtype of music, however they said that would recommend it to many friends.
  29. 29. From the audience feedback I found that my ancillary productssuccessfully fitted to my target audience.100% of the people I asked said that the digipak and advertisementlink to each other and to the video.86% of the people I asked said they liked the colour scheme usedthroughout the digipak and advertisement‟. The other 14% said thatthey would‟ve preferred cold colours (blues and greens) as it wouldmatch the nature side of the video
  30. 30. TARGET AUDIENCE RESPONSES.“Great video, but not my type of music”“Very imaginative”“the video fits really well with the song”“this band have a new fan”“Not my sort of song but a lot of my friends would likeit!”“I like it. It‟s conventional.”“That‟s mint, thumbs up.”
  32. 32. Throughout the process of myproduction I have used a wide rangeof technology which massivelyimpact the final products, withoutthese technologies it would havebeen difficult to produce products ofsuch high quality and detail.during the research phase ofcreating my music video.
  33. 33. PRELIMINARY TASKI had to complete a preliminary task to introduce me to theproject as a whole, in which I had to recreate a scene froma soap. During this task I used a digital camcorder tocapture the footage which I then uploaded to an apple Macand edited using I movie. Once I had finished editing mypreliminary task, I added it to my blog, to do this I first had toupload it to my YouTube account. When it was complete, Iwas then able to take the embed code and post it onto myblogger account. Taking the embed code from YouTube And creating a new post on blogger with the video in it
  34. 34. DIGITAL CAMCORDERwhen it came to creating my music video I used a digital camcorderand a tripod, which i took out and captured the scenes for my musicvideo on, then uploaded it onto an apple Mac on which I could editthe clips and chose which ones would work best. The digitalcamcorder i used wasnt the best quality but given thecircumstances i think it produced good shots. When it came toediting the clips together, I found that in some of the footage, thecamera shook quite violently, therefore I had to go out and reshootthose scenes.
  35. 35. IMOVIEAs I have used editing software before Ifound it very easy to use imovie on theApple Mac. I navigated through theprogramme, inserting different transitionsand cuts, I also used the effects to turncertain scenes sepia or black and white. Ialso learnt new skills such as cropping aclip to cut out some of the background, andfading the overlaying music out at the end.
  36. 36. DIGITAL STILLS CAMERAWhilst I was creating my ancillary products, I used a large amount oftechnology to help me achieve the results I was after. I started byusing a 14 megapixel digital stills camera to take some imageswhich I thought would work effectively as part of my ancillary, I thenuploaded the images onto a computer. Using a camera of such highmegapixel allowed me to take better quality images, especially asthey were taken in the dark, and a camera of any lower resolutionwouldn‟t have come out well.
  37. 37. PHOTOSHOP CS4I mainly created my ancillaryproduct on adobe Photoshop cs4as I was familiar with theprogramme and thought it wouldachieve better quality than if I useda simpler programme such aspaint or Microsoft publisher. usingPhotoshop was a great advantageas it allows you to layer the imagesand add different effects ontoseparate part so the image, this ishow I produced my album cover.
  38. 38. ADOBE ILLUSTRATORI also used adobe illustrator tocreate my ancillary products, as ithad a much larger range of fontsthan Photoshop did.To end the project I had tocomplete a number of evaluationquestions and present them, Idecided to create a PowerPointpresentation as it is a more formalending to a not so formal project.I decided to present these in avideo, which I will again create onImovie, I will insert text over the topof specific clips to engage theaudience, so the don‟t get bored.
  39. 39. SEARCH ENGINESI heavily relied on the internet to carry outmy research, I used search engines suchas Google and bing which helped me findthe information I needed, such as typicalconventions of music videos and ancillaryproducts.
  40. 40. YOUTUBEI also spend a lot of time on YouTube taking influencefrom existing music videos, which helped me come upwith my music video ideas. From the research onYouTube I decided to take influence from two songs;what hurts the most by rascal flatts and someday bynickelback
  41. 41. BLOGGERI made a recorded of all my planning andresearch on my blogger account, which isan online blog. I also uploaded the videos Ihave taken influence from, my final musicvideo and my ancillary products.
  42. 42. MICROSOFT POWERPOINTI used Microsoft PowerPoint to create myfinal evaluation of my music video andancillary task.