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5 Themes Of Geography


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5 Themes Of Geography

  2. 2. Location Location describes where a place is. 2 Types of Location  Absolute Location  Relative Location
  3. 3. Absolute Location Describes the exact location on the earth’s surface Use latitude and longitude to describe this location Global address
  4. 4. Absolute Location NEW YORK CITY  Latitude: 40° 7 N Longitude: 74° W
  5. 5. Relative Location Describes a place in relation to another place Typically directional words are used to describe the location
  6. 6. Relative Location NEW YORK CITY Northeast of  Empire State Philadelphia Building is 227 miles Located between the north of the White Hudson River and East House. River  It is also about 15 blocks from New Yorks Central Park.
  7. 7. Place The physical and human characteristics that make a place unique
  8. 8. PhysicalCharacteristics What naturally is present? Can include landforms such as mountains or bodies of water, animals, the climate or weather conditions
  9. 9. PhysicalCharacteristics NEW YORK CITY Located on an island called Manhattan Has a humid subtropical climate
  10. 10. Human Characteristics What do people make or do there? Can include their culture, language, religion, politics, buildings, landmarks, bridges, and roads
  11. 11. Human Characteristics NEW YORK CITY
  12. 12. Human-EnvironmentInteraction The impact humans and the environment have on each other. Can be positive or negative.
  13. 13. Human-EnvironmentInteraction NEW YORK CITY Hurricanes can occur in this area and subways or low lying coastal areas need to be evacuated. On an island so humans have had to adapt and build a bridge to be able to and from the city Air pollution exists from factories, buildings, and vehicle
  14. 14. Movement The mobility of people, goods and ideas Travel, communication, trade
  15. 15. Movement NEW YORK CITY 50.5 million tourists visited in 2011 Immigration - Between 1892 and 1956 over 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island
  16. 16. Region Unifying physical, human, or cultural characteristics in an area Helps geographers split the world into areas of study
  17. 17. Region NEW YORK CITY  In the Northeast of the United States  Located along the eastern seaboard  5 boroughs which include Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island
  18. 18. Can you name the 5 themes?Try and give an example of each!Press play to check your answers!
  19. 19. And the 5 themes are…1 – Location2 – Place3 – Human-Environment Interaction4 – Movement5 – Region