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Danish Thanvi Profile


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Danish Thanvi Profile

  1. 1. Danish ThanviDiscover SaaS & PaaSdanish@xcluesiv.comSummaryDanish has over 10 years of management experience in IT services and risk management in Asia. Danish is aseasoned professional who is well known for his out of the box approach combined with the ability to genuinelyadd value and deliver both in complex and demanding environments.Danish is also running one of the largest private social network with over 150000 direct connections andgrowing.. more than 55 million members in 2nd and 3rd tiers.SpecialtiesEntrepreneurship, Web 2.0, Cloud computing, Technology Development, ERP, Risk Management, BackgroundChecksSkills & ExpertiseCloud ComputingSaaSPaaSIaaSWeb 2.0Risk ManagementEntrepreneurshipBackground ChecksIT ManagementIT StrategyTechnology DevelopmentTechnology IntegrationERPCRM softwareOpen SourceManaged HostingLAMPThinking Outside The BoxCustomer RelationsBloggingSocial MediaSocial NetworkingInformation Security ManagementData SecurityComputer ForensicsLink AnalysisGroupware Page1
  2. 2. Immigration ScreeningFramework DesignAndroidWordpressOperations ManagementScreeningCustomer ServiceImmigration LawCollaborationInternet SecurityCRMWeb 2.0 DevelopmentComplianceExperienceCEO & President at BackgroundCheck Private Limited - RiskDiscovered™February 2012 - Present (10 months) RiskDiscovered™ is the brand name of BackgroundCheck Private Limited (formerly DataFlow Pakistan Pvt. Ltd), the largest and prestigious Primary Source Verification provider in Pakistan operating since 2007. Hundreds of clients from corporations to governments trust RiskDiscovered™ as their partner in mitigating risks associated with staff hiring, issuing work permits and vendor selection. We verify thousands of applicants, identify hundreds of red flags and contribute in saving invaluable reputation of our esteemed clients. RiskDiscovered™ brand is focused on fostering awareness about the risks and providing free and unique technological solutions to make background verification process faster, more organized and hassle free. For more info please visit 1 recommendation available upon requestFounder at XclueSIV Pvt LtdJanuary 2012 - Present (11 months) XclueSIV is a Singapore based technology firm that delivers innovative cloud based services such as SaaS (software-as-a-service) and PaaS (platform-as-a-service) solutions to small and mid size businesses. We integrate the industry’s best technologies for each customer’s specific needs - Cloud and managed hosting solutions to high-end web 2.0 applications, online reputation management and creative branding, all solutions available from single-point. SINGAPORE | Atlanta | Karachi | Kuala Lumpur | New YorkTechnology Consultant at Ethics360 Group – SingaporeSeptember 2011 - Present (1 year 3 months) Ethics 360 is a group of companies that provides services related to anti-bribery education, training and publishing for multi-nationals and their third party intermediaries. Ethics 360 aims to create a greater awareness and knowledge of anti-corruption and bribery legislation and practical tools that stakeholders can deploy to ensure compliance with the FCPA, UKBA and similar legislation. Ethics 360s management teams work over the past decade with governments and multinationals has led them to uncover many unique public Page2
  3. 3. record sources around the world that have since been aggregated into topic-specific areas of concern to their clients. Over 500 man-years of effort have gone into identifying, collating and maintaining these innovative data systems.CIO at CrossCheck Pte Ltd - SingaporeOctober 2010 - May 2012 (1 year 8 months) CrossCheck is based in Singapore and provides informational resources to governments, multinationals and the background check industry. The team behind CrossCheck pioneered the background checking industry in Asia when they founded Quest Research in 2000. Quest Research had over 500 employees in 12 offices across Asia prior to being sold to a leading listed US background screening company in 2005. The team also established and built IntegraScreen, the largest global reputational due diligence company, which was sold to WorldCheck in 2009. 1 recommendation available upon requestCEO & Director at DataFlow Pakistan LtdMarch 2009 - January 2012 (2 years 11 months) The Dataflow Group of companies is headquartered in Singapore and works with government clients in the Middle East, South and South East Asia to prevent immigration fraud. Our service is quite simple – we verify that the documents submitted by an applicant are genuine by contacting the issuing authority (university, employer, bank, government dept. etc). This is called Primary Source Verification. 11 recommendations available upon requestSenior Consultant at Q2 Pvt Ltd SingaporeFebruary 2010 - September 2010 (8 months)General Manager at IntegraScreenJune 2007 - February 2009 (1 year 9 months) IntegraScreen is leading global provider of international due diligence services, immigration screening and risk data to corporations and governments. 9 recommendations available upon requestSenior Consultant at IntegraScreen FZ LLCFebruary 2007 - June 2007 (5 months)Freelance Consultant at Bayer Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline, Engro Chemicals, Ali GoharPharmaceuticalsAugust 2004 - December 2006 (2 years 5 months)Information Security Consultant at Hill & Associates - Hong KongMarch 2002 - May 2004 (2 years 3 months) Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in 14 countries around the world, Hill & Associates (H&A) is one of the worlds leading independent security and risk management consultancy firms. 2 recommendations available upon request Page3
  4. 4. System Analyst at Dewan Mushtaq GroupApril 2000 - January 2002 (1 year 10 months) Dewan Mushtaq Group is one of the largest industrial groups in Pakistan, enjoying the confidence of the general public, local and foreign capital markets, financial institutions and the Government. 1 recommendation available upon requestGraphics and Web Designer at Computer Product CorporationJanuary 1998 - January 2000 (2 years 1 month)Computer Maintenance Supervisor at EFU GENERAL INSURANCE LTDNovember 1997 - January 1998 (3 months)Computer Maintenance Technician & Customer Support at Expression ComputersApril 1997 - October 1997 (7 months)Computer Maintenance Technician at City Wizard ComputersJuly 1992 - May 1995 (2 years 11 months)ProjectsFlexProcess.comMay 2012 to PresentMembers:Danish Thanvi is a highly efficient enterprise management system implemented in the form of a cloud. Accounting, HR, CRM, Ecommerce and Order management - all this and more is available to you at a single mouse click! All you need to do get your own enterprise management system in one minute, is to fill out a simple registration form. Specify the name of your company, the desired domain name and your email, and you can start using the system! With, you can stop worrying about buying new IT hardware and software. Moreover, the configuration and maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure is not your problem now. We have successfully solved these problems, so that you can do a really important thing - your business!EthiXbaseMarch 2012 to May 2012Members:Danish Thanvi ethiXbase is the worlds largest database of global anti-corruption legislation, regulations, and enforcement actions. Our goal is to save you time while providing the best information available to help you make quick and informed decisions. ethiXbase is what you need to know, when you need to know it.BackgroundChecksWikiApril 2011 to August 2011Members:Danish Thanvi Page4
  5. 5. BackgroundChecksWiki is one of the largest community resource built for Background Checkers, HR managers, regulators, compliance professionals, and the public. Our Wiki enable users to find contact information and verification process of schools and employers around the world. There are global directories available for Diploma Mills, Background Screening Companies, Public Records information and exclusive government resources like Human Traffickers , Banned Immigration Agents and Global Most Wanted. There are over .5 million records available in this wiki and all of this is 100% free. As a member you can: Add to and edit records - Be recognised for your contributions - Get connected with others in the Industry. Joining is free and takes about 10 seconds!CrossCheck 360June 2011 to January 2012Members:Danish Thanvi CrossCheck 360 is the worlds largest and most extensively used database dedicated to employment screening. It is currently used by nearly every major background screening company worldwide as a part of their screening process on behalf of their clients.It is indirectly used by over 80% of the Fortune 500 to screen their international employees through one of our subscribers.Ceemple.comMay 2012 to PresentMembers:Danish Thanvi is a cloud based CRM that is especially designed for startups and mid size businesses to meet all their marketing, sales and online reputation management needs. By using this new technology, startups and mid size businesses can efficiently manage their requirement in lowest cost possible. CRM made Ceemple! Please follow our LinkedIn page to stay updated about the release of this product and demo availabilities.Awareness 360December 2011 to February 2012Members:Danish Thanvi We have created a network of free and dedicated blogs to spread awareness and information about risks and to keep our clients, partners and general public informed, its called Awareness 360! We have a very strong social media presence over internet and thousands of our readers benefit from this information and helping us in spreading the word.Here is the list of blogs included in this project: Page5
  6. 6. 2011 to February 2012Members:Danish Thanvi is fully automated workflow system for background verifications process. Our clients and applicants submit cases for verification using this system, our verification analysts and case managers initiate the checks using the same platform and continue working there until the case is closed. Here are some key features and benefits: 1. Real time case updates on user dashboards 2. Same platform is used to request and fulfill insufficiencies 3. Online chat with case managers and integrated comment system within each case 4. Alert system for clients to immediately know about any discovered red flag 5. Instant report download once the case is closed. Interim reports can also be downloaded based on each check closed under that case. 6. Comprehensive reports and MIS that can be customized and exported in excel,word or XML format. 7. Easy integration with any ERP, procurement or HR systems such as SAP, Peoplesoft/Oracle, lotus Notes etc 8. Online archiving of reports, any report, regardless of how old, can be searched and downloaded anytime. 9. Online payment system integration for applicants to pay using EasyPaisa or PayPal. Our clients can pay us through conventional monthly invoicing offline. 10. Our clients can add sub users within their organizations to be perform restricted actions such as submit verification requests, download cases or fulfill insufficienciesCertify365.comDecember 2011 to February 2012Members:Danish Thanvi is free online system where applicants can download their verified certificates once their cases are closed as positive at The same system can be used to verify issued certificates just by entering the barcode/unique identification of certificate in the search bar by any employer , current or prospect, can check the authenticity of issued certificated free of charge. Applicants can also order printed hard copy of certificates for free using this system.CrimeCheck365.comDecember 2011 to January 2012Members:Danish Thanvi is a free database contains over 80,000 Pakistan criminal records reported by more than 50 authentic sources such as media, public alerts, police most wanted lists etc. Here are some key features and benefits: Page6
  7. 7. 1. 100% free unlimited searches and report downloads for our clients 2. Daily 100+ new records upload 3. It allows you to monitor any names so if there is a name match found when our new data is uploaded, you will get notified automatically. 4. Integrated with leading information portals like and so you will get search results from these system as well on same search page that will also include in exported reports. 5. Integrated with all major social media portal for social profiling.. when a name is searched, the system fetch and displays social media profiles of the subject available on LinkedIn, facebook, Myspace etc. This data also exported with the reports.RiskMap365.comDecember 2011 to February 2012Members:Danish Thanvi is a free , real time Geomapping system that uses media sources to pin point crimes and incidents locations on GoogleMaps covering entire Pakistan. Incidents includes kidnapping, robberies, murders, terrorism attacks, street rimes , fraud, extortion etc. By using this system you can analyze red zones where your’s employees /asset’s safety can be compromised and can take preventive measures. In phase 2 we will integrate this with an alert system so our clients can define their alert criteria based on location and types of risks to get notified as soon as the data available on our maps.RiskNews365.comDecember 2011 to February 2012Members:Danish Thanvi is another free product of RiskDiscovered that uses our Awareness 360 data to display the popular news in more organized and graphical way like a portal system. So our clients and general public can read the most popular risk news from around the world using this single screen.InterestsWeb 2.0, Security and Risk Management, Immigration Screening, Business Intelligence, Due Diligence, Marketand Business Research, Fraud Examination and Deterrence, Enterprise Resource Planning Page7
  8. 8. Danish ThanviDiscover SaaS & PaaSdanish@xcluesiv.com25 people have recommended Danish "Dear Danish Sir, Ive written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "I have known Mr Danish for over 2 years now. He is my Boss and a great Professional. Mr Danish has been really hard working and persistent towards achieving his ambitions and goals which he once set for him self. No one better gives more challenging goals to him than himself. He has been like a brother and a great companion to me. I wish him good luck and all the very best for his professional and personal life. It is great pleasure and honor to work with him"" — Shiraz Ahmed Siddiqui, Volumatrix Group Pvt Ltd, Data Flow Group, Volumatrix Group, reported to Danish at BackgroundCheck Private Limited - RiskDiscovered™ "Truly a Professional" — Tariq Khan, Consultant, HRSI, was with another company when working with Danish at Q2 Pvt Ltd Singapore "Mr. Danish is a great person to work with. He is one of those few Pakistanis who have a vision and the intent to accomplish some of the most hard-earned goals. He gives you the air to breathe which is required in the highly competitive professional environment. Moreover, as a boss, he always keeps his belief in you and always there to help and discuss new ideas. He is a great mentor as well, as I get to learn a lot from him every now and then. I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours." — Roy JK, Research Analyst, DataFlow Pakistan Ltd, reported to Danish at DataFlow Pakistan Ltd "Danish and I have known each other since 2002 when we worked at Hill & Associates together. I got to know him more when I recommended him for a job with IntegraScreen during our entry into Pakistan. Danish showed tremendous agility and energy in putting the Karachi office together in record time with the right kind of resources required to surge ahead a new operations. Danish has a good command over the market and is a fantastic relationship man. His networking skills are par excellence and is one of the most reliable resource and associate in Pakistan which holds tremendous opportunities. Danish is a great colleague, an associate, buddy and a dear friend." — Mukesh Bajaj, Director, IntegraScreen, managed Danish indirectly at DataFlow Pakistan Ltd "Danish is a person of the highest integrity. An expert in his field, he delivers great results. I recommend him to all my contacts." Page8
  9. 9. — Wayne Cook, was Danishs client"I had the pleasure of working with Danish for a short period to negotiate and agree services from hiscompany. I found Danish to have a great understanding of the requirements and subject knowledge pertainingto the service as well as the jurisdiction in which his company operates. He has a very professional approachtowards understanding client requirements and was wiling to go out of his way to fulfil the high standardsrequired by us which shows his commitment to good Customers Service. I would recommend Danish withouthesitation."— Raschid Ahsanullah, was Danishs client"I am pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Danish. He is extremely intelligent andhas exceptional communication skills. he is clearly a thought leader in his area of expertise, governance andcontrol. He has the ability to communicate these concepts in simple business language. The completeness ofhis thought, a holistic systems perspective and strategic focus allows him to take control and governance outof the "back room" and position it as the basis of good management in helping organizaitons acheive theirobjectives. This has allowed him to be a lightening rod for change at the most senior levels of management.He is a great leader who has the unique ability of inspiring his peers, employees as well as beyond it i.e.friends, colleague and coworkers to achieve their professional and personal goals."— Zainul Abedin, was Danishs client"Danish is a consummate professional with a rare blend of strategic thinking and business understandingcombined with the ability to genuinely add value and deliver both in complex and demanding environments.He has an incredible drive - both to deliver to business requirements as well as developing further as aprofessional. Danish is an efficient and highly experienced program manager with promising expertise in thearea of pre-employment screening, due diligence services and market data assessments. He has an eye todetail & innovative approach which makes him successful in the current role. I would highly recommend hisservices and skills without reservation."— Abrar Ashraf CPP PSP MSyI, was Danishs client"Danish and I had an opportunity to work together while I was reviewing screening business practices &operations in Karachi, Pakistan. I admire Danishs sound understanding of the screening market in Pakistanand his ability to drive results. A very client oriented individual who strives to deliver the best for thebusiness. During the entire tenure of our partnership, I have found Danish to be extremely helpful,informative and collaborative at all times."— Ankesh Surinder, Director of Operations, First Advantage Indianapolis, USA, was with anothercompany when working with Danish at DataFlow Pakistan Ltd"Danish is very active in the ITO space in Pakistan. His experiences abroad, coupled with his strong desire tosucceed should help him to create jobs in Pakistan. I have a great deal of respect for Danish and I look Page9
  10. 10. forward to future projects with him."— Russ Sandlin, General Manager Islamabad, Pakistan, Touchstone, worked with Danish at DataFlowPakistan Ltd"Danish Thanvi and CRI Pakistan office exchange various Investigative research projects since 2007 andincorporated in very good inter-professional working relationship being his previous responsabilities withIntegraScreen however we communicate with each other even extended helping hands lots of time in mutualbusiness interest which prove him excellent investigative research partner in Pakistan. CRI Group is proud tohave him on channel partner list. We can suggest him with high integrity and knowledgeable proactivecorporate investigator in the industry in general and for Pakistan being such a great individual specifically!"— Zafar Anjum CFE, Intl. Dip. (Fin. Crime), was Danishs client"Have been networking with Danish Bhai for long time. Unlike, other networkers in LinkedIn, I find himusing INTEGRITY as a weapon for networking, which makes him very amiable person to connect. He is oneof the risk free persons Id recommend that doesnt require any due diligence."— Asif Anwar, Associate Manager, Web Marketing Solution, Grameen Solutions, was with anothercompany when working with Danish at DataFlow Pakistan Ltd"Danish is our CEO however he never deals with us bossy but he rather helps us like a brother, suggest uslike a friend, and guide us like an inspirer. He is Creative, Enthusiastic. Broad-minded and decisive. In short,he is a great inspiration for us and we love working under his supervision."— Hassan Jamal, -, -, reported to Danish at DataFlow Pakistan Ltd"During working with DANISH I found him a very nice, polite and humble person. No doubt he have verygood knowledge and he is highly processional, motivated, and highly skilled, with a deep understanding ofrunning business. I find him extremely supportive with all."— Kamal Anwar Chishti, Team Leader, IntegraScreen Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., reported to Danish atIntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"MR.DANISH has an exellent leadership qualities"— Hassan Jabbar, Account Executive, DDB Integrated Jeddah, worked indirectly for Danish atIntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"I have known Danish since past 4 years and during these times I found him a dedicated security professionaland an excellent human being. His positive attitude and commitment to go beyond clients’ expectation is ahallmark of his professional life. A great coach and mentor, who has always been a source of inspiration androle model to his colleagues. His profound professional knowledge encompassing security & investigationaspects proves to be an asset to any organization he works for. Its indeed a great pleasure working withDanish and share professional experiences that have always been beneficial and rewarding." Page10
  11. 11. — Mubashar Hasan, Country Manager Pakistan, Unity Resources Group, worked with Danish atIntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"Danish has managed the Pakistan operations effectively and efficiently. It was pleasure working with him.Co-ordinating with a remote location can pose many challenges, but with him around it was as simple asbeing face to face."— Chandramouli Pandya, Manager Projects, Quality & MIS, IntegraScreen Services Pvt Ltd, workeddirectly with Danish at IntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"I would like to summarize Danish to be a cool and composite person with a good touch of Technology andthe ability to relate to people at any level of business and management.. regards Arun"— Arun Tiwari - CISSP®, ISO27001® ISMS LA, ITILF, CEH, Sr.Manager - GroupIT, IntegraScreen, worked indirectly for Danish at IntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"Danish has been a pleasure to work with.His dedication, business ethics and knowledge of global businessimpact (especially the emerging Asian Market) has been very helpful. His ability to think outside the box forsolutions and then execute on them allowed us to do business which we thought we will not be able to. He isa very reliable business partner and we look forward to continue to work with him and leverage his opinionsin the future."— Shariq Alvi Thanvi, A. Practice Director, Fujitsu Consulting, was with another company when workingwith Danish at IntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"Danish is a great person to work with.His expertise as a General Manager is extraordinary.I have beenworking as his subordinate and always found him a good mentor.He has a vast knowledge and a specialquality of looking at things with different perspective.He is truly an asset for any organization."— Saima Qaiser, Research Analyst, integrascreen, reported to Danish at IntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"Danish is an example of commitment and professionalism with excellent communication skills, and I havenoticed significant improvement in the Pakistan operations, since he joined the company. He is very flexibleand cooperative and always manages to find solution, even to most critical and problematic issues."— Vera Gondard, Operations Manager, IntegraScreen - Dubai, worked directly with Danish atIntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"Danish Thanvi is a Business Oriented Manager. Hardworking, Sincere to his responsibilities, VeryCo-operative and having a real Corporate Image in his field of service Industry."— Sadaqat Arif | Member - ACFE, Research Analyst, Reputa Solutions, worked with Danish atIntegraScreen Pakistan Ltd"Danish grew very quickly in his role and took on more responsibility as his time evolved in H&A. Im sure Page11
  12. 12. he will make a good CISO one day." — James Gay, Director Information Security Services, Hill & Associates, managed Danish at Hill & Associates - Hong Kong "Danish is an excellent team player and fantastic individual to work with. He has a very good knowledge about information security and is a pretty hard work. He is a goal-oriented person and always thrives to achieve his targets and ojbectives. Personally he is my very good friend or rather my own brother. Wish him all the best in his endeavors." — Anil Chiplunkar, Information Security Consultant, HILL and Associates, worked directly with Danish at Hill & Associates - Hong Kong "In Dewan Danish was my colleague and he started building his skills in lotus notes development and within short span of time he was able to produce viable results and helped creating few domino applications and an intranet portal. Moving onwards danish also provide his lotus developement skills to other well known companies in karachi. Danish is a very dedicated, smart, highly talented and career oriented professional. Through the years that I have known Danish I have seen him grow tremendously and I foresee him to grow alot more in the years to follow. I wish all the best for him for his future endeavors." — Muhammad Yousuf Faisal (Zubairi), Deputy Manager - Networks & Communications, Dewan Mushtaq Group, worked directly with Danish at Dewan Mushtaq GroupContact Danish on LinkedIn Page12