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Lena Reinhard: Existing in Tech


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Mozilla's View Source 2016 in Berlin

Published in: Technology
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Lena Reinhard: Existing in Tech

  1. 1. The Human Brain @LRNRD
  2. 2. Mental Health issues can affect anyone @LRNRD
  3. 3. Mental Health Issues are stigmatised in Tech @LRNRD
  4. 4. 56,000,000 Kilometres in 2003 @LRNRD
  5. 5. Mars — Global desert Intense dust storms Surface temperature: -143 °C to 35 °C Long seasons No ozone layer Low air pressure & oxygen @LRNRD
  6. 6. Understanding the Effects of Mars Missions on Humans @LRNRD
  7. 7. The Tech Industry is Mars @LRNRD
  8. 8. The Tech Industry is built on Privilege @LRNRD
  9. 9. The Tech Industry is shaped by systemic Oppression @LRNRD
  10. 10. The Tech Industry lacks Empathy @LRNRD
  11. 11. The Tech Industry isn’t a "Meritocracy" (but tells itself that it’s one) @LRNRD
  12. 12. The Tech Industry fosters Hero Culture @LRNRD
  13. 13. The Tech Industry is not hospitable to Humans @LRNRD
  14. 14. Privilege in Tech is a Space Habitat @LRNRD
  15. 15. Being a member of an underrepresented Group in Tech means: @LRNRD
  16. 16. @LRNRD Being a member of an underrepresented Group in Tech means:
  17. 17. Being a member of an underrepresented Group in Tech means: Having no place to hide from dust storms @LRNRD
  18. 18. The Tech Industry affects everyone of us @LRNRD
  19. 19. We need systemic Change in the Tech Industry @LRNRD
  20. 20. This is what my Space Suit looks like: @LRNRD
  21. 21. Remember that you matter @LRNRD
  22. 22. Practice Self Care @LRNRD
  23. 23. Use the Power of Language @LRNRD
  24. 24. Do only one thing at a time @LRNRD
  25. 25. Get professional Help @LRNRD
  26. 26. Set and enforce Boundaries @LRNRD
  27. 27. Learn and recognise Warning Signs @LRNRD
  28. 28. Be open about your Experiences in Tech @LRNRD
  29. 29. Remember that you’re not alone in this @LRNRD
  30. 30. Know that there’s a Spaceship @LRNRD
  31. 31. Show Solidarity Fight for Change @LRNRD
  32. 32. When you go out there on Mars: what will be your Space Suit? @LRNRD
  33. 33. Travel safely