2013 beacon uw slide_congress


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2013 beacon uw slide_congress

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON • Research highlights - Evolution of 3D printed flowers under hawkmoth foraging - Genes underlying aggregation in natural and evolved yeast isolates - Timing of gene expression affects evolution of ascidian development - Evolution of an engineered genetic circuit with a suicidal public good • Education/outreach highlights - Citizen science via Seattle Aquarium monitoring evolution in Puget Sound - Field/comp courses at Friday Harbor - Undergrad research in UW labs on experimental evolution - Outreach: K-12 classroom visits, science fair judging, town hall talk • A few statistics from this past year - 7 publications, 8 grants/fellowships, 17 presentations, 2 faculty jobs - 39 trainees: 51% female & 23% URM Autolysis Growth A Altruist Consumer Cellulose Cellobiose