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Boys classic muscle sting costume m


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Boys classic muscle sting costume m

  1. 1. Boys Classic Muscle Sting Costume MProduct Featureq Size: Mq Read more Price : Check PriceProduct DescriptionSting is one of the most well known wrestlers for his long standing stints in both WCW and TNA. Have your son becomehis favorite wrestler for the wrestling themed party with the Boys Classic Muscle Sting costume. This piece comes with ajumpsuit with a printed black tank top with red detailing on the side that also extends to the black pants of the jumpsuit.A golden attached championship belt is included around the waist as well, to show this costume is the best. The arms
  2. 2. and torso of the costume feature muscle padding in order to resemble the body of this classic wrestler. A white maskwith black detailing resembles the face paint that Sting normally wears. Its showtime folks! This costume is a greatpiece that will certainly have your son handing out the Scorpion Death Drop to anyone in his way. Read more This PDF promotional is part of Amazon Service LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.