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  1. 1. Grace Marketplace Service Project- FLAAB and Mentors 2015-2016 Introduction We will serve as individual career consultants to the clients at Grace Marketplace. These series of workshops are designed to educate, motivate and inspire people experiencing homelessness in the Gainesville community by providing knowledge and skills that have been learned in the Florida Leadership Academy and passing it along to build business professionals. We will also be converting the computer lab in to a career resource center! Please remember that we are representing not just the Florida Leadership Academy or the Heavener School of Business but the University of Florida. This is a series of professional workshops but should be engaging and memorable! What is Grace Marketplace? GRACE is a one-stop approach to social services. Below are some of the services GRACE provides to the Gainesville community.  Intake and referral  Substance abuse and mental health counseling  Case management  Assistance with public benefit signups (food stamps, Medicaid, SSI/SSDI, and SafeLink phones)  Showers and restrooms  Breakfast and Dinner  Outdoor shelter pavilion  Storage of personal belongings  Clothes closet  Computer lab For more information, feel free to visit the website: Requirements * All information shared between you, the client, and this form is confidential! *  Meet the week before workshop at Grace  Each group must add something to the computer lab  Fill out client forms  Fill out feedback form
  2. 2. Arrival Time Each group must arrive at 5:30pm. Please plan accordingly and give yourself time for any delays. You are required to be on time if you want credit for attending the event! Meet at the main Welcome Center and ask where the computer lab is. Transportation You are responsible for finding your own transportation to and from the training and the workshop event. There are a limited number of parking spaces so please make arrangements to ride together. Attire/Things to bring Please wear your FLA polo with appropriate jeans (dark denim, no holes). Also, wear your nametag, a belt, and closed toe shoes. Please consider bringing your laptop to Grace in case there are more people than we expect. There are only 5 computers in the lab. Meeting the week before Your group must meet the week before your session at Grace to discuss what the hour will look like, to practice with client profiles and to discuss what your group will add to the computer lab to convert it in to a career resource center. You must send a breakdown of what your hour will look like and your addition to the computer lab to the community service committee member assigned to your group. Career resource center addition You can add anything you want to the center to make it as resourceful as possible. There will be a Google doc shared amongst groups so no two ideas are brought to Grace. We would like to see posters on the walls, pamphlets, a bulletin board, etc so be creative! Your role As FLAAB and mentors, you will facilitate the sessions but you will not actually do the one-on-one career consulting. The FLA mentees will work one-on-one with the Grace clients as you observe, encourage and provide support and assistance if it is needed. The week before the workshop, you are responsible for coordinating meeting with your group to 1, go over how the hour will break down, 2, practice career coaching sessions by using client profiles and 3, decide what
  3. 3. addition you and your group will make to the computer lab. At the actual session, you will be responsible for organizing the group and keeping everyone on pace to finish by 6:50pm to leave time for mentees to fill out the form. You can walk around to the different groups while they are meeting as well. Example Breakdown of Workshop at Grace 0-1 min Welcome 1-3 min Introduction- who we are, why we are here, what services do we offer 3-5 min Ice breaker 5-50 min One-on-one career coaching 50-60 min Fill out client form Forms Every FLA mentee will fill out this form at the end of every session. It encompasses what was talked about in the meeting and also provides a guideline for being a successful career consultant. 42Yfao/viewform?usp=send_form If you have a client who has seen an FLA consultant prior to your session, use this link to look up what was talked about at the first meeting: 2vP3rPuxED4tM/edit?usp=sharing Feedback Survey Link: Directions 2845 Northeast 39th Avenue #13, Gainesville, FL 32609 (12 minute drive)
  4. 4. 1. Starting from the front of Hough Hall 2. Turn left onto SW 13th St 0.1 mi 3. Turn right on to W University Avenue 1.7 mi 4. Turn left onto NE Waldo Road 2.7 mi 5. Turn right onto NE 39th Ave 0.2 mi Turn right 6. Destination will be on the left 0.3 mi