Great Bodybuilding Secrets.


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Great Bodybuilding Secrets.

  1. 1. Today I’ll tell you about a little known secret to develop stron three main parts of your arm:
  2. 2. The biceps (often called "guns" by bodybuilde
  3. 3. The triceps (which are on the opposite side of your biceps on
  4. 4. Forearms and wrists.
  5. 5. Most bodybuilders dont do special forearm and wrist exemuscles tend to get used during most every other exercise yo youre having problems doing certain lifts - such as back exwant to work on your forearms and wrists. Thats because th much determine your grip strength.
  6. 6. You see, some bodybuilders dont lift their full weights becau the grip strength to do it. If you have this problem, there a
  7. 7. Increase grip strength. This means doing special exercises e sole purpose of getting a stronger grip. Generally, this mebuilding up endurance (duration), which is how long you can weight.
  8. 8. The "Farmers Carry" exercise can help you with this. You mrepetition forearm exercises (such as two to four lifts before strength.
  9. 9. Use "hooks" or straps. These are special glove-like tools youonto the weight for you so that grip strength doesnt impedeMost bodybuilders agree that you should work on developin only use the hooks for a short period of time. In other word until you get stronger.
  10. 10. When youre just getting started, you dont have to do a who tricep exercises. Thats because these muscles are workedwhen you do other major lifts. For example, your triceps getdo bench presses for your chest. As such, just one bicep exerexercise should be okay. That way, you can focus on your ma (such as back, chest and legs).
  11. 11. Below youll find some popular arm exercise
  12. 12. TIP: If youre unsure of how to do these exercises, you may w how to do the exercise using proper form. That way its leshurt. Tricep dips. See if your gym has a dip bar. When you st this, you can even add weights to your waist to make it m
  13. 13. Tricep cable push downs.
  14. 14. Close grip bench press. As the name implies, you put your h the barbell and lift as you would a bench pre
  15. 15. Triceps extension.
  16. 16. Biceps
  17. 17. Dumbbell curl.
  18. 18. Preacher curl.
  19. 19. Forearms/Wrist
  20. 20. Farmers Carry.
  21. 21. Wrist curl.
  22. 22. For expert advice and to learn the basic moves g
  23. 23.