Nordic naturals complete omega 3.6.9, lemon flavored, 180 soft gels


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Nordic naturals complete omega 3.6.9, lemon flavored, 180 soft gels

  1. 1. Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3.6.9, LemonFlavored, 180 Soft GelsProduct Featureq The omega multi that provides a healthy balance of omegas 3 6 and 9q Read more Price : Check PriceProduct DescriptionGLA is a beneficial omega-6 fatty acid that supports the body’s natural anti- inflammatory response, promotes optimalmetabolism, maintains hormonal balance, and promotes healthy skin and hair. Research shows that the benefits of GLA
  2. 2. greatly increase when taken with omega-3s. Complete Omega-3.6.9 provides full spectrum essential fatty acid supportby combining the omega-3s, EPA and DHA, from fish oil with GLA from borage oil and the omega-9, oleic acid. Thisomega-rich blend supports cardiovascular function, brain health, positive mood, and a healthy inflammation response,as well as healthy joints, skin, and metabolism.* Read moreYou May Also LikeNordic Naturals - Omega 3-6-9 Junior Lemon, 180 softgelsNordic Naturals Omega Woman, 500 mg, 120 Soft GelsNordic Naturals - Vitamin D-3, 1000 IU, 120 softgelsNordic Naturals Complete Omega - 3.6.9, 16-Ounce BottleGarden of Life Vitamin Code Womens Multivitamin Supplement, 240 Count This PDF promotional is part of Amazon Service LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.