Facebook - Is It Only A Social Tool


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How can Facebook meet business as well as social interaction needs? Originally intended for the construction industry, most of the points in this presentation apply to other business sectors.

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Facebook - Is It Only A Social Tool

  1. 1. facebook: is it only a social tool? by Danielle Sheerin
  2. 2. hello! I’m Danielle Sheerin i’m a social media consultant at nixonmcinnes
  3. 3. we help connect brands with people through the social web nixonmcInnes is a leading social media agency specialising in using the very latest in social media innovation to help businesses engage better with their customers the UK’s largest dedicated team of social media specialists: founded in 2000 thought leaders: instigators of ‘Measurement Camp’
  4. 4. a little bit of social proof :)
  5. 5. let’s talk facebook
  6. 6. hands up who has a facebook profile? has used facebook in the last week? works for a company with a facebook presence? can measure (and confidently explain) the value?
  7. 7. let’s start with what it is and why it is important
  8. 8. facebook is the wildly popular, free social networking site that combines the best of blogs, online forums and groups, photosharing, clever applications and interaction among friends
  9. 9. facebook is about connecting and sharing – it is viral
  10. 10. facebook started as student site and its focus remains connecting groups and staying in touch. because of this it retains the link between the individual and their profile. this provides an authenticity – you always know who you are talking to in facebook.
  11. 11. some stats (wow! not yawn ) 350 million active users worldwide, 19m in the UK and its not just teens! Source: clickymedia.co.uk
  12. 12. facebook has strong user engagement facebook is part of the daily routine for users Daily 25 mins per day 2 visits per day 50% return daily Source: Comscore Dec 2008 & Facebook Internal Data, Feb 2009
  13. 13. what are people doing? Source: North American Technographics Media and Marketing Online Survey, Q3 2007
  14. 14. “The power to define and control a brand is shifting from corporations and institutions to individuals and communities”
  15. 15. what are the opportunities for businesses? Connect brands with mass & niche audiences Share new content & info with friends Open products up to a conversation on Facebook
  16. 16. facebook elements profiles – your personal front to the world groups – your special interest front to the world pages – your business front to the world ads – your sales front to the world
  17. 17. facebook profiles personal front to the world this is not where you conduct business! make friends and build connections feed your wall from other sources use lists to organise your contacts
  18. 18. feed your wall from other sources post stories relevant to your industry post links to interesting content
  19. 19. use facebook lists to organise your contacts
  20. 20. facebook groups special interest front to the world quick and easy to set up can foster a strong sense of community join and participate in others’ groups create groups and invite your friends
  21. 21. things you can do with a facebook group promotions campaigns consultations events employee hubs
  22. 22. setting up a facebook group make sure anyone can join fill in all fields include keywords for Start here easier search incorporate events send messages
  23. 23. how to create a GREAT facebook group setup your group correctly ensure your group has a clear purpose remember your audience create engaging content make new friends update your content and engage with your members
  24. 24. facebook pages business front to the world scaleable – can be basic or customised can be used to present a range of messaging built in insight tools allow measurement and tracking promote your page with your marketing materials
  25. 25. things you can do with a facebook page showcase work industry comment and insight company newsroom recruitment customer interaction just about anything else you want!
  26. 26. anatomy of a Facebook page anyone can become a fan company logo and basic info controllable wall where you can your fans can post content customisable tabs for photos, events, videos or build your own functionality
  27. 27. example of a customised tab
  28. 28. setting up a facebook page use your own profile to create it add as much company info as possible Start here add some content to your page before you publish it enhance your page with apps
  29. 29. enhance your page with apps http://mashable.com/2009/01/22/business-facebook-apps/
  30. 30. how to create a GREAT facebook page remember your audience be creative promote your page maintain and enhance your page check your analytics
  31. 31. check your analytics Facebook insights
  32. 32. facebook is about connecting and sharing – it is viral
  33. 33. viral content facebook is viral but creating genuinely viral content is challenging good virals are often clever/amusing/contr oversial but the audience should always be at the heart remember the goal of your viral!
  34. 34. breast cancer awareness bra colour status updates viral rage against the machine for Xmas no#1 viral
  35. 35. facebook ads sales front to the world can be targeted to your audience can be used to promote a page, events or offline service
  36. 36. Use fan ads to recruit new fans use video ads to promote work and elicit comment use poll ads to generate conversation
  37. 37. creating a facebook ad make every word count explain the value in the title decide where your ad Start here sends people target your ad to your audience decide your budget test and tweak your ads
  38. 38. so, to summarise, facebook can help your business with networking consultations intelligence recruitment brand awareness Internal comms promotions customer service creating a showcase thought-leadership pr sales lead generation market research
  39. 39. that’s all very well, but how do we know if its working?
  40. 40. facebook metrics how many fans/group members do you have? Is it growing? how engaged are they? are you reaching the right audience? how does this relate to offline activity?
  41. 41. finally, some dos and don’ts
  42. 42. do be authentic and human post content regularly - who is responsible? engage with your contacts (and I mean properly!) measure your success be patient!
  43. 43. don’t forget your audience lose sight of your objective spam your audience lose momentum
  44. 44. find out more www.nixonmcinnes.co.uk