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Writing descriptions


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Writing descriptions

  1. 1. WritingDescriptions
  2. 2. • We have been working on extending ourselves with our writing. This group of Dragonflies looked at a picture and talked about what they saw, how they felt and what they wondered.
  3. 3. • Read the following descriptions get a picture in your head and then see if it’s the same as what you thought!• A big thank you to Kerry for helping out.
  4. 4. Lucy HIt is a school bus. It looks like a trailer. This is weird because a bike is carting a school bus.
  5. 5. LachieThe carriage is filled with people and they’re late for school. There is no one to give them a ride. And the teacher would be wondering where they are and the teacher would think they are sick. The teacher has 13 children.
  6. 6. ZaraI can see a bike carrying a carriage. The bike has 3 wheels. And bags up on top of the carriage. They are in India. They are near a shop. There is a man out the front of the shop.
  7. 7. MillaThe school bus is yellow. It says BAL MANDIR Public School. There is lots of people in the carriage and there are 3 boys and there is 1 girl. On the yellow carriage on top of it is some bags. But the bags wont fall off because it has a bar on the side so they won’t fall off. It has wheels on the bottom of it and there is 2 wheels at the back of it. There is a bike in front of it.
  8. 8. Edward• Today I see a school bus. It looks weird. There is an ABCD shop. There is weird man walking. He is being weird because HE IS ABOUT TO GET RUNOVER! He is silly don’t you think? There are drink bottles too!
  9. 9. FlynnI feel nervous because I think it will break. They look squashed. The place is India. I wonder who will pedal the bike. It has three wheels. They keep their bags on the roof.
  10. 10. Imogen• It has a bike. It has a carriage. The look squished. I feel happy.
  11. 11. Have you formedan image in yourhead?