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My understanding of the thriller genre


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AS Media Preliminary Task

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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My understanding of the thriller genre

  1. 1. My Understanding of the Thriller Genre
  2. 2. Thriller Film Genre  A genre that is characterized and described by the emotions they evoke, giving the audience intense feelings of anticipation exhilaration and anxiety. Thrillers are often hybrids - there are lots of varieties of suspense-thrillers.  The Protagonist is often a brave male who seeks to restore balance  The antagonist will have a hidden identity that the audience will uncover as the film progresses. Often the antagonist goes out for revenge from a past event.
  3. 3. Subgenres  Action Thriller - Action thrillers usually feature a race against the clock and frequent violence. Underworld Awakening  Psychological Thriller – The conflict is mental, rather than physical. The protagonist has become involved in a dangerous situation which threatens their sanity. They must use mental prowess to overcome their opponent, whether the battle is inside their own head or it a battle of wits. The Machinist  Supernatural Thriller - Paranormal elements are introduced, usually as an antagonistic force. Some characters may have psychic abilities and other supernatural novel elements may be present. The Conjuring
  4. 4. Subgenres continued…  Mystery Thriller - It differs from a regular mystery by being much more fast- paced, with the protagonist on the run and the threat of another crime. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  Spy Thriller - Focuses on the high adventures of field agents, usually set against the backdrop of some war. The Bourne Identity  Disaster Thriller - A natural disaster is taking place, and the antagonist is either trying to stop the disaster, or just save themselves before time runs out. World War Z
  5. 5. More Subgenres…  Legal Thriller - Takes place in and around the courtroom. Protagonist is a lawyer who has found their case threatening death for either them or their client. The Pelican Brief  Crime Thriller - Usually from the criminal’s point of view. Physical action and eluding the police take the place of gathering evidence and trying to discover the criminal. The Silence Of The Lambs  Religious Thriller – Usually a religious or historical artefact is discovered and different parties vie for control. In some cases a religious prophecy or event begins and the protagonist must try to defeat the antagonist or save the world. Legion
  6. 6. Mise En Scene Mise En Scene in a Thriller Film:  Low Key Lighting  Quick Cuts  Shadows  Tension  Dramatic changes in the angle of shots  Diegetic sound of heavy breathing  Black and White shots  Montage of shots  Protagonist is in the mercy of the Antagonist
  7. 7. Sound in a Thriller Film  The sound in a thriller film has to be reflective of the characters emotions and the current events.  The music can be used to signify an important part of the film.  Slow paced music helps to create tension and build suspense.  This effect also makes the scene more intense for the audience.
  8. 8. Editing in a Thriller Film  Jump cuts are frequently used in thriller films due to how much information there is that the audience needs to know, so the film makes sense.  Smooth editing makes the film flow better so the audience understands what is going on.  Close ups are used frequently to create more tension.
  9. 9. Hybrids  Hybrid- A mixture or a fusion  In terms of films – 3 or more genres or mixtures of subgenre