Belarusian Rugby Federation - Presentation in Stockholm FIRA-AER Congress July 2013


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Presentation of the Belarusian Rugby Federation at the annual General meeting of FIRA-AER in Stockholm 06 July 2013

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Belarusian Rugby Federation - Presentation in Stockholm FIRA-AER Congress July 2013

  1. 1. Belarusian Rugby Federation Application for the associate membership in FIRA-AER Stockholm, 2013
  2. 2. The history of rugby in Belarus • In the 1930s - a team of Minsk College of Physical Education participated in the championships of the USSR. • 2005 - the first training session coached by Mr. Jacobus Petrus Vandenberg (South Africa) • 2006 - the Belarusian team was invited to the rugby-7 tournament in Gdansk. • 10 May 2008 – the first rugby club – RC «Vepry» Minsk – was founded. • April 2009 - a joint team participated in the tournament in Finland • 2010 - Minsk Rugby Federation establishement; the 1st Minsk Cup of Rugby-7 and the Rugby-15; RC «Vepry» Minsk visited the Ukraine for the rugby-7 tournament; the 1st official match RC «Vepry» - RC "White Castle" (Belgorod, Russia). • October 9, 2012 - Belarusian Rugby Federation registration.
  3. 3. Current situation •Belarusian Rugby Federation •Rugby federation of Minsk exists as an independent organizationFederation •RC «Vepri» Minsk – officially registred club •RC "Sciapianka-300“ (Minsk); in Brest - RC "Hardcore Reds"; in Rečyca - RC "Bastion" Clubs •About 250Athletes •Neither Republican nor Minsk federations and clubs do have their resource base for the development of rugby. Stadiums, locker rooms and transport for trips abroad are rented. Resource base
  4. 4. Belarusian Rugby Federation 4 1. Supreme body (The Conference) 2. Governing body (Council) 4. The President of the Council 5. Executive body (executive director) 3. Control body Governing structure
  5. 5. Development • Comprehensive Programme «Rugby Development in Belarus for 2012- 2016» – Creation of optimal conditions for popularization and development of rugby among all segments of the population of Belarus, particularly among children and young people, improvement of sport skills of Belarusian rugby players, inspiring young people for healthy lifestyle
  6. 6. Recognition by the State and the NOC Sports Ministry NOC BRF 6 To receive the support of the State and NOC the national federation has to be a member of European and/or world associations
  7. 7. Thank you for your attention! © Republican public association «Belarusian rugby federation» Zav. Paŭnočny 13 P 1/K korp. 2 office 14v, Minsk, Belarus Tel. +375 29 6636036 Fax +375 17 2134285 e-mail: