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Comparing story boards


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Comparing story boards

  1. 1. Pre-Production Shots 1-4 We knew from the beginning that we were going to use twisted pictures At the beginning we were not going to use Our first shot was going music just enhance We also knew after seeing the location that to be an establishing diegetic and non- we were going to use the lift to show some shot of the location. But diegetic sounds. because of time and of our credits. And after doing our permission this could preliminary task we could now incorporate not happen. match on action into our thriller
  2. 2. Post-Production Shots 1-4 We then decided to have the twisted pictures logo before moving onto the credits. We decided that the opening shot We still have diegetic sound but should be of the lift opening, and we have now incorporated music then our main character (Henry) ‘Trolley of Death’ opening the lift and coming in. which fits in really well.
  3. 3. Also before production we Pre-Production had a rough idea of how long Shots 5-7 we would want each shot to be, but it was not definite so we did not write it in our pre- production story board.One of the many thingswe knew we wanted to do in our thriller wasbuild suspense, whichwe thought making themain character walk a This walking would also show off all the different lot would do. shots that we could do. For lighting we decided to have natural lighting because we were planning on filming in the day, however this did not happen because it got darker earlier than we anticipated.
  4. 4. Post-Production Shot 5-8 We decided to show off more match on action shots of the character opening and closing the door of the lift before moving onto the different range of shots for the character walking. Because of the time we were filming (winter 4pm) it was dark in the warehouse so we had to use the lighting of the warehouse.
  5. 5. We wanted to have a POV shot of the main character readingPre-Production the letter, but it was not practical because of the time we had Shots 8-11 and we didn’t want to get into “the mind” of the character just yet. We didn’t want the audience to connect with him. We also knew about props i.e. using letters. We thought this would make the audience want to know more, and what the letters were, making the opening scene more Our first ideas when it came to the letter was a voice mysterious. over of someone reading it as our main character walked into another room. This did not happen as we thought it was distracting and made the whole thriller confusing.
  6. 6. Post-Production Shots 9-12 After getting used to the camera after our preliminary task we were more comfortable with the camera and I think this showed in our thriller, as we used a wide variety of shots. E.g. close up, panning, long shot and low angle.
  7. 7. Pre-Production Shots 12-15 After going to see thelocation before filming, we knew what rooms wewanted to use and that wewanted to include the lights of the warehouse because they had a really ominous feel to them.
  8. 8. Post-Production Shots 13-16 One big change to our thriller from pre-production to editing is showing our other character. At the beginning of the process we wanted to show him at the end, but now, during editing we have decided to show just little clips of his arms and legs. This From our pre-production story board leaves our audience confused and wanting to know to the actual filming we kept the more. same tools. We knew what we wanted to use and kept to it. E.g. chair, duct tape, knife, lift and letters.
  9. 9. Post-Production Shots 17-20 We also had more shots of the tools and during editing we had sharper and quicker cuts. Another big change is that our pre- production story board is very brief, as we knew what we wanted to do and how to film it, but we improvised during the day.
  10. 10. Post-Production Shots 21-24 We have a lot more shots than we had planned but this just shows howcomfortable we were with the camera and experimenting in our group.
  11. 11. Post-Production Shots 25-28 We used a lot of diegetic sound that we edited to make louder.
  12. 12. Post-Production Shots 29-30 Even from the beginning we knew we wanted to end the opening scene with a cliff-hanger – where anything could happen after. We used the same music track from beginning to end, and it fits in really well with the movement and pace of the character and the shots.