How to prepare a disaster fundraising plan - part 2


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This is part two of a presentation on disaster fundraising I did in January. This session focused on implementation and donor conversion.

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  • Efficiency is important, but don’t lose personalization.
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  • How to prepare a disaster fundraising plan - part 2

    1. 1. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 1 EMER GEN C Y D ISA STER RESPONSE Preparing a Fundraising Plan Part Two January 24, 2013
    2. 2. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 2 YOUR WEBINAR TEAM Danielle Johnson Vermenton Senior Interactive Consultant Go! powered by Luminate Online Kent Gilliam Luminate Community Manager
    3. 3. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 3 DAY ONE • Creating a disaster fundraising plan • Communications • Fundraising appeals • Acknowledgements • Inkind Policy • Events AGENDA DAY TWO • Day One recap • Implementation • Disaster strikes – now what? • Donor Conversion • Can you convert disaster only donors into annual donors? • Examples • What’s in the kit? • A walk through of the tools
    4. 4. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 4 • Communications – have a plan for constituents, the Board, social media, PR, website and staff • Fundraising appeals – immediacy is key, send appeals within 2-3 days, use existing communications like an eNews to highlight efforts • Acknowledgements – the key to confirming a donor’s intention, talk to Finance to discuss designation and reporting • Inkind Policy – avert your own disaster by having clearly defined guidelines for what you will and won’t accept • 3rd party events – people will be motivated to fundraise, be prepared to field and evaluate the requests (it’s ok to say no) KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM DAY ONE
    5. 5. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 5
    6. 6. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 6 • An update from the organization about their efforts to provide relief • Extended to their website with a blog post, more pictures and a video CHARITY WATER
    7. 7. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 7 • What goes into a donor bulletin? • Description of the disaster • Pictures • Statistics • Your organization’s response efforts • Ways to give FACTS AT A GLANCE Services at a Glance Total People in shelters Meals served Snacks served Staff & Volunteers Money Raised
    8. 8. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 8 Another example of a disaster update using a regularly scheduled enews to send out information on Hurricane Sandy
    9. 9. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 9 AGENDA • Day One recap • Implementation • Disaster strikes – now what? • Donor Conversion • Can you convert disaster only donors into annual donors? • Examples • What’s in the kit? • A walk through of the tools
    10. 10. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 10 • If you know the disaster is coming (ie: a hurricane or potential flood) begin implementing the plan ASAP • Call a meeting with key staff to discuss next steps • Find out who can come into the office and who can’t, make adjustments quickly • Identify one person who can begin implementing the plan while others serve in a relief capacity • Consider setting up a phone bank of volunteers to help field phone calls (provide a script and list of Q&A to each volunteer) • Update the talking points from the plan and disseminate to all staff • Evaluate the need for print and online solicitations, are you doing both or just online? • Update your website immediately with key contact information MOBILIZING AFTER A DISASTER
    11. 11. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 11 While these things are not directly related to fundraising, it’s something to consider when planning and identifying resources • Food • Phone lines & internet • Localized damage • Mini volunteer trainings • Donations in the field • The CEO at the front door A FEW THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT EXPECT What do you mean staff need to eat?
    12. 12. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 12 AGENDA • Day One recap • Implementation • Disaster strikes – now what? • Donor Conversion • Can you convert disaster only donors into annual donors? • Examples • What’s in the kit? • A walk through of the tools
    13. 13. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 13 T U N E I N T O Y O U R D O N O R S
    14. 14. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 14 Disaster donors are a special breed. Moved by emotions they give. Many will only give to disasters and no matter your efforts, won’t give again. Many of the individuals, companies and groups can be converted into annual supporters if treated right, thanked appropriately, educated and asked. A SPECIAL BREED But… So what’s the plan?
    15. 15. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 15 DEVELOP A STRATEGY NOT A TACTIC Activities Timing $500- $999 $1000- $4999 $5,000- $14,999 And up Thank you letter Thank you call from… Invitation to a Tour Personal TY Visit Call out on social media Listing in the Annual Report Research Donor eBulletin Disaster Stewardship Report
    16. 16. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 16 ROMANCING YOUR DONORS – GETTING CREATIVE WITH THANK YOU • Email • Social media • Website • Printed materials • Events • Thank You videos • Executive Tours • Breakfast with the CEO
    17. 17. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 17 “SEE YOUR GIFT AT WORK” Donors have expectations of the charities they support. (think investment) They’re more savvy and aren’t as forgiving when an organization makes a mistake. What do you need to do? • Share results • Show impact • Connect
    18. 18. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 18 • Invest the time to put together a disaster report that includes pictures, statistics and stories • Hand deliver it or mail it with a note (not a printed letter!) • Decide at what donation level you should mail it or deliver • For everyone else send a postcard with a URL to view it online or include an abbreviated version in an upcoming newsletter • Depending on the severity of the disaster, send a report at 3 months and a final report at 1 year • You could include the final report in your Annual Report as an insert SEND A DISASTER STEWARDSHIP REPORT
    19. 19. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 19 SHOW THEM AROUND
    20. 20. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 20 Wh e n a f a m i l y l o s e s t h e i r h o m e a t 2 A M , y o u ’r e w i t h u s Wh e n a m o t h e r s a v e s h e r c h i l d ’s l i f e b e c a u s e s h e k n o w s C P R , y o u ’r e w i t h u s A n d w h e n p a r e n t s s a y g o o d b y e t o t h e i r d a u g h t e r b e i n g d e p l o y e d , y o u ’r e w i t h u s Wh e n y o u s u p p o r t t h e A m e r i c a n R e d C r o s s , B r o w a r d C o u n t y C h a p t e r y o u ’r e w i t h u s e v e r y d a y g i v i n g h o p e a n d r e l i e f t o d i s a s t e r v i c t i m s , p r o v i d i n g s u p p o r t t o m i l i t a r y f a m i l i e s , t e a c h i n g p a r e n t s h o w t o p r o t e c t t h e i r c h i l d r e n , a n d h a n d i n g o u t f o o d a n d a s s i s t a n c e d u r i n g h u r r i c a n e s . Wh e n t h e y ’v e l o s t e v e r y t h i n g , y o u ’r e w i t h u s . T h a n k y o u . TELL A STORY & MOVE THEM
    21. 21. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 21 Create an email donor series • Be bold and creative • Keep it simple • Use query & groups to segment
    22. 22. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 22 A personal experience: the challenge Steward & convert disaster donors into local chapter supporters The Strategy  During disaster response operation sent out weekly e-updates on relief efforts  Exclusive invitation to tour Disaster Operations Center  Set appointments to meet with corporate leadership & present staff with TY poster  Invited to a Donor Reception & Photo Exhibit  Implemented quarterly IMPACT postcards  Implemented Mission tours at Chapter
    23. 23. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 23 • Secured 24 meetings with corporate donors within 2 weeks. • Successfully converted corporate donors to give more than $350,000 for local programs and services within 17 months. Lessons Learned 1. Be passionate with the thank you 2. Be thoughtful in planning – think long term 3. Be patient & realistic with your goals and expectations 4. Write it down – the plan, timeline, actions, next steps & results 5. Understand your donors THE RESULTS
    24. 24. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 24 MEASURING SUCCESS  Monitor the timeline  Set measurable goals  Track activities in your donor database  Keep notes  Evaluate results
    25. 25. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 25 • Activate your disaster fundraising plan immediately. Hold a meeting to discuss next steps with staff & Board. • Consider logistics when activating your plan • Once the disaster has passed and things slowly get back to normal, develop a strategy for Donor Conversion • Pull reports on disaster only donors, group into giving levels and assign action plans for each level • Monitor and measure success of the strategy, but remember to be patient • It can take several months to a year to get a second gift KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM DAY TWO “ W E N E E D T O S T O P M E A S U R I N G O U R S U C C E S S B Y W H E T H E R O R N O T W E M E E T T H E N E E D S O F O U R A N N U A L B U D G E T S ”