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  1. 1. Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle Order Form Don’t go home empty handed February 3-12 Tuesday-Friday 8am-2:30pm Deliveries on Thursday, Feb. 12 *Check all items that you would like to purchase* Purchaser’s Name: _____________________ Program:________________________ AM/ PM Premade Bundle-$10.00 __________ Carnation-$1.00 __________ TeddyBear-$1.50 __________ MylarBalloon-$1.50 __________ LatexBalloon-$0.50 __________ Candle-$1.25 __________ MixedChocolates/GummyCandies-$3.00 ___________
  2. 2. Total PurchasePrice: ____________________________ Deliver to (Name & Program): ________________________________________________