There are five sides to every story presentation (2)


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There are five sides to every story presentation (2)

  1. 1. There Are Five Sides To Every Story: Which Are You Missing? By Lori L. Silverman Presentation by Danielle Dahlgren CMST 412 Article Presentation
  2. 2. Key Terms • Sto·ry: noun, plural Sto·ries: Karen Dietz Definition • 5 Practices surrounding the use of stories: 1. Finding Stories 2. Digging Into Stories 3. Selecting Stories 4. Crafting Stories 5. Embodying Stories
  3. 3. What was the purpose of this study?
  4. 4. Finding Stories • Evoke Stories by using prompts … “Tell me about a time when..” or “How did you handle the situation?” • There needs to be a listener who can behaves in an appreciative manner.
  5. 5. Digging into Stories • Collecting stories, rather than specific answers • May bring up unknown issues, concerns, or problems within an organization • Companies may identify a dominant story narrative
  6. 6. Selecting Stories • Determining criteria to build a story upon that will reinforce values inside and outside the organization What are the core values?  How will we highlight our strengths and downplay our weaknesses?
  7. 7. Crafting Stories • All stories have pattern • The meaning of the story needs to come from those closely involved with it. • Story needs to be sincere • Listeners will always draw their own conclusions. So, it important to identify the true meaning.
  8. 8. Embodying Stories • Telling the story in person • Symbolism • Silverman’s chair example
  9. 9. Methodology • In-depth interviews conducted with more than 170 business leaders in 80-plus organizations throughout the world.
  10. 10. Rationale for this study • • • • Branding Public relations Internal employee communications Appeal to investors
  11. 11. Implications and Limitations • Listeners drawing their own conclusions • Stories that are not told, that should be told • Specific data of ROI is hard to detail.
  12. 12. • 36 percent have experienced positive financial impact to the bottom line through increased growth, profitability, and/or increased funding. • 18 percent have noted that story has moved them closer to furthering specific organizational goals. • 17 percent have reported increased levels of engagement between people and the organization and/or higher levels of teamwork.
  13. 13. Thanks for listening!