AFP Planet Philanthropy 2014: Romancing the Donor Online

Principal Consultant at Blackbaud
Jun. 24, 2014

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AFP Planet Philanthropy 2014: Romancing the Donor Online

  1. Romancing the Donor Getting the Second Date Online Updated from content originally presented at BBCON Danielle Johnson Vermenton Senior Interactive Consultant AFP Planet Philanthropy 2014
  2. Blackbaud Confidential 2 You need to stop measuring success by whether or not you meet the needs of your annual budgets.
  3. Blackbaud Confidential 3 Instead, have a plan that is strategic & sustainable that builds long term support
  4. Blackbaud Confidential 4 What’s the reality?
  5. Source: For every 100 new or returning donors 105 were lost and gave nothing For every $100 in new, renewed or increased support $96 was lost from lapsed and smaller gifts AFP FEP Study 2013
  6. 46% of donors stop giving for reasons that are connected to “a failure to communicate.” Source: Donor-Center Fundraising
  7. Key reasons they leave No memory of ever giving Did not feel connected to the organization Not asked to give again No longer able to afford support Other causes are more deserving Never heard how the donation was used
  8. All reasons that can be linked to a failure to communicate Key reasons they leave
  9. Preferences are changing
  10. Friends & Family
  11. Are you their favorite charity? More than half of donors received information from their favorite charity’s website and by email NTEN & Charity Dynamics Report
  12. Are you their favorite charity? When looking for information/updates, a website is a donors top choice NTEN & Charity Dynamics Report
  13. Are you their favorite charity? Donors aged 50+ preferred visiting the website and receiving email to stay in touch with their favorite charity NTEN & Charity Dynamics Report
  14. Email Appeals website Videos blog twitter FB Are your efforts coordinated?
  15. How can you improve & retain donors? How do you get beyond the noise?
  16. FOCUS
  18. Keep Convert Find Check out Flip The Funnel by Joe Jaffee Flip your focus on keeping donors
  19. A 10% change in retention can increase the life time value of a donor base up to 200% - Dr Adrian Sargeant
  20. Have an online gratitude (with attitude) strategy With every point of contact it is about building.
  21. Get interactive on your website Run a Donor Welcome Series Create Impact Messaging Go beyond the eNews Get social with your audience Use engagement surveys Go viral with videos
  22. Shout it from the mountain top! Interactive ‘thank you’ page Add or link to videos Use big, bold photos Let donors be social Create mission moments Optimize everything for mobile GET INTERACTIVE ON YOUR WEBSITE
  23. Insight from the Index ReportDONOR WELCOME SERIES Should be automated Give examples of impact Provide next steps Focus on new donors Check out npENGAGE for more ideas on a donor welcome series
  24. Insight from the Index ReportSEND IMPACT MESSAGES Give data a face & story Do it often – programs, events, finances Make it relatable Make it bite sized
  25. Blackbaud Confidential
  26. BEYOND THE ENEWS Find reasons to be creative Look for holidays, events, & occasions Stand out among the crowd Remind donors why they love you
  28. Share photos and tag the donor Tweet program news & mission moments Ask clients, recipients, donors to post their stories Use your FB or twitter covers to say TY Celebrate donors on your blog Use images & videos (get the highest clicks) GET SOCIAL
  29. Insight from the Index ReportASK FOR FEEDBACK Ask for their story No more than 10 questions Once a year Survey donors Offline & Online
  30. Insight from the Index ReportUSE VIDEOS TO MAKE A CONNECTION Make it come to life with video & music (for free!)
  31. Final thoughts: It’s all about themMOVING FORWARD Have a 7 point plan Communicate & connect often Tell great stories, share results Change the focus Provide multiple touch points Get feedback and monitor changes
  32. NTEN & CharityDynamics Nonprofit Donor Engagement Benchmark Report The Next Generation of American Giving Penelope Burke’s blog NonProfit Marketing Guide Inbound Zombie – All things social media The Millennial Impact Report Donor Retention: What do we know and what can we do about it? resources